Featuring: Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Dan Lilker & Charlie Benante
Playing time:
14:52 minutes

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July 1st, 1985

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S.O.D. recorded just one demo, a bit of a curio going by the name of the 'Crab Society North' demo. In earlier interviews I did with Danny & Billy, I asked them about about the Crab Society...

S.O.D. always played a couple of Crab Society songs live. In 1985 for example: 'Momo', 'Vitality', 'Taint' and even a Crab Society Medley. In 1997, 1999 and 2000 some Crab Society songs were also used in the S.O.D.-medley: '6 Songs In 9 Seconds'. But aren't those Crab Society songs in fact nothing less than S.O.D. songs?
Dan Lilker:
"Nope, they originally appeared on the "North" demo. S.O.D. played them live and popularized them, but they were Crab Society tunes."
Billy Milano:
"A lot of people ask us about this 'Crab Society' thing and it's pretty fucking funny. You know I don't know who has the tape, I'm sure Danny has."
Dan Lilker: "The Crab Society was originally Craig Setari and me. He was in NYC Mayhem, Straight Ahead, Agnostic Front, etc. It was just supposed to be extreme sounding, and we recorded it on a cheap tape deck with way too much input level so it sounded really distorted. It was called "Noise For Noise's Sake." I brought it with me to the S.O.D. recording session, the guys loved it and wanted to record some more like that, although Craig wasn't there. It was recorded in the lounge of Pyramid Sound with a similar recording technique and was called The Crab Society North 'cos it was done upstate compared to the original that Craig and I did in NYC."... "It was never officially released and it's supposed to sound like that."

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