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M.O.D. trading cards (1991)*



4 Mega Metal Cards: no.80-83

1991 M.O.D.
Officially licenced by Great Southern Company
Produced and distributed by Impel Marketing Inc.

Front: bandpic
Back: picture of Billy Milano

Text backside:
"I've seen the new wave of horror and it's reality." This quote by author Steven King is considered the motto of M.O.D. (aka Method of Destruction). M.O.D. combine gritty hardcore/metal with lyrics that are realistic, thought provoking, and entertaining. "To me, nothing is as scary as real life, and so that's what we project in our songs," says vocalist Billy Milano.

Front: bandpic
Back: picture of Tim Mallone

Text backside:
The release, Surfin' M.O.D., was a mega-hit for the group. Vocalist Billy Milano describes it as ... "a laugh for summer," maybe because it contains M.O.D.'s unique interpretations of the Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA," and the old frat house classic, "Shout," as well as new songs like "Party Animal" and "Surf's Up." In between touring for Surfin' M.O.D., the band worked on its newest release, Gross Misconduct.


Front: bandpic
Back: picture of Lou Svitek

Text backside:
M.O.D. is a band consisting of four distinct personalities, each with a unique past. Vocalist Billy Milano was a founder of the legendary S.O.D., guitarist Louie Svitek was previously with Zoetrope, bassist John Monte was in Chemical Waste, and drummer Tim Mallare was with Morbid Disgust.

Front: picture of John Monte
Back: picture of John Monte

Text backside:
M.O.D.'s newest release, Gross Misconduct, was produced by Alex Perialas, who has also done work for Anthrax and Testament. Musically, M.O.D.'s style is heavy, and lyrically, they're satirical. The '87 release of U.S.A. For M.O.D. "fooled the world with one of the most satirical albums ever recorded." According to Billy Milano, "... the ultimate penalty for Gross Misconduct is life eternal."


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