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August 29th, 2002:

The reason why Billy is going to finish 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'

If you (like me) were wondering why Billy abandoned the plans to record a new album with original guitarist Tim McMurtrie, and instead is going to finish the basic tracks that were recorded earlier this year with guitarist Joe Affe and drummer Danny Burkhardt, here is the answer Billy gave:

"Nuclear Blast didn't seem happy when I turned in some of one of my songs, 'Wigga'," Milano told BLABBERMOUTH.NET. "Markus of Nuclear Blast basically told me he didn't 'get it!" I could say, "This is my best record" and give everyone what they want to hear. But honestly, this is my best record, and when Markus told me he didn't get it and everyone I played 'Wigga' for loved it, it made me wonder. So I was going to put a record of traditional M.O.D. stuff together with Tim McMurtrie, but it seemed like more work than it was worth. In the end, I am going to finish this record, The Rebel you Love to Hate, and that's that."

In other news, Milano has launched new band called MURDER LEAGUE ALL-STARS with Tim McMurtrie on bass, and ex-SKINLAB guitarist Scott Sergeant on guitar. Milano: "I think it's time to start something new."

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Thanks to for this additional info and for promoting my site!!!

August 25th, 2002:

Billy Milano: "I am currrently finishing my record".

A month ago Nuclear Blast published some info about the new M.O.D. album. Because I hadn't heard anything about it since then, I asked Billy Milano if he had some new information already. It turns out that Billy is going to use his original albumtitle instead of "New Metal Jacket" or "River Dance Of Death". Here is Billy's message:

"I am currently finishing my record in Wayne Manor studio with producers Paul Crook and Scott Metaxes. The name of the record is "the Rebel you Love to Hate". The title tracks are the following:

  1. The Rebel you Love to Hate

  2. Wigga

  3. De men of stein

  4. Making friends is fun

  5. We salute you

  6. Get ready

  7. Rage against the Mac Machine

  8. He's dead Jim

  9. Assganistan

Billy Milano: Bass & Vocals - Joe Affe: Guitars - Danny Burkhardt: Drums. I will have an mp3 for people to download in december.

Peace Billy."

July 26th, 2002:


Again I added some live M.O.D. songs to the 'download'-section. All of them were recorded by a fan, during the second show of M.O.D.'s 'North American Tour', August 2001. The songs I added are: Spandex Enormity, Imported Society and United Forces.

I also changed the lay-out of the 'links'-page and added a few new links. That's all for now. For info about M.O.D.'s eagerly expected new album, come back soon!

July 24th, 2002:

New: M.O.D. live MP3's

Today I added five M.O.D. mp3's to this website. You can find them here. Billy gave me permission to use them. They are from the show M.O.D. did in Houston last year. Enjoy!

News about the new M.O.D. album can also be expected soon! So come back often to check out this website.

July 19th, 2002:

Nuclear Blast about the NEW M.O.D. album

The following message is taken from :

"There was some talk about M.O.D. changing their name to The Jersey Rebels, but Billy Milano informed us Tuesday that the name would stay 'M.O.D.' He also gave us these details about the new album (some of which have appeared in NB USA-newsletter in the past)."

"Hes doing the record with the original M.O.D. guitarist Tim McMurtrie (U.S.A. for M.O.D. and Rhythm of Fear). It will be recorded at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ. They expect to deliver the recording (unmastered) with art on or about September 15th. The title of the record is either Nu Metal Jacket or River Dance of Death. He also says that he has the artwork in progress, and it will be a very simple CD booklet/cover/4 pages lyrics and thanks/tray card photo/track list/CD-print. The track list is as follows: River Dance of Death, Stars & Stripes, Manocotti Mosh, A Dick Says What?, Internet Tough Guy, Dominic, This World, Nu Metal Jacket, Daisy Cutter/Assganistan, Rage Against the Mac Machine, Ram De Men of Stein."


July 16th, 2002:

'Murder League All-Stars' is Billy's new band!

'Murder League All-Stars' is NOT the title of the next M.O.D. album, but it is Billy Milano's NEW BAND! reported a few days ago that the new album is going to be called 'Murder League All-Stars', but this information was mis-quoted.

Billy says about his new band: "I personally think it's time to do something from scratch" and "it's time to go forward." But Billy and original M.O.D. guitarist Tim McMurtrie are doing a new M.O.D. record, which will more than likely be the last recording. They DON'T have a title yet for this forthcoming album.

More info soon...

July 5th, 2002:

New M.O.D. album 'Murder League All-Stars'

According to, Billy Milano and original M.O.D. guitarist Tim McMurtrie will shortly enter the studio to record the new M.O.D. album, entitled 'Murder League All-Stars', for a winter release through Nuclear Blast Records. The group's first European tour in eight years and the "eagerly-anticipated" Killith Fair US tour will follow the release.




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