February 28th, 2002:

S.O.D. on NEW YORK'S HARDEST - volume 3

S.O.D. contributed 2 previously unreleased tracks to New York's Hardest, volume 3. When I read a review in Aardschok magazine (January 2002) I first assumed that this probably would be tracks from 'Speak English Or Die - The Platinum Edition', but I just found out that these really are two unreleased songs!!! So here is some info about this album:

Click for more info at www.allmusic.com

I'll try to get a copy a.s.a.p.

OTHER RELEASE-INFO: Not only did SPV (Steamhammer) release the DVD 'Speak English Or Live' in Europe some days ago, at the same time they released 'Speak English Or Die - The Platinum Edition'. So if you live in Europe and you didn't have that album yet, GET IT NOW!

February 25th, 2002:

A message from Sparky Voyles (ex-M.O.D.)

Sparky  Voyles (ex-M.O.D., ex-Dying Fetus) has send me some news about his new band called "Misery Index". For more info about this band, go to: www.misery-index.com. Here's his message:

"Misery Index is going well. We are recording this weekend for a split cd/7" release with Commit Suicide on Willowtip Records. We also started playing gigs, and are set to play the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest, as well as the Ohio Death Fest, both in April. We are also playing one of the Nuclear Assault reunion shows in April. We are starting label negotiations, so we hope to have a deal done before too long. Also, drummer Kevin, who also played with me in Dying Fetus and M.O.D., recently went to audition for Slayer. He's awaiting word as to whether he will get the gig. So, things are busy, which is a good thing. Stay in touch man. METAL!!!"

- Sparky -

February 24th, 2002:

DAN LILKER back with Nuclear Assault

The original line-up of NUCLEAR ASSAULT—John Connelly (guitar/vocals), Anthony Bramante (guitars), Danny Lilker (bass), and Glenn Evans (drums)—have been confirmed to appear at CBGBs in New York City, New York on Friday, May 10th. The group's current itinerary for their reunion tour now looks like this:

Apr. 06 – Asbury Park, NJ @ Metal Meltdown IV
Apr. 28 – Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
May 10 – New York, NY @ CBGBs
Aug. 02-03 - Wacken, GER @ Wacken Open Air

(Source: Blabbermouth.net)

If you have problems reaching this website, using http://clik.to/sod, you can also use this URL: http://dudab.tripod.com/sodmod/. It's the same site!

February 24th, 2002:


Today I published this new version of my S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite. I created my first fansite about a year ago and published it at: http://dudab.tripod.com/stormtroopersofdeath/index.html 

The webmaster of the official S.O.D. website put a link (THANK YOU!!!) to my site and I've  had a lot of visitors since then (over 7,000).

Now I have this new (and hopefully even better) website, with more info, pictures, news, lyrics and other new stuff. You still can visit my 'old' site, but I will no longer update that site.

So, if you want to be kept informed about your favorite bands, come back often at: http://clik.to/sod or, if that doesn't work, use http://dudab.tripod.com/sodmod/.

Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know about S.O.D. and M.O.D.

I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back often.

February 23rd, 2002:


Billy Milano has issued the following statement regarding the recent passing of EXODUS frontman Paul Baloff after suffering a massive stroke:

“When I heard the news that Paul had been hospitalized, I was in shock. When I heard of his passing, I cried. Paul was not only one of the funniest and most genuine people I have come across in this cesspool of shit music scene, he was my idol! Belushi-Baloff-Shatner, those are my heroes—they will always be! Every time I saw him, I smiled, every time I was in a room with him, I was invisible. Paul was more than the embodiment of the Bay Area music scene—to me he was a GOD. Peace, Paul. Your friend Milano.”

  February 4th, 2002:


After I read that Paul Crook recorded the basic tracks for the new M.O.D. album, I send him an e-mail and asked if he had some exclusive news for this fansite. I got a reply very soon. This is what Paul replied:

"Hey Sjouke,

Thank you for the email. So you want some exclusive dirt.......

Hmmmmm, let's see. Billy keeps us laughing all day. The first few days were actually painful. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. The songs are intelligently hysterical. For some reason Billy has to act out each song as we listen back to the tracks after each pass. He and I butted heads on Wednesday over a very important song. Outside of that and Buster's (Billy's dog) farting, things have been running incredibly smooth.

Joe Affe is playing guitar. He tracked 9 of the 10 songs with his Gibson SG. One song has a Fender Strat. SM57s were used on all the guitars amps.

Billy performed the bass tracks. He used Scott Metaxas's early 80's Specter bass. We (Erin Farley and myself) ran the signal through a Stewart DI which split to a Sans Amp DI and a 50 watt Fender Bassman head powering a Mesa 4x12 cab. Erin's mics of choice were a D112 and an RE20.

Billy's long time friend is playing drums. This guy kicks serious ass behind the kit. I'm not sure if Billy has annouced the drummer's name at this time so I'll leave it to him to tell you.

We've been eating great. Billy knows all of the great restaurants in the area. Hoboken has some awesome Italian food!


- Thanx! -

  February 3rd, 2002:


Former ANTHRAX/current SEBASTIAN BACH guitarist Paul Crook has finished recording the basic tracks (drums, bass, guitar) for M.O.D. (Milano's On Drugs)'s brand new CD, which he's co-producing with ex-NUCLEAR ASSAULT bassist Scott Metaxas. According to Crook, "this record is sounding incredibly huge at the moment. I love the passing of knowledge that has been taking place between myself, Erin Farley (engineer) and Tim Gilles (owner of Big Blue Meenie Studios, where the album is being recorded, and the drum doctor from hell). It's impossible to know everything. Realizing this is one of my strong points as a producer. I'm not scared to ask questions or bring someone else into the production of a record. Erin Farley really impressed me over the last week of tracking. He has a great understanding of mic placement and an insatiable work ethic. I've come to the realization that nobody can get drum sounds like Tim Gilles. My jaw dropped when he started turning knobs."

"I don't like to record more than two tracks of rhythm guitars. Things get to be a little messy when you start stacking guitars. So in order to get the guitar tone big enough for my taste I split the signal into three different amps for each track. We used two Marshall amps: a 1967 100 watt plexi and a JCM 2000. The third amp was a Mesa boogie T.R."

"The production is now moving to Wayne Manor (Crook's side project GOTHAM's studio) to track Billy Milano's vocals. This is where Scott Metaxas really shines. He is an awesome vocal producer. So good, that I usually keep my mouth shut while he is behind the console."

"We (Scott, Billy and myself) should begin mixing in about a week. Billy wants this record out by June so he has a product for the European Summer festivals (where he is KING)."


February 2nd, 2002:

PAUL BALOFF: April 25th, 1960 - February 2nd, 2002

"Exodus frontman Paul Baloff passed away just before noon (PST) today, February 2nd, 2002 at the age of 41. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Paul. You will live in our hearts forever."

I just read this news at blabbermouth.net... Exodus was one of the first thrashbands I ever listened to. 'Bonded by Blood' is still one of my favorites, along with 'Another Lesson in Violence', their reunion-cd. I always liked Exodus more with Paul Baloff. Rest in peace.

If you want more info, go to:

February 1st, 2002:


Check this out: A guy named Will made a GREAT fanpage for Billy Milano. He says: "I've created this page to honor this larger-than-life individual. He's a man I respect and admire. Not surprisingly, S.O.D. is one of my favorite bands and they deserve respect and much mad love."
I say: "Great job, great site, great pictures!!!"
Just click the picture below to enter this Billy Milano Tribute:

January 29th, 2002:


According to Greg Caputo, European fans will only have to wait three more weeks for the release of the DVD: 'Speak English Or Live'. Street date in Europe is February 18th!!!!!

Source: Greg Caputo
Megaforce Records/MRI distribution


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