Tribute to S.O.D. (studiorecordings)

Tribute To 'Speak English Or Die'

01.* March Of The Z.O.D. [download]

| performed by: Ztormtroopers Of Death (website)

02.* Sgt. D And The Z.O.D. [download]

| performed by: Ztormtroopers Of Death (website)

03. Kill Yourself [download]

| performed by: Slapdash (website)

04. Milano Mosh [download]

| performed by: Remorse (website)

05. Speak English Or Die [download]

| performed by: Yellow Machinegun (website)

06. United Forces [download]

| performed by: Raza De Odio (website)

07.Chromatic Death


08. Pi Alpha Nu [download]

| performed by: Functional Idiots (website)

09. Anti-Procrastination Song


10. What's That Noise


11. Freddy Krueger [download]

| performed by: Pulling Teeth (website)

12. Milk [download]

| performed by: Collision (website)

13. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues


14. Pussywhipped [download]

| performed by: 54-71 (website)

15. Fist Banging Mania


16. No Turning Back


17. Fuck The Middle East [download]

| performed by: North Side Kings (website)
18. Douche Crew  
19. Hey Gordy!  
20. Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix  
21. Diamonds And Rust [download] | performed by: Zittesje OnDeug (website)



Tribute To 'Bigger Than The Devil'

Black War [download]

| performed by: Bee Sting (website)


The Camel Boy [download]

| performed by: Zittesje OnDeug (website)

Ballad Of Kurt Cobain [download]


Tribute to S.O.D. (liverecordings)


Douche Crew [download]

| performed by: Sepultura in 1996 (website)

United Forces [download]

| performed by: Municipal Waste in 2008 (website)
Milano Mosh [download] | performed by: S.O.B.'D. in 2010 (website)
Speak English Or Die [download] | performed by: S.O.B.'D. in 2010 (website)

Tribute to M.O.D. (studiorecordings)


Bubble Butt [download]

| performed by: Rob Moschetti (website)

Hate Tank [download]

| performed by: Blood Red Throne (website)

Ode To Harry [download]

| performed by: Rob Moschetti (website)

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