Date: July 25, 2002
Taken from: Warzone On Line Metal Magazine
Interview: Oscar Huenchunao

Operation Milano Mosh, July 25 2002

Billy speaks about his fight with Anthrax
Operation Milano Mosh

S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death) was one of the funniest projects of 80's thash scene. We all enjoyed the songs of "Speak English or Die" and kicked each other asses to the beat of Benante, Ian, Lilker and Milano. Hell, the band was a lot more than just the reunion of members of Anthrax with their former bass player and an almost unknown frontman. They had attitude. When the reunion of the band came, along with new record and tour, there was expectation. The good times were back... but not for much time. The detonant was a "Behind The Music" documentary about Anthrax prepared by VH1. In this show, S.O.D. was not mentioned, and the references to the project and/or BIlly were almost unexistant. Dan Lilker did appeared in the end, as a former member. But nothing about S.O.D. Well, that really pissed off mr. Milano, who accussed Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of betray him, of being only interested in making money off the "good old times". He claims that he was 100 % into SOD as a band, and that he put aside a career as producer and manager (he worked with bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT) for the band, and in the end they left him with nothing; that they completely forget about him and tried to act like he never existed.
Well, the truth is that S.O.D. won't be together again, at least not under that name. The friendship that once united these people is lost, and Anthrax, it seems, have decided to follow the same road that Metallica, to reject their thrasher roots and show a friendly, more comercial face. Make your own conclusions, here mister Billy Milano tell us his side of the story.

W: What are you doing these days?.
Billy: I am currently back in Hoboken, NJ. Looking for some production. Writting and recording my own music.

W: I read a statement by Dan Lilker that S.O.D. was over. It might be a little obvious, but in the end what made you take that decision? I guess it was hard.
Billy: Scott Ian refused to release the name to record. He threatened to sue so now I am going to kick his pussy ass. He is fired!!!!!

W: Why all the fuss about the VH1 thing? I mean, how would you explain the controversy to somebody that just found out about the issue here?
Billy: Simply put- Scott Ian is a selfish scumbag. He called me when he needed me to do SOD so he could get out of debt, but never called me to get together for a cup of coffee when he was in town. If people don't understand this, then they have no value's.

W: Some people said that you are doing these for money or to get press... what would you say to them?
Billy: ˇFuck them! We did SOD to bail out that dimebag wanna be. I ran my own business for 7 years and dropped it because he said we were going to do so much. In the end we did nothing.

W: Do you feel part of the NYC hardcore family or part of the music industry?
Billy: I lived REAL NY HARDCORE. I am in the industry.

W: And Anthrax... where do they belong?
Billy: In the cut out bin with the rest of their records.

W: Have you spoke to Scott Ian or Charly Benante recently? Would you accept such a phonecall?
Billy: Charlie recently called me. Scott doesn't have the balls to face his demons. I give Charlie credit, he has integrity at least. Scott is a worm at best. But I am still gonna kick their asses when I get hold of them. No Bullshit.

W: Don't you fear lawsuits?
Billy: Fuck it- you can't get what I don't have. they are goin down.

W: People say that an album like "Speak English or Die" would be too politically incorrect for these days... what do you think?
Billy: Fuck them, pussy PC mutha fuckers who would'nt fight for anything unless it directly affected them. I hope they all burn in hell.

W: About the same... the oldschool NYHC scene has been accused of being racist and/or white supremacist and/or almost fascist. You were there... what's the real deal?
Billy: One of my best friends was Black, I would have died/killed for him. Dicks are dicks. There are racist everywhere in the world. Get used to it. What the fuck do you think religion is based on?????

W: About the future, do you have any musical projects?
Billy: New MOD in fall- the Jersey Rebel in spring of 2003 and a new band with Lilker which will be my main thing.

W: What can you say to kids starting in the HC scene today?
Billy: Have fun!

W: And to the 80's fans?
Billy: Have fun!

W: Thanks for answering this. Feel free to speak your mind on this final question (an open question I guess)
Billy: I want to just have a good time and play music. If people believe everything that I write as truth, then send me 5 dollars each and I''ll tell you what you want to hear. Send money to:

The Billy Milano Legal fund.
For beating the shit out of Dimebag Ian and Charlene Benante.


July 2002, Oscar Huenchunao