The Psychos
Demo: 'One Voice'
(Recorded in 1983/1984)

The Psycho's demo you are about to hear is New York Hardcore history.
It is something that maybe 10 people have but more importantly it is a true representation of what NYHC sounded like back in 1982-83.
It was still more punk based that what people claim is hardcore today.
We were one of the bands of the Golden Age of NYHC.
I hope everyone enjoys this...

- Billy Milano -


01. Before [1:18]
02. Barriers [1:32]
03. Blind Justice [1:16]
04. One Voice [2:15]
05. Pac Man Fever [1:42]
06. Rejected Youth [2:16]

The band on this demo was:
Billy Psycho: Drums
Stu Skitzo: Guitars
Billy Milano: Bass
Big Rob: Vocals

All tracks 160 kbps
To download, rightclick tracks and 'save target as...'

Hardcore History Lesson

In the 1980's, it was often difficult for a hardcore band to record and release their music. Few record labels were willing to release a hardcore record, and the ones that were willing to (SST, Dischord, Alternative Tentacles, etc.) were limited financially and could only release a select few bands. Since many hardcore bands in the 1980's were not from wealthy backgrounds, in most cases the bands didn't have the financial resources to release their own records. Distributors were not interested in hardcore and many record stores wouldn't stock hardcore records, causing great difficulties for bands that wanted to get their music heard.

Due to the difficulties many bands of that era faced, many bands were "lost" forever. Bands who were very good, but only recorded a demo or only appeared on a compilation are often forgotten by everyone, despite being as good or sometimes better than their better known contemporaries who were lucky enough to have the opportunity to release records

The PSYCHOS were unquestionably one of the best bands of their era. Their classic old school New York hardcore sound was heavily BAD BRAINS influenced and would appeal to those who like early AGNOSTIC FRONT, CAUSE FOR ALARM, URBAN WASTE, and other bands that play the classic early 80's style. However, due to their lack of recorded output they have been forgotten buy nearly everyone.

Plagued throughout their history by frequent lineup changes, the PSYCHOS missed out on the opportunities many other bands received. Based around guitarist Stu and drummer Billy Psycho, the PSYCHOS changed vocalists and bassists on a regular basis. Obviously, this prevented the PSYCHOS from playing live as frequently as other bands. Their frequent lineup changes, combined with lack of finances or label interest prevented them from recording much material. The PSYCHOS unstable nature also caused many members to leave and join other bands.

Roger Miret, an early member of the PSYCHOS left to become vocalist for Agnostic Front. At the time, the PSYCHOS were a better and more popular band than AGNOSTIC FRONT, so it was a risky move for MIRET to leave a better band to join a still-developing band. Miret took two PSYCHOS songs he had written, "Discriminate Me" and "Fight," and brought them with him to AGNOSTIC FRONT. Both songs ended up on AGNOSTIC FRONT's classic debut 7", "United Blood."

NYC speed metallers ANTHRAX were such huge fans of the PSYCHOS that when guitarist Scott Ian was looking for a vocalist for a side-project, he got the PSYCHOS' Billy Milano to fill the role. The band, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH (S.O.D.) became one of the most popular (and controversial) crossover bands ever because of their classic record, "Speak English or Die" and the controversy surrounding it's extremely politically incorrect lyrics. Milano's subsequent, band, METHOD OF DESTRUCTION (M.O.D.) continued on in a similar vein.

The PSYCHOS formed in the early 80's and their only recording was their 1984 demo. The six-song demo included songs attacking narrow mindedness ("Barriers"), prejudice ("Blind Ignorance"), and even video games ("Pac Man"). The demo's high point is the oi influenced unity anthem, "One Voice," one of the all-time classics of New York hardcore.

The only vinyl appearance by the PSYCHOS was on the 1985 "One Big Crowd" compilation on Javi Savage's Big City Records label, which included hardcore bands from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. "Before" by the PSYCHOS is arguably the best song on the record, which is notable for including many other "lost" NYHC bands like ARMED CITIZENS, ULTRAVIOLENCE, SHOK, and KRIEG KOPF. Other bands on the record were SHEER TERROR (their vinyl debut), VIOLENT CHILDREN (featuring a pre-YOUTH OF TODAY Ray Cappo on drums), VATICAN COMMANDOS (MOBY's old band), ADRENALIN O.D., and many others.

The PSYCHOS ever-changing lineup reached the point of ridiculousness in 1985, sometimes having a different lineup at every show, with Stu and Billy Psycho the only constant members. In early 1985, the PSYCHOS added new vocalist Carl (briefly a member of AGNOSTIC FRONT) and then broke up after one show with him at Danceteria. At the end of the summer, the PSYCHOS reunited with a new bassist, Sean. After only one show with that lineup, Carl left (and later formed his own band THE ICEMEN) and was replaced by Tommy "Rat Poison" DeRosa, who debuted at a show several weeks later, the bands third lineup in three consecutive shows.

Tommy had been involved in the New York hardcore scene since the early 80's. His first band, RAT POISON, formed in 1983 with the original lineup of Tommy on vocals, guitarist Tito, bassist Adam Mucci (original member of MURPHY'S LAW, who also played on the first AGNOSTIC FRONT 7"), and ex-AGNOSTIC FRONT drummer Ray "Raybeez" Barbieri. Adam left shortly before the band's first show and was replaced by Roger Miret. Roger left a short time later and a new lineup was formed, along with a name change to WARZONE. The band remained together until 1985, when Tommy left to join the PSYCHOS. A recording of the original band was made, but like many recordings of it's time, never had the opportunity to be released. Raybeez, who had been singing in his side project SKINHEAD YOUTH, with Todd Youth and occasionally Billy Psycho, took over WARZONE's vocals and ex-ULTRAVIOLENCE drummer Charlie Rage took over Ray's spot as drummer.

Although Tommy seemed like a perfect fit for the PSYCHOS, the PSYCHOS broke up for good in 1986.

Although they are long gone and very few of their recordings are available anymore, the PSYCHOS are of the most influential New York hardcore bands ever.

The bands the PSYCHOS influenced, such as AGNOSTIC FRONT and SICK OF IT ALL went on to influence several generations of hardcore bands. Although forgotten by most, their influence lives on.

Hardcore History Lesson written by: Brian D. Satan