March 20, 2002
Taken from: Lunar Hypnosis Webzine
Interviewed by Mayhem Fetus

S.O.D., M.O.D. - Interview with lead singer Billy Milano

Known throughout the metal/hardcore scene for his extremely short temper and large size, Billy Milano, the big daddy himself, is now working harder than ever to help out his scene. A lot of metalheads have recently been talking about him since his "controversial" interview with metal sludge, where he insults both Charlie Benante and Scott Ian and pretty much shatters all hope of there ever being another SOD album. Billy had good reason for doing it though, and he does have a point, Anthrax are nothing but a bunch of poseurs and wannabes nowadays. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the good 'ol days of thrash when Anthrax played fast and Metallica were actually metal are long gone. So who do we look to to lead us into the new era of fast and extreme music? MILANO.

Mayhem Fetus: Tell us a little bit about your new project "Milano's On Drugs". How is this different from your past projects? Is the music similar to the other MOD?
Billy Milano: It just is insane it has keyboards on it, samples, tons of vocals. It is just a new thing for me all around. Most importantly it isn't MOD (Method Of Destruction). I won't be playing any of the old songs anymore. As far as musically, I may play some guitar or bass live, but It will be presented as more of a show.

Mayhem Fetus: How did you meet Charlie, Scott, & Dan and form SOD?
Billy Milano: At CBGB's Scott and Charlie were about to get their asses kicked and I saved their asses.

Mayhem Fetus: Why did you decide it would be cool to reform with SOD and record another album?
Billy Milano: I didn't Scott did, because he needed the money. I didn't want to do it because I was working in a studio as a producer and manager. Charlie didn't want to do a new SOD record.

Mayhem Fetus: Tell us a little bit about your job as a producer and the bands you produce.
Billy Milano: I have produced Agnostic Front for epitaph records, Scar Culture for century media, Merauder for century media and a band called New Society of Anarchists.

Mayhem Fetus: Did you always want to be a producer?
Billy Milano: Yes, I have always liked creating/playing live and showing the creation to the world. I have always disliked touring though.

Mayhem Fetus: If you weren't involved in Metal/Hardcore what would you be doing today?
Billy Milano: Something, who knows.

Mayhem Fetus: As far as music is concerned, do you prefer the 80s or the 90s?
Billy Milano: I lived the 80's, seen the 90's and look forward to the future.

Mayhem Fetus: What are some of your favorite bands?
Billy Milano: Gypsy Kings, Garbage, Vast, Strapping young Lad, Beatles (I think he's joking!)

Mayhem Fetus: Why was "Speak English or Die" more insulting while "Bigger Than the Devil" at times preached about unity and peace? Did your views on the world change from when "Speak English..." to "Bigger than the Devil"?
Billy Milano: No, the world is what you make of it that is the IRONY of the project.

Mayhem Fetus: Is there anything else you would like to tell your legions of devoted fans and followers?
Billy Milano: Yes email Anthrax and tell them that their 15 minutes is up.

There you have it folks. Milano, a man of little words, but huge aspirations. This man lives and breathes the underground and is doing all he can for it... Could you blame him for hating Anthrax?


Mayhem Fetus, March 2002