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  M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction
Full concert
Recorded live in
Berkeley, CA,
November 24th, 1994

Billy Milano (vocals and bass)
Tommy Klimchuck (guitars)
Rob Moschetti (bass and vocals)
Dave Chavarri (drums)

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01. Devolution (3:24)
02. Supertouch (4:49)
03. Aren't You Hungry (3:25)
04. Get A Real Job (3:21)
05. Intruder* (2:55)
06. Jive Time Jimmy's Revenge (3:34)
07. Behind (3:05)
08. Time Bomb (4:58)
09. Kill Yourself (3:08)
10. United Forces (2:02)

Total time: 34:46 minutes
All tracks: 192 kBps

* Billy Milano plays bassguitar on 'Intruder', Rob Moschetti sings

Concert converted from videotape

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