Exclusive interview with Anthony Ferrara
(Designer, artist and long time friend of Billy Milano)
May 2007 - Interview by Sjouke Bakker for www.sod-mod.com                                                

Hello Anthony. Nice to meet you. People might know your name because of your work for M.O.D.; you designed a few of their album-covers. But does the connection stop there?
Anthony: No, it does not. I contributed lyrics, graphic layouts, backing vocals, song titles, drank their beer and carried gear!

You met Billy Milano in grade school and you have been friends ever since. How was Billy like, growing up?
Anthony: My older brother was always friends with Billy’s older brothers, so we were doomed from the start - we have been great friends, like brothers - since 4th or 5th grade. We live thousands of miles apart now, but every whenever we call each other to bust balls, Billy THINKS he is good at this - and he is - but I am the king! Billy has always been the same - and I don't know if I would say he is truly a “grown up”.

Were you ever in a band with Billy, during grade school or high school? And what kind of music were you both mainly interested in?
Anthony: Not really - but sort of - there was this joke band a friend of ours Darren Pavesi had called 'Gross Misconduct'. It was kind of a parody of punk rock. The band was really Darren on guitar and the original 'Herman Hatred' Frank Hargishimer on vocals. Sometimes they had me on drums which were really tin cans and plastic tubs, a few times Billy came over, I think he played bass and did vocals. When Darren’s parents were out we would make noise and one time the cops came and we all ran away.

You've witnessed Billy's career with S.O.D. and later with M.O.D., right from the beginning. Let's start with S.O.D., you were there from day one?
Anthony: I was away at college in New Paltz New York. When I would come home some weekends, me and Billy and our friend from high school Rob Kabula (Agnostic Front/ Cause for alarm/ Against the Grain), we would go to the hardcore and metal shows in New York area. Billy told me he met these guys at CBGB's from a band called Anthrax and was making a band with them. I was like - “cool, I can't wait to hear it!” I had heard of Anthrax at the time, but I did not really know their music at the time. I like their early stuff a lot.

As far as I know you even drove half of S.O.D. to Ithaca NY for the session to record "Speak English or Die" in 1985. Which half? What are your experiences with (the guys of) S.O.D.?
Anthony: It was summer time - I was off from school home with my family, working as a landscaper. Billy called me and asked what I was doing that weekend, I said: "Nothing." He asked for a ride to Ithaca, for him and Danny Lilker to go record S.O.D. - I was like that sounds like fun - so off we went! That was my first time meeting Danny. He is a really nice totally mellow dude. When we got there, Anthrax had just finished tracking Spreading the Disease, I think S.O.D. was using leftover unused studio time from Anthrax, but I am not sure. They had sort of a party that night to celebrate the record at Capn Joes. A bar on the water in Ithaca, I think it later changed it’s name to Max’s where we played with Dinkin’s Buddies (Billy, Rob Wacko Hunter, and Chuck and Gary from the Crumbsuckers/Pro-Pain).
The next day, I was gonna drive home, 2 of the guys from Anthrax needed a lift and I was going that way anyhow - so, Danny Spitz and Joey Belladona tagged along for the ride - We are on the highway - I am ignoring the speed limit and I hear a police siren - I look in the rear view mirror, but I don’t see any cops!, I look in the back seat and Joey is sitting there laughing his ass off! It was HIM using his voice to sound exactly like a police siren and he totally fooled me and Spitz! About an hour later - still speeding I hear the same sound - I look back at Joey - and he shakes his head “no!” This time it was a REAL POLICE SIREN! REAL STATE TROOPER! REAL SPEEDING TICKET!

S.O.D. did a couple of gigs back in 1985, were you at any of these shows? What do you remember of these early S.O.D. shows?
Anthony: I remember riding with S.O.D. and John Connelly from Nuclear Assault in Billy’s red van to Trenton NJ for their show with Suicidal Tendencies. Billy was driving - we decided it would be fun to ask him twice every ten minutes, on the 3 and the 7 if we are almost there yet. We did that for about 10 minutes. Billy was out of his fucking mind! I think he threatened to break a hecklers fingers that night - especially his middle finger - anyway - if Billy is ever giving you a ride somewhere - twice every 10 minutes - on the 3 and 7 ask him if you are almost there yet - he likes that.
They played my birthday at L’Amours, they brought me up onstage and announce my birthday - people gave me free beers! - I was trashed.
I remember either at the Rising Sun in Yonkers - it was cold weather - I went out to my car with a nice young lady during Overkill, she gave me a scarf.

There's one song on 'Speak English Or Die'‚ called 'Pi-Alpha-Nu'. Billy wrote the lyrics and dedicated this song during live-shows more than once to: 'Anthony Ferrara and the Functional Idiots'. What is 'Pi-Alpha-Nu'‚ exactly and what does it stand for?
Anthony: Pi Alpha Nu – is a fraternity that was founded at the State University of New York Platsburgh NY in 1957. In 1984 Plattsburgh alumni brother John Stonner founded the New Paltz chapter of the fraternity. All the Functional Idiots are brothers of Pi Alpha Nu - it is sort of a large extended family. There is not a week that goes by - that I do not talk to at least one of my Pi Alpha Nu brothers or sisters. So, back in the day, 1984 - '85 when the frat was just beginning for me, Billy used to come to visit me at school, and hang out at the parties at the Pi Alpha Nu fraternity house - he had such a great time he was coming to hang out every weekend. Me and my roommate Brad gave him keys to our apartment so he could come visit whenever. One day we came home from happy hour at the local bar P&G’s we found Billy passed out naked on the bathroom floor - back in those days - Billy really could not drink much. Billy loved to come and hang out with the fraternity - we sort of adopted him as an honorary frat brother - he used to like to come visit – bring cases of free booze from the warehouse and chase this one really hot punk rock girl Amy around - I don’t know if he ever caught her - hopefully she did not catch anything from him!
Y’see, when we were in high school - Billy loved the movie 'Animal House' - he idolized John Belushi - so hanging with Pi Alpha Nu was like a chance to live the movie, cause that is what it was like! The experience Billy had with us inspired him to write the song about us. After S.O.D. released the song - and went on tour - Pi Alpha Nu would show in and large numbers to support them and have a great time - we all decided to make the 4 members of S.O.D. honorary brothers of the Pi Alpha Nu fraternity. I remember the night they played the Christmas show at the Ritz in NYC - Pi alpha Nu showed up with probably 20 or more brothers and sisters, we brought our shield banner - which S.O.D. displayed on the stage for the show and we gave them their Pi ALpha Nu social brother T Shirts - it was a fun night- I remember our brother Phil Tufano, he is a big dude, total musclehead (made the cover of Sports Illustrated as part the New York Fire Dept football team) anyway - Phil recognized Scott from the S.O.D. record jacket and says "I Know you - YOU'RE NOT!!" Scott looks up with this menacing huge guy in his face and says - “ I don't know you - but I like you, because you’re BIG!!!”

Your band, the Functional Idiots, recorded that same song in 1996 for a tribute-record to S.O.D. (that never came out). It's obvious why you chose to record that song. But why was it never released?
Anthony: I don’t know - I remember hearing some of the other cool tracks bands had submitted and then, I did not hear any more about it - Billy would probably know that.

You told me earlier that I could use this recording on my website. Thank you very much for that! So now, after all these years the fans of S.O.D. can finally hear your version of 'Pi-Alpha-Nu'.
Anthony: You are very welcome - we are happy that folks will get a chance to enjoy it, but you might want to check with Billy to make sure it is OK to post that one.

<--Rightclick this button to download S.O.D.'s 'Pi Alpha Nu'
Performed by: Functional Idiots
(Yeah, Billy said it's fine, so here it is).

BTW, do the Functional Idiots still exist?
Anthony: Kinda sorta - we go through periods of inactivity - we don’t live near each other, and everybody has different responsibilities - 3 out of 5 idiots are married, 2 with kids. Doug owns and operates a great restaurant in New Paltz NY called 'Main Street Bistro' - stop in for some flapjacks, waffles and sausage for everyone! - they do full breakfast, lunch and dinner - great spot for students, rockclimbers, tourists who come to New Paltz to see the leaves change - I saw the chick who used to play Rosanne’s daughter there - ANYWAY - with all that we do not get together much - this past November, we played Dougs birthday party after 5 years of inactivity, with just 2 practices, and it was really great - so I hope we will do more sooner rather than later.

Considering the fact that you're a musician and a friend of Billy... When Billy started M.O.D. in 1986, were you ever asked to become a member of M.O.D.?
Anthony: No, I do vocals and Billy has always been vocalist for M.O.D. - plus - I am way more handsome than he is and he is way fatter than me. Ha ha! A few times I did 'Don’t feed the Bears' or 'He’s dead Jim' with Billy at M.O.D. shows.

There's also an annual party called Pi-Alpha-Nu, M.O.D. played at that event somewhere in 1995 if I'm not mistaken. I have it somewhere on video. Is this event in any way connected to the fraternity that you mentioned before?
Anthony: The fraternity is called Pi Alpha Nu - the party you are thinking of is the TOGA PARTY. We had our fist Toga party in 1985, inspired by Animal House for sure. The first one was maybe 10 kegs, no bands. The next year it was 20 kegs (see a pattern here?) and the Idiots played and Dougs other band The Cool Beans - they were like a Grateful Deady Jam Band - they could play one song for like 20 minutes - then the Idiots would play 12 songs in 15 minutes - then the cops came for a noise complaint and shut it down - that was OK, we only had one song left. On our first time playing we had cops shut us down in 12 minutes! That has gotta be a record!! As the years went on the party got bigger and bigger - bigger bands and more beer - at its largest, I think we had 100 kegs and 2000 people. Bands like M.O.D., Murphy’s Law, The Mighty Bosstones, Rhythm Trip, American Standard, Prime Evil (featuring Pi Alpha Nu brother Andy Evil), Dog Eat Dog, Big Gulp, Shutdown (Ohio) a bunch more, I can't remember. It was great for about 13 years in a row - then we had bad weather a couple times in a row, and lost a ton of cash. That’s OK it will be back - better than ever! BTW - if you could get me a copy of that show on dvd - that would be great - Pi Alpha Nu is putting together a compilation dvd of our history for the brothers and this would be great to include!!

What I didn't know until recently, is that the song 'You're Dead Jim', isn't an M.O.D. song. Billy recorded it twice and it's actually my favourite song on 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'. Did you write that song especially for M.O.D., or did they cover it?
Anthony: We wrote 'He’s Dead Jim' for ourselves in '86, Billy always liked it. When M.O.D. did their best-of-record ('Loved by Thousands...') Billy wanted to add some new material, so he did that song and I gave him lyrics for 'Clubbing Seals'. Then they did a newer version of 'He’s Dead Jim' on 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'.

'He's Dead Jim' single cover art

Inside fold out poster with the Starship idiot

I just heard the original version by your band, the Functional Idiots. Is it okay if I put that version on my website as well? Where and when was this version recorded?
Anthony: Totally OK, if anybody likes it, please share with your friends and even share with you enemies!
It was recorded 1988 at Chung King House of Metal in NYC - engineered by Chuck Valle (RIP). Chuck was a great guy - he played bass in Murphy’s Law and Ludichrist. He totally hooked us up recording that – he booked us overnight- 12 hours of time and he worked for free to keep it cheap for us. We did 14 songs which became our cassette 'In Pursuit of Toast at the Moshmellow Roast'.

Chuck also recorded us doing a cover of 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' for a holiday compilation - I cannot find a recording of that anywhere - if by some miracle - anybody has it, please share an mp3 with me.
To hear some other Idiots tracks - stop by our new MySpace page www.myspace.com/thefunctionalidiots.

I do not have it decorated yet - but I wanted to set it up quick so I could link from this interview.
But we have 4 songs available for free download - 'He’s Dead Jim', 'Fag Metal', 'Wake N Bake and 'Worldwide Destruction' - which was featured in the soundtrack for the independent film 'Dog’s Life' from 1999.

<--Rightclick this button to download the original version of 'He's Dead Jim'
Written and performed by: Functional Idiots

'He's Dead Jim' is about Star Trek. Who is the biggest Star Trek fan, you or Billy?
Anthony: Billy is about 300 lbs, so I would have to say him!

Are there any other songs that you wrote for M.O.D.? If so, could you tell us which ones?
Anthony: While I was working on the cover art for 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.', Billy called me, he was very angry because the record company would not allow him to record the song titled 'Death to Hindus' because the company said it was too offensive - Billy did not understand what was so offensive about that. He was pissed off, but already had the music tracks recorded. He asked me if I had any lyrics that fit - I showed him lyrics I wrote for the Idiots, called 'Don’t feed the Bears'. He said it fit his music - so I gave him the lyrics - I never got credited on that - so everybody reading this bust Billy’s balls and ask him about it - he likes it when people bust his balls.
I also contributed the concept and lyrics for 'Ballad of Dio' (WAYYY AHEAD OF JACK BLACK by the way), and came up with the name of the song for “Spandex Enormity''. The name was sort of a nickname for this fat dude who used to hang out at L’Amours a great Rock Club in Brooklyn NY. The dude was a big fat guy always squeezed into tight spandex pants that it looked like his fat would explode, he had a big bushy afro - anyway - we did not know this guy - but we used to make up goofy nicknames for all the crazy characters on the scene - he looked sort of like a pro wrestler, one of the 'jobbers' who lose every night, and I thought if he WAS a wrestler, his name would be: The Spandex Enormity!!!! Billy took that nickname and wrote a song about some fat chick he banged a bunch of times. I also wrote lyrics for the cd version of 'Gross Misconduct' called 'The Dark Knight Returns'. Oh yeah - I almost forgot - I wrote the lyrics for the song 'I’d Rather be Clubbing Seals' for the Idiots - but Billy really wanted to use them, so I gave them to him.

Besides some lyrics and backup vocals, you also did some nice artwork for a couple of M.O.D.-albums. This is one of the main reasons I asked you if you wanted to do an interview for my website. I think you did a great job there. But for those who aren't familiar with these records, please tell us which M.O.D.-albums did you do the artwork for?
Anthony: I did 4 covers for M.O.D.: 'U.S.A. For M.O.D.', 'D-Evolution' (the original release), 'Loved by Thousands Hated by Millions' and 'Dictated Aggression' (original release). I did the cd layout for Dictated Aggression too. Thanks - I am glad you like the artwork.
That means a lot coming from you, because you are a very talented artist yourself.

Why were you asked to do the art for the albums you just mentioned? Was it mainly because you and Billy were really good friends, or was it because he was familiar with your work? Had you done any illustrations/artwork for other bands before or did your career as a designer start with M.O.D.?
Anthony: Definitely because we are friends, Billy knew that I always liked to draw and had probably seen stuff I did for school, and he wanted that for M.O.D... Let me tell you a thing about Billy he does not want anybody to know - Aside from the crusty, rude, loud, rowdy, complaining exterior he shows to his fans, Billy is the nicest, most generous, loyal friend a person could ever have. Actually the complaining is real! Billy is not happy unless he has something to be pissed off about and complain. He could have just finished a great show, have a pocket full of cash, a cold Guinness in one hand a fat joint in the other, groupie blowing him and a large pizza with everything sitting on the table in front of him and he would be like “THIS FUCKIN” SUCKS!!”
Billy is the type of person, if you are his friend, he will give you the shirt off his back, if you are NOT his friend, he would maybe give you the sweat off his balls! The shirt, you could always use as a circus tent!

S.O.D. has Sgt. 'D.' and M.O.D. has 'Corporal Punishment'. Corporal 'P.' appeared for the first time on 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.', but not on the albums that were released after that. Until you started doing the artwork again. Did Billy tell you how you had to draw him, or is it your own interpretation of how Corporal 'P.' should look?
Anthony: The first art I created for M.O.D. was a T-shirt design with the Corporal Punishment character’s head in a red circle. He wanted the circle to be broken, to look sort of organic, not mechanical - he wanted it to look like smoke or blood. He got the idea from a ring shaped stain left by a coffee cup left on a napkin when we were working in a warehouse. Billy knew what he wanted for the character - he wanted the replacement for Sgt 'D.', but a meaner, tougher one! A character that could kick Sgt. 'D.'s Ass! Billy is very easy to do artwork for - he really knows what he wants AND more important - he knows how to communicate it. As an artist yourself (a very talented one by the way) you know how some people cannot describe what they want - and it becomes a difficult process. Billy will describe what he wants, but he is open to ideas and it becomes a better result for the collaboration. It was my idea to use the stiple effect- the grainy dots instead of lines. I thought this really gave it the feeling of a hardcore band and Billy agreed - we used that on the first T-shirt and on the 'U.S.A. cover'. Halfway through, I was sorry I suggested it, I liked the look, but it took forever to do and gave me terrible cramps in my hand, worse than jerking off!

Which materials and technics do you use when you (start to) create an album-cover?
Anthony: When the stipple I described above was done with a rapidograph technical pen, I did not know much about working with color for items to be reproduced at the time - so I used transparent overlays to make flat color which we wanted at the time. If you look closely, you can see little air bubbles in the transparency. HARDCORE PUNK ROCK DUDE! That cover is featured in the book 'Heavy Metal Thunder: Kick Ass Cover Art from Kick Ass Albums' by James Sherry and Neil Aldis (with foreword by Scott Ian) published by Chronicle Books - the art is shown on page 97. The publishers did not credit me for the artwork - so anybody who wants to email them and tell them to credit me should contact the publisher’s researcher Giulia Hetherington: giulia.hetherington@mitchell-beazley.co.uk, she is a nice lady - so of course - be nice.

What other artwork did you do for M.O.D.?
Anthony: The 4 record covers and T-Shirt we already discussed, I think that’s all!

You also worked for Star Trek and WWE Wrestling, right? What kind of things did you do for these companies?
Anthony: While I was a designer and creative director for Pyramid Accessories - I designed backpacks and school supplies for the WCW license, never did any work for Star Trek licensed products - But I did for Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 backpacks and school supplies, even got to visit the Lucasfilms offices - the Skywalker ranch - in San Raphael California, which is like a sci fi geeks wet fucking dream. We had meetings with their licensing people, but we had to end our meeting early and empty the conference room because, we were told: "George needs the room".
And yes - I am a total fucking sci fi geek and proud of it!

Did you do artwork for other bands as well? Maybe you could name a few?
Anthony: I did cd layout for Rhythm Trip and a cover for a record that never got released for Affirmative Action - that is the problem with working for bands - they lose record deals - argue with each other about what the cover should be - whatever - that is probably the major reason I switched to product design.

Are you still designing?
Anthony: I am an industrial designer. Over the past decade or so - I have worked on various types of product and package design, mostly children’s products - backpacks, stationery, school supplies, Room décor, bed and bath, novelties and now personal care products for MZB Personal Care - I designed 2 of our top selling sets for Holiday 06 at Wal-Mart - the Disney Cars Play Shave set and SpongeBob SquarePants Play Shave set .

Before this interview you told me that you know all guys from S.O.D. and most from M.O.D., especially the early line ups. So, here's a list of names of bandmembers that I know. Please give a short statement of how you remember these guys or tell a story about any of these guys:

First, of course, your friend: Billy Milano.
Anthony: You could probably email me once a month and get a new funny Billy story - but here is one from high school. I will have to change a name or 2, but that does not affect the story. It was lunch time - a bunch of us were hanging outside in the common area behind the school - nice spring day or fall day - whatever - it was nice. Mark Hurdy had an M80 (that is a recreational explosive) lit it and threw it out onto the empty football field - a seagull sees it and must have thought it was food, cause it swooped down, picked it up in it’s little beak and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! It’s head blew off!
Everybody goes on with their day - until later - Billy got pulled out of class, cause somebody said they saw HIM blow up the seagull, Billy used to get blamed for a LOT MORE stuff than he actually did. So any way, he is in all kinds of trouble for what he did not even do - but he is not gonna tell on the guy who did it, so they gave him a chance to redeem himself. He volunteered to clean up all trash outside in the common area, he would get others to volunteer to help do this. He was allowed to go on the next morning school announcements to recruit the volunteers. Here is what the entire school heard that morning (it is not word for word - but you will get it anyway): "Good Morning, this is Billy Milano, I will be organizing a student cleanup committee to take care of the outside common areas. Anybody who wants to help, please report to the office to sign up for Student Cleanup Under Milano - that’s right - just like me - you too can be S.C.U.M!!!!" There was the sound of some shuffling - then the loudspeaker went dead!!!! I was laughing my ass off - Billy got them good!

* Dan Lilker (S.O.D.).
Anthony: Lilker is always the easiest person to spot at any show - he is very tall - so his big mushroom hair is like almost scraping the ceiling! He is always really nice and friendly. I ran into him at Celtic Frost at BB Kings in NYC, he was talking with Reed, former drummer from Celtic Frost (how is that band name pronounced anyway?). Anyhow the show was great - but it was DEFINITELY Old Guy Metalhead night at BB Kings!! - as opposed to a few nights earlier or later when I went to see The Sword with Trivium at Nokia Theatre - that night the place was filled with kids who were still swimming around in their fathers balls when I started to go see metal shows.

* Scott Ian (S.O.D.).
Anthony: Scott is a great guy - always a gentleman and he can cut silent farts that are so bad he not only he could knock a buzzard of a shit wagon - he could destroy the wagon as well!

* Charlie Benante (S.O.D.).
Anthony: Nice Italian from Da Bronx! A bit quiet, but always friendly. One time me and my Pi Alpha Nu bro Geronimo showed up at an Anthrax gig early while they were still unloading the van - we wanted to buy tickets early in case it was sold out. Charlie saw me and asked if we needed guest list spots. I don’t like to be greedy about that kind of stuff, so I don’t mind paying to support my friends bands - so I said, thank you, but if the show is not sold out, we can buy tickets, I am sure at a show so close to home - you have a lot of people bugging you for freebies. He said the show was sold out - so I said in that case can I bug you for 2 freebies? He said yes - very nice guy - when we came back to go to the show later - there were 2 spots on the guest list with me - each PLUS ONE for the chicks we had with us - but they already had tickets, so we had 2 extra to give away - I saw this guy I knew from the scene - he was a guy who would video all the shows and tape trade - we gave him one ticket and found the sluttiest looking chick outside to give the other!

* Tim McMurtrie ('U.S.A. for M.O.D.' and 'Rhythm Of Fear').
Anthony: Very nice dude - I saw Timmy about a month ago at the supermarket with his son - a nice looking lad! I remember the first M.O.D. show - opening for Megadeth at the Ritz in NYC. All the gear was loaded in and sound check was done. Billy said he was going out to the van to take a nap (which probably meant he was going to the van to have a groupie chick give him a blowjob) he told me not to let the guys in the band drink before the show. As soon as he left - Timmy comes up to me and asks me to get him beer - these guys were playing the Ritz and could not figure out how to get a beer, it was funny. I think I got them a few - so now Billy is gonna be pissed - cool ! I can't really remember.

* Keith Davis ('U.S.A. for M.O.D.').
Anthony: Quiet - never went out in the sun - rumor had it that he could not go in the sun cause he was a vampire - he was also pussywhipped by his girl, if I remember correct - a pussywhipped vampire - go figure!

* Ken Ballone ('U.S.A. for M.O.D.').
Anthony: Nice quiet kid.

* A guy called 'Sooch'? He was not on the first M.O.D. album, but he played the guitar during some early shows as far as I know. Do you know him?
Anthony: Did he play? I think I remember carrying gear with him???

* Jon Monte ('Surfin' M.O.D.' and 'Gross Misconduct').
Anthony: Very nice guy - I was not there - but Billy told me Jon banged a midget on tour - little person, dwarf whatever the fuck we are supposed to call them this week. Anyway - they all started calling him Willow like from the movie - and saying "You stupid old hag!" Say it to him if you see him - he likes it.
BTW - Jon is playing in a new band called 'The Spyders' with Evan from Biohazard check em out on MySpace - if you go to my friends list you can find them.

* Louie Svitek ('Surfin' M.O.D.' and 'Gross Misconduct').
Anthony: There is a good story about Louie, but I can't tell it out of respect for the lady involved.
He is a really nice guy and always cool to me.

* Tim Mallare ('Surfin' M.O.D.' and 'Gross Misconduct').
Anthony: Very quiet, nice dude! Notice there have been a lot of quiet people in M.O.D.? With Billy around they can’t get a word in edgewise!

* Dave Chavarri ('Rhythm Of Fear', 'Devolution'  and 'Dictated Aggression').
Anthony: Dave is fat - hence the nickname Fat Dave - he loves to bust balls and ALWAYS makes fun of me when we run into each other, so who am I not to play along? I saw a photo of him with his new trendy short haircut - he looks like he ate a boy band.

* Rob Moschetti ('Devolution').
Anthony: I have met Rob a few times - but never had a chance to talk with him much - he is a good guy and has a cool hardcore band called 'Undivided'. Check them out at www.myspace.com/undivided1997.

* Tommy Klimchuck ('Devolution').
Anthony: I can't remember.

* Joe Young ('Dictated Aggression').
Anthony: Nice guy - a bit redneck if I recollect! He is really into country music - I think he turned me on to David Allen Coe.

* Joe Affe ('The Rebel You Love To Hate').
Anthony: I am not sure - I get people mixed up with names - and I think I am confusing 2 different Joe’s in my head - so I don’t have any story right now.

* Danny Burkhardt ('The Rebel You Love To Hate').
Anthony: I can't remember.

* Scott Sargeant (current guitarplayer for M.O.D.).
Anthony: Quiet guy - very nice - hung out a few times when Billy and him lived together in Hoboken.

* Derek 'Lennon' Lopez (the new drummer).
Anthony: I have not had the pleasure of meeting any of the new guys yet - I am sure they will all be cool - probably in a few weeks when they are in New Jersey and New York for shows - til then, let me say - since they will be cooped up on a bus with Billy - they have my condolences.

* Dawson (the new bassplayer).
Anthony: same as above.

Did you hear any of the new record already? If so, what did you think of it?
Anthony: One track 'Red, White and Screwed'. Cool sound, return to the Hardcore!

What can we expect of you in the near future? Are there projects that you're working on currently?
Anthony: My lady is out of town - so I am gonna rub one out and order a pizza.
Other than that, I am gonna set up a MySpace page for the Functional Idiots.

Thank you very much for sharing your funny stories, inside info and songs. It was really a pleasure to read what you had to say. I loved every second of it! Is there anything that you would like to add to this interview?
Anthony: Thank you Sjouke for the interview and to Billy for setting it up - it was fun and to anybody who I goofed on who might be offended - I meant every word... Just kidding - thanks for being a good sport, and I will be ready for you to bust my balls when I see you all.

Also - I know I babbled a bit - I tend to do that - be thankful you never sat next to me at the bar!!

Everybody is welcome to stop by my MySpace page at www.myspace.com/antferrara and also the new totally groovy and swell MySpace page for the 'Functional Idiots' located at or just near www.myspace.com/thefunctionalidiots. It is not decorated yet - even though I am a designer and artist, I can't figure out this html stuff.



© Sjouke Bakker, May 2007
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