Date: July 4, 1999
Taken from: Wolfshead
Interview by: Wolfshead

Interview with Billy Milano of Stormtroopers Of Death
July 4th 1999 pre Astoria 2 gig.

So you're doing a one day tour in the UK
We've been touring Europe for a couple of weeks and tonight happens to be Independence Day and we're finishing off here, people here have waited fourteen years to see us play so I don't think Independence Day is a key date. We've really come a long way since we errr ....continued SOD with the new record and some gigs and we're very fortunate that people have waited around to see us so people forgetting a very genuine version of the band which some of them may not like they may think it's too silly or unprofessional but hey y'know.....

So what have you been doing?
Management and studio work some MOD work, not resting I wish .....I don't make plans the spontaneity is what makes it fun, makes it worthwhile, I make more money at my job as a manager (of the US Bombs and Agnostic Front) or my studio, I own a studio than at the band but I enjoy this and I enjoyed making a new record. One of the things we wanted to do with this record was make people aware of our stance as far as humans go, I'm not trying to make a political stand I think politics should be left to the politicians but even though we're satirical and very dark in our humour we're still people we don't want to see people get hurt as a result of them misinterpreting our lyrics.....

So not even with your Ballads of...
We're doing Kurt Cobain live now, any recently deceased popstar culminating in the words - You're dead!!

Who is Phil Hartman?
He's the voice of Troy in the Simpsons in real life his wife shot him while he was sleeping and then killed herself, what you have to realise is that our ballads aren't meant to be disrespectful I mean I'm a huge Hendrix fan and they're merely stating facts like an obituary to the music

Our favourite song on the new album is "Dog on the tracks"
1 second ......what's funny is, it is about a dead dog on the road, our bass player has a fantastic way of coming up with excuses for being late and one day that was his I was delayed because there was a dog on the railroad tracks

Care to explain new song Xerox name checking Rollins, Marley, Sid Vicious, New York Dolls and the Clash?
Well Xerox is synonymous with duplicated copies and it's our interpretation of the music scene today, where people are more concerned with how they appear than the music, like Marley - everyone's got dreads now we're name checking the originators

We noticed one of the songs ends with the Love gun riff
Scott's a huge Kiss fan I don't like them at all, the only thing about Kiss I know is that Gene Simmons kissed Cher's pussy and that's about all............


July 1999, Wolfshead