Tuesday, August 7th, 2001 - MASON JAR - PHOENIX, AZ

Review by: Dave Giffin

M.O.D., the only band I paid to see, but 'Superjack' & 'New Society Of Anarchists' were there too. 'New Society Of Anarchists' was good, they have a definate hardcore sound that reminds me of some of the later M.O.D. works (i.e. Dictated Aggression) and also they don't play the same cord over and over so that was good too. I guess Billy Milano also produced their forth-coming album 'The Few, The Proud, The Brutal' which might explain some of their similarities. The guitarist from 'New Society Of Anarchists' also sold me my M.O.D. shirt which was kinda weird but I guess everybody needs to make a little extra cash now and then.

Speaking of
M.O.D., Billy is a great showman. They started with 'Aren't You Hungry?' and ended with the S.O.D. classic 'United Forces'. Milano yelled at me in the beginning because they had the setlist printed out on pieces of paper and I was leaning over the rail trying to read it. He yelled half-jokingly: "You know who I hate, motherfuckers who read the setlist before the songs are even played." He then grabbed the setlist and put it over on an amp in the corner. Then Milano kept talking about this girl who looked like Jennifer Lopez, yelling insults and mooning the crowd, man it was great!

Anyway the new drummer
Kevin Talley and bassist Sparky Voyles from Dying Fetus played great and guitarist Joe Affe hitting every M.O.D. note and all are worthy of carrying on the M.O.D. name. The show was awesome and I WILL DEFINATLY SEE THEM AGAIN if/when they come back through AZ. Anyway, I stole the setlist that Billy was yelling at me about, so I have the songs played:

Aren't You Hungry?
Get A Real Job
Don't Feed The Bears
Spandex Enormity
U.S. Dreams
Bubble Butt (*)
Short But Sweet
Jim Gordon
Objection/Dead End
Bubble Butt (*)
Short But Sweet
Ruptured Nuptuals
Step By Step
Bubble Butt (*)
Imported Society
He's Dead Jim
Ode To Harry
Bubble Butt (*)
Hate Tank
Sit There
Highway To Hell (AC/DC-duh)
Violent Pacification (D.R.I. cover)
United Forces (S.O.D. song)

(*) Yep they played it 4 times, who cares? The more M.O.D. the better...

- Dave -