What happened in 2001?

# December 31st, 2001:

Almost a year ago, I started this S.O.D.-fanpage. Just for fun. But then I received e-mails from people who wanted to help me out a little and had exclusive news. Other fans wrote in my guestbook and e-mailed pictures, news and reviews.
When Billy Milano after a few years of silence formed a new M.O.D. there was suddenly a lot of news. Sparky Voyles (M.O.D.-bassplayer on their North American Tour) send some e-mails and at last even Billy Milano himself answered some questions I had. Check out the interview! And approximately 6000 fans visited my website in the last 12 months. Thank you all!

I recently added a new counter from BRAVENET, because mycomputer.com took the old one away. I hope that next year also again over 6000 fans will come to visit my site. I will do my best to update this website as often as I can.

From today you can visit my fansite at:


I want to thank everybody who visited this sod-fanpage this year, or contributed to it, and wish you a happy 2002!!!

- Sjouke -

# November 12th, 2001:

The DVD 'Speak English or Live' has been released in America some time ago, but if you live in Europe, you'll have to wait a little longer. It will NOT be released this November!
The materials are just getting in place to manufacture the S.O.D.-DVD in Europe so it probably won't be there until February/March 2002.

# October 18th, 2001:

After M.O.D. cancelled their North American Tour recently, I was curious about the plans Billy Milano had for M.O.D. and if there still would be a next record. So I send him an e-mail and asked him a few questions about M.O.D. and also about the new S.O.D.-DVD.
Here's what he wrote back:


# October 10th, 2001:

Speak English Or Live - The DVD - was released in America last month. But I have discovered that the DVD is not available yet in Europe. If you can't wait any longer, you could order it from the Megaforce-website, but only if you have a US version DVD player. Otherwise, unfortunately, you'll have to wait until November for it to be released in Europe.

(Source: Greg Caputo)

# September 25th, 2001:

The DVD was released today. You should be able to find it in a store near you or order it through the megaforce website at: www.megaforcerecords.com

(Source: Greg Caputo - Megaforce Records/MRI distribution)

# September 12th, 2001:

Ben Meyer, who played guitar in NASTY SAVAGE many years ago, recently signed my guestbook. He mentioned that he was in a band called: 'Gardy Loo'. I asked him if his music was in any way related to S.O.D. or M.O.D.
So, here is some info about this band:
'Gardy-Loo' was formed in June, 1990 when NASTY SAVAGE members Ben Meyer, Richard Bateman, and Craig Huffman decided they were due for a change. They wanted to start a whole new band with a different style and musical direction. The first thing on the agenda was to choose a new name. 'Gardy-Loo' was the ticket.

According to Ben Meyer, they are very similar to S.O.D. in some ways: "We are a cross between hardcore and metal with sick dimented lyrics with a sense of humor. Actually we would probably be the perfect band to open for S.O.D. if they ever need anyone. They are my favorite band of all times."
If you want to find out more about 'Gardy Loo', just click the picture below...


# September 5th, 2001:


I heard some rumours already, but now it is official: the North American Tour is off! This is confirmed by Sparky Voyles, who played bass in M.O.D. until recently. I want to thank Sparky for all his help with my website, and wish him the best of luck in the future. Thanks man!
Here is what he mailed today:

"Yes, the tour did get cancelled. The last show we played was in Aurora, IL on Aug. 22nd. We only ended up playing 17 of the 51 shows that were scheduled. There were some financial problems that led to the cancellation of the rest of the dates. The shows that we did play were pretty cool. A lot of old school M.O.D. fans showed up, as well as some people that Kevin and I knew from our days in Dying Fetus. So, I am back in Maryland for the time being, working to make some dollars, because I am broke ha ha! Kevin may be playing drums for Skinless on their upcoming tour, but I'm not sure if that is definite. I'm not sure what Billy and guitarist Joe have planned. We did go to the Thrash of the Titans, although we did not play. The show was amazing! All the bands did very well, with Forbidden Evil and Violence being the highlights for me, as well as meeting Alex Skolnick from Testament. Well, thanks for all your help. Stay in touch man. Cheers!"

- Sparky -

# August 28th, 2001:

Speak English Or LIVE!

At the official Megaforce website you will soon be able to (pre-)order 'Speak English or LIVE'. Here is some more info I took from their page:

S.O.D.: Speak English or Live [DVD]
Originally released in 2001
* A rare, behind the scenes, look into the mouth of this legendary monster.
* Gripping interview footage, as well as their brutal return to the stage with 3,000 of their closest friends at The Ritz, NYC March 1992.
* S.O.D.'s first performance in 5 years in front of 100,000 screaming German fans at the With Full Force Festival.
* Also includes: 1999 interview, behind the scenes moments, exclusive studio footage, and guitarist Scott Ian's commentary on the legendary 1992 concert.
(c)Megaforce Worldwide.

(For more info, click at Sgt. D)

# August 12th, 2001:



S.O.D. is releasing their DVD,'Speak English Or LIVE', on September 25th. Here is some info about this new DVD:
S.O.D. came together for a reunion show in March of 1992. It was filmed and recorded for all the world to see and hear, and what became the "Live at Budokan" VHS and CD. It has been combined with the band's 1997 With Full Force Festival appearance, commentary by Scott Ian and Billy Milano, interviews, as well as candid behind-the-scenes footage of the band in the studio and hanging out, to create this DVD.
Their legendary live performances, notoriously satirical and brutal, are captured vividly on "Speak English or Live."
Look out for this to be released: September 25th, 2001.
(Source: Megaforce Records/MRI distribution)

# August 8th, 2001:

Dave Giffin e-mailed a review of the August 7th M.O.D.-show.
Check this out. You can find it at: 'Fan review/M.O.D. live'.
Thanx Dave.

# August 7th, 2001:

Do you want to read a review of the show M.O.D. did in Houston, August 2nd?
Click at the button below.
(Thanx to Jon Riesenfeld.)


# July 26th, 2001:

At July 10th I mentioned that Charlie Benante told in an interview that 'Live at Budokan' would be re-released at the end of this summer. It will be called 'Speak English Or LIVE' and it will feature a digital remaster of 1992's Live At Budokan Home Video, plus S.O.D. in front of the entire German nation at the 1999 Full Force Festival. If that wasn't enough, Speak English or LIVE also features a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Watch S.O.D. as they record 'Seasoning the Obese' and other S.O.D. classics. The DVD will be available this September. More info at: www.stormtroopersofdeath.com...


# July 16th, 2001:

"Things have been kinda crazy the last couple of weeks. I am in Texas now, and we've been jamming for a few days. It's going well, and I think the tour will be great. We're trying to get the Thrash of the Titans thing worked out now.
I'll let you know more when I do."
- Sparky -

# July 10th, 2001:

'Live at Budokan' will be available soon on DVD. In an interview at www.stonerocks.com, Charlie Benante mentions that when he is asked:
"What's the deal with Stormtroopers Of Death?"

Charlie: "... Um, it's just something we do every once in a while. I think we're gonna put it away for a little bit. We just released a DVD, but have a good time finding it. But then there's gonna be another - they're gonna re-release 'Live at Budokan' on DVD. That's gonna have a whole bunch of other shit on it. That should be out at the end of the summer. That's the deal with the Stormtroopers Of Death. There may be another record somewhere. But don't wait for it now..."
(For the complete interview, click at the picture below:)


# June 28th, 2001:

M.O.D. has been dropped from the bill of 'Thrash Of The Titans', to make more time for the other bands. But, you can still catch them live the following night at the Cactus Club in San Jose.
(Source: www.thrashofthetitans.com/news.html)


# June 15th, 2001:

More confirmed North American M.O.D. tourdates for August and September. Check it out:
(Source: Sparky Voyles)


# June 2nd, 2001:

S.O.D. will be playing the Chuck Billy benefit. Danny can make it. First time in history to have Anthrax, S.O.D. and M.O.D. on the same stage. Awesome.
For more info, click at the picture below.
(Source: www.anthrax.com)


# June 1st, 2001:

You can find an interview with Billy Milano at: www.abrasiverock.com.
Here is something he sais about M.O.D.: "Yeah, there's going to be a new M.O.D. album. Funny that you say that because M.O.D., Method of Destruction, is going on the road right now in August. We're doing like a seven week tour in America. I felt it was time to change the band and do a new band, so the new band is going to be called M.O.D-'Milano's On Drugs'. I'm going to come out and do-I'm going to do what I should have done in the beginning, which is have fun. I think people are going to respond with a little skepticism in the beginning. As far as the label, I don't really know. It may be Nuclear Blast. But, again, I think people will first take it with a little skepticism, and say, "Hey, what is this? Milano On Drugs? What is he saying? What is he trying to do?" And I think once the record comes out and everyone sees what I'm doing, people will be like, "Oh, this guy just wants to have a good time." There's a lot of shit going on with my management and my production, producing, and part owner of a studio. Believe me, it's a refreshing breath of air by going out and having a good time with this band. It's what I truly wish to do, and I think I'm going to be able to do it."

If you want to read the complete interview, just go to:


# May, 31st 2001:

M.O.D. will be getting together in Dallas in early July to begin rehearsing for an American tour. There are plans to record the new album from early October to early November in New York, and then there is supposed to be a European tour from late November to late December.

Bandmembers are:
- Billy Milano (of course);
- Joe Affe (guitar);
- Sparky Voyles (bass);
- Kevin Talley (drums).
Joe Affe comes from the NY band MAXIMUM PENALTY. Sparky Voyles and Kevin Talley both played in DYING FETUS until recently.
(Source: Sparky Voyles)

The North American Tour starts in August 2001.
For more tourinfo go to:


# May 19th, 2001:

According to Aardschok Magazine, all M.O.D. & Merauder gigs in The Netherlands are cancelled, but they also say that both bands will appear at the Belgian Graspop festival, june 23rd. That's not correct. At the Graspop-site you can read that M.O.D. & Merauder won't play at Graspop. (But we already knew of course that the complete European Tour has been cancelled). For more information about Graspop go to:


# May 3rd, 2001:

There is no 'real' news available this time. I still don't know why the European M.O.D.-tour has been cancelled.
I thought I should inform you about some 'updates' on this website. Check out the 'discography' section. You will find a list of S.O.D. tracks covered by other bands like: Slapdash (Sweden), Entombed (Sweden), Deftones (U.S.A.), Life Of Agony (R.I.P.) and Yellow Machinegun (Japan). Some tracks are really cool. You can download these versions from a Swedish fansite.
If anyone has some other S.O.D. or M.O.D. news, just send it to me and I will add it to this site.

# April 23rd, 2001:

M.O.D. European Summer Tour CANCELLED!
Last time you could read here that the Dynamo Open Air festival was cancelled, now I have to tell you that the complete European M.O.D. tour has been cancelled.
I had hoped to see them live this summer. At this moment I don't know the reason yet, but as soon as I know more, you will read it at this fansite.

# April 20th, 2001:

The city of Lichtenvoorde has banned Dynamo Open Air, which was scheduled to take place from May 24 through 26 at De Schans in Lichtenvoorde. Today the mayor of Lichtenvoorde has withdrawn the permit. The decision was made out of fear of spreading Foot and Mouth disease. The organisers have not been able to find an alternate location to move the event.
[Source: www.dynamo.nl]


# April 17th, 2001:


M.O.D. European Tourdates Summer 2001:


23.5.01 Bielefeld - Falkendom Ger.
24.5.01 Nijmegen - Staddijk NL
25.5.01 Lichtenvoorde - Dynamo NL
26.5.01 Lichtenvoorde - Dynamo NL
27.5.01 Athens - An Club Ger.
28.5.01 Bradford - Rio GB
29.5.01 London - Dome GB
30.5.01 Glasgow GB
31.5.01 Newport - TJ's GB
01.6.01 Rotterdam - De Baroeg NL
02.6.01 Sneek - Bolwerk NL
03.6.01 Hengelo - Metropol NL
04.6.01 Helmond - Plato NL
07.6.01 Zedtwitz - Fernverkehr Ger.
08.6.01 WIESEN - Mind over Matter Festival Austria
14.6.01 Freiburg - Cräsh Ger. (800)
15.6.01 Roma t.b.a. It.
16.6.01 Rimini Velvet - Club It.
17.6.01 Biella - Binaro Zero It.
18.6.01 Luzern - Boa Halle CH
19.6.01 Toulouse - Bikini Club F
22.6.01 Ahaus - Festival Ger.
23.6.01 Desselt - Grasspop Metall Meeting B (30´000 )
24.6.01 Roitschora with full force Ger (40´000)

# April 14th, 2001:

I found some more M.O.D. tourdates for The Netherlands and Belgium in Aardschok magazine (May issue, 2001):

- June 1st, 2001: Baroeg - Rotterdam (NL): M.O.D. & Merauder
- June 4th, 2001: Poppodium Plato - Helmond (NL): M.O.D. & Merauder
- June 23rd, 2001: Graspop Metal Meeting - Dessel(B): M.O.D. & others




# March 31st, 2001:

Billy Milano has written all the songs for his next M.O.D. album. Darrel from Pantera has offered the use of his studio for tracking the new M.O.D. so, perhaps, when those guys are done with their US tour at the end of this month, Billy will begin work on his album.
(Source: D. Harrison)



# March 30th, 2001:

Billy is currently focusing most of his energy on production. He is almost done with the new Merauder record for Century Media, and recently completed the Scrape record for them as well (Scrape will be changing their name so as to not be confused with the nu-metal band Skrape). In January, he produced the New Society of Anarchists, out of Milwaukee, and there are several other bands which he is commited to working with throughout the remainder of the year.

He has also completed writing material for the latest, and most probably, final M.O.D. record. It is more in the vein of the first, U.S.A. for M.O.D., album and is *very* funny! Guest appearance will likely include folks such as Dimebag Darrel and perhaps Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse. Look for this to be released late 2001, early 2002.
(Source: D. Harrison)

# February 26th, 2001:

S.O.D. played at the 1999 edition of the Dynamo Open Air festival in The Netherlands and now M.O.D. is going to play at Dynamo Open Air 2001!
Check out the Dynamo site for more bands: