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APRIL 29th 2021:

S.O.D. | 'Speak English or Die' - GMVC Record + exclusive pin!

In March 2021, Gimme Radio's Album of the Month was S.O.D.'s Speak English or Die. They had a green and black splattered vinyl version on offer at their website, including an enamel pin! For those who missed it, there are still some available at the Gimme Radio website.

Limited splattered 2LP + exclusive S.O.D. pin
For those who missed out, pick up your vinyl copy of Gimme's exclusive variant of S.O.D.'s Speak English or Die, pressed in Camouflage Splatter! This 30th-anniversary edition comes as a double LP, including the original studio album, bonus studio tracks, S.O.D. Live in Tokyo 1999 and Crab Society North Demos!

This album comes with a sick, custom-created, S.O.D. enamel pin!

This limited version is only available online at Gimme Radio.
For info on how to order, please click HERE.

DECEMBER 23rd 2020:

M.O.D. | Last show of 2019 available on YouTube and as audio download!

On December 22 in 2019, M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction finished their European tour in Greece. The audioversion of this show has been available for a few months already as a download on www.milanomosh.com, but now also the videoversion has been put online! Both are of great quality!

Last show of 2019 | December 22, Athens, Greece (video).
In 2019 M.O.D. returned to Europe to celebrate a 'DECADE of DEATH and DESTRUCTION'. The last show of this tour was on December 22, at the KYTTARO Live Club in Athens, Greece. Exactly one year after this show, a video of the complete set is now available for you on YouTube! We hope you enjoy the show. M.O.D. hopes to see you again in 2021. Merry X-mas and stay strong!

AUDIO version (with artwork)
If you'd like to download only the audio of this show, just click on the link below. As a special surprise M.O.D. also added some artwork, in case you want to burn the recording on a CD. The art was drawn by Max Rugers and has been used on the tourposter and on shirtdesigns. We hope you enjoy the show. Feel free to share it. This is a gift for the fans!


JUNE 7th 2020:

S.O.D. | Sargent 'D' action figure available now!

Almost one year ago (in July 2019), NECA announced the release of a new official Sargent 'D' action figure. The release was set for last December and then January 2020.... but now this item is finally released!

'Cause Sargent D is coming, and he's in a box!
Sgt. D comes in a box which says: "Straight from the cover of S.O.D.'s satirical metal album, the band's Sgt. D character comes to life as a clothed action figure!
Standing 8 inches tall, he is outfitted with a removable helmet and assault rifle."

It's a great addition for eveyone's S.O.D. collection! I received mine last week.
Here are some pics of this item from the NECA Facebookpage:

You can find more details at the NECA ONLINE website and you can buy it HERE.

APRIL 25th 2020:

Three S.O.D. members record 'Quarantine Version' of 'Chromatic Death' [video]

About 2 weeks ago Scott, Charlie and Dan 're-united' to record a quarantine version of 'March Of The S.O.D.'. A couple of days ago, they recorded another instrumental from 'Speak English Or Die'. This time they chose 'Chromatic Death.

One more
Charlie Benante wrote: "One more, that's all folks. Stay safe."
So here it is. One more: Chromatic Death.

APRIL 14th 2020:

S.O.D. | New free download available (audio)

In December 2000, S.O.D. did a show at the legendary CBGB's to celebrate the release of their latest DVD 'Kill Yourself - The Movie'. This entire show is now available here at the Official S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite as a free audio download.

S.O.D. | Poll
Two days ago, we started a poll at www.facebook.com/SgtDFans. I wrote: 'Hello S.O.D. fans! On the 'Official S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite' (www.sod-mod.com) I used to offer new audio downloads of S.O.D. & M.O.D. shows, every once in a while. You still can find a couple of nice shows there! But I haven’t updated the downloadpage with 'new' shows for a long time now, so I decided it was time to start uploading new S.O.D. shows again! I've got a lot of them and I want to give you the chance to decide which S.O.D. show I should put on www.sod.mod.com first. The show with the most votes wins and I will upload it right after this poll ends'.

Most votes: 'S.O.D. | Live at CBGB's - December 14, 2000'
Voting has just ended. Thanks for voting everybody! In total 139 people voted and the show that got the most votes (75%) is: S.O.D. - Live at CBGB's! I offered that show on this website before (back in 2009), but at the time it was the 'Download of the Month', so after a month I removed it again. This time it will stay here a lot longer. Please keep in mind that this is not an official recording, it is an unofficial audiencerecording, so the audio is not as good as an official released live-recording. In other words: it's a bootleg!

Having said that, this IS a really fun show to listen to! The 69 minutes set includes songs from both studio-albums, as well as a huge number of hilarious 'ballads'. They even played 'Seasong The Obese' during this show! And it's one of S.O.D.'s last shows ever, they did only one show after this at Thrash Of The Titans in 2001!

S.O.D. - Stormtroopers Of Death
CBGB's, New York City, NY,
December 14th 2000
Audience recording
Tracks: 34
Playing time: approximately 69 minutes

: 01. Noise That's What | 02. March Of The S.O.D. | 03. Sargent 'D' & The S.O.D. | 04. Kill Yourself | 05. Milano Mosh | 06. Speak English Or Die | 07. Angel Of Death Interlude | 08. Monkeys Rule | 09. Celtic Frosted Flakes | 10. Fuck The Middle East/ Douche Crew | 11. Skool Bus/ Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix | 12. Ballad Of Jim Morrison | 13. Ballad Of INXS | 14. Ballad Of Kurt Cobain | 15. Ballad Of Kurt Cobain | 16. Ballad Of Benjamin Orr | 17. Ballad Of Frank Sinatra | 18. Ballad Of Walter Matthau | 19. Ballad Of Charles Schulz | 20. Ballad Of The Scorpions | 21. Ballad Of The Midget From Kid Rock (Sad But True) | 22. Ballad Of Freddie Mercury | 23. Bigger Than The Devil | 24. Chromatic Death | 25. Fist Banging Mania | 26. 6 Songs In 9 Seconds | 27. Seasoning The Obese | 28. Evil Is In | 29. Milk | 30. How Scott Met Billy & Band Introductions | 31. Aren't You Hungry | 32. Pussy Whipped | 33. Freddy Krueger | 34. United Forces

Go to the DOWNLOAD page to get the complete show.
I hope you enjoy!

APRIL 10th 2020:

S.O.D. | 'United Forces' shaped picture disc released!

On April 10, Church Of Vinyl released a very limited shaped picture disc with 4 tracks from the 1985 album 'Speak English Or Die'.

Church Of Vinyl | CHURCH013
This Die Cut Shaped Picture Disc is issued under exclusive license from Megaforce Records. Only 750 copies have been made! The picture disc contains previously unreleased artwork of Sgt.D
. The 4 tracks on this EP were taken from S.O.D.'s 1985 studio-album 'Speak English Or Die'.

I am lucky to not just have got the 'regular' version of this release, but I also received a promotional copy from Church Of Vinyl which is even more rare! All details on this releases can be found here. Below you'll also find photo's and information on both the original shaped picture disc and the uncut 12" promotional version.

S.O.D. - UNITED FORCES | Limited shaped picture disc

Side A:
1. United Forces
2. Fist Banging Mania
Side B:
1. Pussywhipped
2. Kill Yourself

Additional info:
Die Cut Shaped picture disc with previously unreleased artwork
All tracks taken from the 1985 album 'Speak English Or Die'
Released on April 10, 2020 by Church Of Vinyl
Issued under exclusive license from Megaforce Records
Limited to 750 handnumbered copies | CHURCH013

S.O.D. - UNITED FORCES | Promotional uncut picture disc

Side A:
1. United Forces
2. Fist Banging Mania
Side B:
1. Pussywhipped
2. Kill Yourself

Additional info:
Uncut 12" picture disc with previously unreleased artwork
All tracks taken from the 1985 album 'Speak English Or Die'
Released on April 10, 2020 by Church Of Vinyl
Issued under exclusive license from Megaforce Records
Limited to approximately 15 copies
For promotional use only, not for resale

More special S.O.D. vinyl here...

APRIL 8th 2020:

Three S.O.D. members reunite to record 'Quarantine Version' of 'March Of The S.O.D.' [video]

A message from Sgt. D: "Quaran-fuckin-tine or you’re on my list. You're welcome, Sgt. D!"

Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX), Scott Ian (ANTHRAX) and Dan Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ex-ANTHRAX) have shared a "quarantine version" of the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH instrumental song "March Of The S.O.D.", recorded with each member separated in their own homes.

Benante uploaded a video of the performance to his YouTube channel, writing in an accompanying message: "A message from Sgt. D - Quaran-fuckin-tine or you're on my list. You're welcome, Sgt. D"

You can watch the video here. Enjoy!

Source: Blabbermouth

FEBRUARY 12th 2020:

M.O.D. | New OFFICIAL merch available now at Season Of Mist!

M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction & Season Of Mist joined forces and release four classic M.O.D. designs that can be ordered exclusively through Season Of Mist!

All 4 designs will be available by 'print on demand'. So you can choose the color that you want for your t-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve, dress, tank top or even a bag and your order will be made on your demand!

You can choose from any of these four designs:
M.O.D. - U.S.A. FOR M.O.D. | 1987
M.O.D. - SURFIN' M.O.D. | 1988

Check it out and place your order at the Season Of Mist shop NOW:

Worldwide: https://shop.season-of-mist.com/band/m-o-d/ or:
U.S.A./Canada: https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/label/m-o-d-merch-print-on-demand/

FEBRUARY 3rd 2020:

S.O.D. | Pre-order your limited Shaped Picture Disc now!

A few days ago I told you about a special upcoming S.O.D. release: a brandnew shaped Picture Disc with never before seen artwork of Sgt. D! Well, you can pre-order it now!

S.O.D. - 'United Forces' Picture Disc | Release date: April 10, 2020!
Today the artwork of the new S.O.D. Shaped Picture Disc has been revealed as well as the pre-order link.

It is another really awesome collectors item from 'Church of Vinyl', in association with Megaforce Records. This Shaped Picture Disc is limited to just 750 handnumbered copies, including inlay! This is pure cult! Order your copy now, before it's too late!

You can pre-order your copy at Nuclear Blast. Release is set for April 10, 2020.

JANUARY 29th 2020:

S.O.D. | Shaped Picture Disc coming April 2020!

Church Of Vinyl just sent me this awesome news about a new upcoming limited S.O.D. shaped Picture Disc.

S.O.D. | Shaped Picture Disc coming April 2020!
Church Of Vinyl is about to release a S.O.D. shape in association with Megaforce Records. The record will be limited to 750 numbered copies and comes with brand-new never before seen Sargent D. artwork!

Side A:
United Forces/Fist Banging Mania

Side B:
Pussywhipped/Kill Yourself

On the right there's a small artwork teaser for you. I'm looking forward to this release already!
More news soon.


NOVEMBER 5th 2019:

M.O.D. | Billy Milano explains

There might be some confusion about M.O.D. along fans, because currently there are 2 bands stating that they're M.O.D.! Two previous members who played on the 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' record, are now using the name 'MOD Classic Line Up' and are performing and recording, while Billy Milano - who has been M.O.D.'s face, main songwriter and frontman for the last 32 years - is also still very alive and kicking with M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction!

M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction: THE REAL M.O.D.
Billy Milano published a statement last week, explaining the situation.
Read Billy Milano's statement on the situation here:

M.O.D. - Method Of Destruction is getting ready to tour Europe again in a couple of weeks and is also doing a short East Coast Run, just before they leave.

OCTOBER 20th 2019:

M.O.D. | Tourdates update

Last July you read here that M.O.D.is going to tour Europe again, for the first time in 5 years!

M.O.D. on tour in Europe & the U.S.A.  in November & December!
The final European dates have been released now! And M.O.D. will do a short East Coast Run in the U.S.A., right before they fly to Europe. The entire list of M.O.D. tourdates for November & December can be found below.

November 2019: U.S.A. East Coast Dates
Nov. 22, 2019 - St. Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Nov. 23, 2019 - Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ
Nov. 24, 2019 - Kung Fu Necktie. Philadelphia, PA

November 2019: Europe
28.11.2019 - Vienna (AT) - Viper Room
29.11.2019 - Milano (IT) - Slaughter Club
30.11.2019 - Bohinj (SL) - Winter Days Of Metal


December 2019: Europe
01.12.2019 - Budapest (HU) - Dürer Kert
02.12.2019 - Kosice (SL) - Collosseum Club
03.12.2019 - Prague (CZ) - Futurum
04.12.2019 - Ostrava (CZ) - BARRÁK
05.12.2019 - Dresden (DE) - Club Puschkin
06.12.2019 - Kristianstad (SE) - Biljardkompaniet
07.12.2019 - Oslo (NO) - Revolver
08.12.2019 - Copenhagen (DK) - Beta
09.12.2019 - Hamburg (DE) - Hafenklang
10.12.2019 - Kassel (DE) - Goldgrube
11.12.2019 - Lenzburg (CH) - Met-Bar
13.12.2019 - London (UK) - New Cross In
14.12.2019 - Eindhoven (NL) - Eindhoven Metal Meeting
17.12.2019 - St. Petersburg (RU) - MOD
18.12.2019 - Moscow (RU) - Gorod
19.12.2019 - Sofia (BG) - Club Mixtape 5
20.12.2019 - Thessaloniki (GE) - Eightball club
21.12.2019 - Izmir (TR) - Up Stage
22.12.2019 - Athens (GE) - Kytarro Live

JULY 19th 2019:

M.O.D. | European Tourdates announced!

M.O.D. & Doomstar Bookings announced today a list of dates for the upcoming M.O.D. European Wintertour. A few more dates will be added later.

M.O.D. on tour in Europe in 2019!
The last time M.O.D. toured in Europe was 5 years ago in 2014. Now they're coming back! Doomstar Bookings writes in their announcement: "We are stoked to announce the European run of the legendary thrash metal collective M.O.D. Method Of Destruction!!"
Well, I am stoked that M.O.D. is returning to Europe. It's been too long...

Billy Milano comments: "Been a while since M.O.D. was in Europe, getting my fat ass in shape for this tour so I can do my best for my fans is my focus. A 30/30 year anniversary tour celebrating M.O.D. and S.O.D... can't wait.."

Here's the tourposter with all confirmed dates. A few more dates will be added soon!

November 2019
28.11.2019 - Vienna (AT) - Viper Room
29.11.2019 - Milano (IT) - Slaughter Club

December 2019
01.12.2019 - Budapest (HU) - Dürer Kert
02.12.2019 - Kosice (SL) - Collosseum Club
03.12.2019 - Prague (CZ) - Futurum
04.12.2019 - Ostrava (CZ) - BARRÁK
06.12.2019 - Kristianstad (SE) - Biljardkompaniet
07.12.2019 - Oslo (NO) - Revolver
08.12.2019 - Copenhagen (DK) - Beta
09.12.2019 - Hamburg (DE) - Hafenklang
10.12.2019 - Kassel (DE) - Goldgrube
11.12.2019 - Lenzburg (CH) - Met-Bar
13.12.2019 - London (UK) - New Cross In
14.12.2019 - Eindhoven (NL) - Eindhoven Metal Meeting
17.12.2019 - St. Petersburg (RU) - MOD
18.12.2019 - Moscow (RU) - Gorod
19.12.2019 - Sofia (BG) - Club Mixtape 5
20.12.2019 - Thessaloniki (GE) - Eightball club
22.12.2019 - Athens (GE) - Kytarro Live

JULY 17th 2019:

M.O.D. | 30 Years of 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.'

The 30th Anniversary Edition of M.O.D's 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' that was originally only released on vinyl in 2017, has also become available on CD now for the first time!

30 Years Of Pissing People Off... and Damn Proud Of It!
To celebrate its 30th Anniversary, Megaforce Records re-released M.O.D.'s debut album 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' in August 2017 with new artwork and on colored vinyl in a gatefold cover. It also contained the 2 tracks that were previously only available on CD: Confusion/You're X'ed.

Until now there was only just a vinyl version on this release. This month Megaforce released a CD-version of this 30th Anniversary Edition as well! It has all the bits that were part of the 30th Anniversary edition, so: new artwork, pics, Billy's open letter to the press from October 1987, all lyrics and more!

The CD-version comes as a 'wallet' with the lyric- and infosheet in the left pocket and the CD in the right pocket.

For details, click here.

JULY 4th 2019:


Check Your Heads Skateboards just released an awesome new skateboard! It is available now in 2 different sizes and shapes!

Surfin' M.O.D.
Check Your Head Skateboards released today a new official M.O.D. deck!

They wrote on their Facebookpage: "After releasing M.O.D. - U.S.A. for M.O.D., S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die popsicle and Pig shapes decks, S.O.D. - Bigger than The Devil, we bring to you another sick M.O.D. official release, Surfin’ M.O.D. Available in 2 different deck shapes, all measurements are on our website."

This new official M.O.D. deck is very limited - only 60 have been made in total! So, if you want one, you'll have to be quick!

For details, go to the Check Your Head website.

MAY 25th 2019:

S.O.D. | New Official bandmerch available!

S.O.D. launched new official merch: a hoodie, 2 different shirts and a cap! They're available now.

Official Store
These new items are available at the Official Store at Artist Arena. Be quick, because a few sizes al sold out already! If you're interested, you can order the merch here (click the link).

MAY 18th 2019:

S.O.D. | Bigger Than The Devil's 20th Anniversary!

20 Years ago, on May 18th 1999, S.O.D.'s second studio-album 'Bigger Than The Devil' was released. To celebrate this, Check Your Head Skateboards will release 2 very limited S.O.D. decks.They are available now for a limited time!

Bigger Than The Devil: 1999 - 2019
S.O.D.'s 'Bigger Than The Devil' was originally released on May 18, 1999 by Nuclear Blast Records. And now, exactly 20 years later, this is celebrated by releasing a special limited edition skateboard. Only 100 decks will become available. So, if you want one, you've got to be fast!

Two new official decks
Check Your Head Skateboards released an official M.O.D. deck earlier (in 2017) and an official S.O.D. deck (also in 2017). They're both SOLD OUT! Now they release these 2 new limited S.O.D. skateboards, celebrating the 20 years anniversary of 'Bigger Than The Devil' and 34 years of the release of their classic album 'Speak English Or Die'.
There will also be a 11x17 print that they will be giving away to the first 75 orders!

Like said, these skateboards will be limited to only 100 and hand numbered. The decks will be shipping worldwide. Details: L 32.5" X W 9.825" X WB 14.75"

You can order the new official decks only at:




MAY 1st 2019:

M.O.D. | Interview with the full band + more rehearsal footage

Bill Dawson of ONE NATION UNDERGROUND did an interview with the new M.O.D. - METHOD OF DESTRUCTION line-up and spent some time with them during their first rehearsal!

Interview with M.O.D.
Last weekend ONE NATION UNDERGROUND did an interview with Billy Milano, Rob Moschetti, Jason French & Michael Arellano. This was the first time they were together as a band. Rob Moschetti flew to Texas and joined the other 3 members for their first band rehearsal. Here's an interview where Billy gives us some updates and everyone introduces themselves! This "ONE NATION UNDERGROUND M.O.D. SPECIAL" ends with some snippets of the first rehearsal!

APRIL 30th 2019:

M.O.D. | Rehearsal footage

Rob Moschetti came to Texas last weekend, to join Billy Milano, Michael Arellano and Jason French, for their first rehearsal as a band together! M.O.D. will tour later this year - in September in the U.S. and in December in Europe.

First rehearsal with Rob, Jason and Michael
Are you ready? M.O.D. started rehearsing last weekend in Austin, TX. Here's an instrumental version of 'True Colors' with Rob Moschetti on bass, Jason French on guitars & Michael Arellano on drums from their first rehearsal together as a band. This sounds very promising! Enjoy!

APRIL 24th 2019:

S.O.D. | Megaforce released: 'Fuck The Middle East' on vinyl.

Megaforce Records released a nice collectors item on Record Store Day, April 12th, 2019. It's a die cut shaped picture disc of Sgt.D.!

Today I got a package from Megaforce Records! It contained S.O.D.'s recently released 7" die cut shaped picture disc, called: 'Fuck The Middle East'. There's no title on the front, there's no tracklist on the vinyl or on the plastic sleeve, it's just a NICE piece of curiosity. A MUST HAVE! And I'm very happy with it!

The picture disc is cut in the shape of Sgt.D's head and has a collage on the backside. It comes in a plastic sleeve with a barcode at the back.

Because there's not much (any) info on the item itself, I asked Megaforce for some info. Here it is.
Sjouke: 'Fuck The Middle East' was released on April 12th, 2019. On Record Store Day. Was this the reason that the PD was released on this date,or is that just a coincidence?
Megaforce: With the songs on this release, I knew it would not be a RSD title, but I thought we could capitalize on the busy shopping day.
Sjouke: There's no tracklist or albumtitle on the picture disc and/or on the plastic sleeve. The item is called 'Fuck The Middle East'. Why this title?
Megaforce: This was the title that Charlie [Benante] picked.
Sjouke: How many PD's have been made?
Megaforce: 2000
Sjouke: This picture disc is in retail. Is that worldwide, or US only? So, where should fans go that want to buy it?
Megaforce: It is available worldwide. Amazon should have stock or indie stores around the world.

These are the songs on 'Fuck The Middle East':
A1. Speak English Or Die
A2. Fuck The Middle East
B1. Fist Banging Mania
B2. No Turning Back
More info here.

In other news... besides being webmaster for this S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite, I recently became the admin of an existing S.O.D. fanpage on Facebook. I work together now on that site with James Tinman Anton (www.instagram.com/marchofthesod) and William Guedes (checkyourheadskateboards) and we added a lot of nice stuff the last couple of days. A big thank you to Rob Barbour who trusted the page to us!

If you want to follow us on Facebook and keep being updated, please join:


APRIL 19th 2019:

S.O.D. | Two new skateboard decks to be released in May!

S.O.D.'s second studio album, which was originally released in May 1999, turns 20 next month! To celebrate this, 2 new exclusive skateboard decks will be released on May 18th.

Sgt. D is coming...
'Check Your Head Skateboards' will release not just one, but two (!) new official decks on May 18th to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of S.O.D.'s 2nd studio album 'Bigger Than The Devil'!

I have seen both models already and they really look awesome! When I've got more details, I will post them here.
The decks will only be available at: Check Your Head Skateboards!

FEBRUARY 6th 2019:

M.O.D. | Interview with M.O.D. drummer Michael Arellano

Michael Arellano: "I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it wasn't for the Texas Hardcore scene."

In March 2018 I interviewed new M.O.D. guitarplayer Jason French. Last January I spoke with rejoined bassplayer Rob Moschetti. But although we've met a few times in 2014, I never did a real interview with drummer Michael Arellano who's in M.O.D. for 6 years already! So it was finally time now to also do a proper interview with M.O.D. drummer MICHAEL ARELLANO!

Click here to read the entire interview. It's a great read!

JANUARY 20th 2019:

Rob talks about being back in M.O.D.

Rob Moschetti: 'The future is to have fun...!'

Rob Moschetti recently rejoined M.O.D.! That's awesome news (see below)! I did a short interview with Rob in which he explains when and why he was asked to become the 'new' bassplayer and what future plans for M.O.D. are...

"The future is to have fun..."

Click here to read the entire interview with Rob. Enjoy!

JANUARY 19th 2019:

M.O.D. | Rob Moschetti rejoins M.O.D.!

It's official: Rob Moschetti will play bass again for M.O.D.!

Rob has toured and recorded with M.O.D. before. He wrote music with Billy for the 1994 album 'Devolution' and also toured with M.O.D. around that period. And now Rob will tour with M.O.D. again later this year. So, the current M.O.D. line-up consists of: Billy Milano (vocals), Michael Arellano (drums), Jason French (guitars) and Rob Moschetti (bass).

I will do an interview with Rob Moschetti soon for www.milanomosh.com and www.sod-mod.com! So come back soon to read the interview!

JULY 26th 2018:

SCOTT IAN 'Would Absolutely' Resurrect STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH Again 'If The Situation Was Right'

Source: Blabbermouth.net

ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian says that he would be willing to resurrect his mid-'80s politically incorrect side project STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH for select shows. "I would absolutely do S.O.D. again, if the situation was right and it felt like it was in the spirit of what the band is about," he said during an appearance on a recent episode of the "Let There Be Talk" podcast with rock and roll comedian Dean Delray (hear audio below). "I would definitely do it again. I would love to go play some festivals. I would love to go play [European] festivals. We did it in '99 and 2000, and it was fucking awesome."

While admitting that he hasn't seen STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH frontman Billy Milano "in years," Ian insisted that he's "got no issue with Billy at all. There's not enough time on earth to have problems," he said. "I don't care. If someone has a problem with me, it's not my problem. I don't have a problem with anybody, as far as I know. So, yeah, life's too short, honestly."

Ian also talked about the massive commercial impact of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH's debut album, "Speak English Or Die", which gained as much notoriety for its silly, sometimes racist and sexist humor as it did for its raw musical power.

"I love the success of that record," he said. "I love that people love the album. I love that most people took it the right way and understood that I'm not a Nazi, which I think is pretty easy to understand. But we did have our share of stupidity where, I guess, some people thought we were that. And we would actually get Christmas cards from white-power organizations, 'wishing you a white Christmas,' with a dude 'Sieg Heil'-ing on a Christmas card.

"We were pretty clear [where we stood] when we would play shows," he continued. "And certainly, in '99 and 2000, when we finally did go out and tour the world on [S.O.D.'s] 'Bigger Than The Devil' record, you'd have idiots, you'd have white-power dudes 'Sieg Heil'-ing at us, and Billy would give them one warning. He would tell them once: 'Put that hand down or I'm gonna break it.' And there were nights when shit happened — that's all I'm gonna say. But if Billy warns you once to put your hand down, you fucking Nazi scumbag… My father fought in World War II — literally… You should probably put your hand down. And I saw some people on the wrong end of a very big, meaty fist."

Ian went on to defend STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH's lyrics, saying: "You've gotta understand, this was a character — I was writing for a character. This isn't how I feel, as Scott Ian. I created a guy named Sargent D, who I was writing a comic book about and I wrote songs based on it. And if you don't get it, go fuck yourself. I will never apologize, because that's where it comes from."

According to Scott, the success of STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH's debut album is something that could never be duplicated, and he has no intention of even trying.

"I don't mean to downplay it in any sense of the word, because I love that record — I fucking love it!" he said. "It is lightning in a bottle; we could never do it again. We didn't even try on 'Bigger Than The Devil', 'cause you can't repeat it. We're not gonna try and do the same thing and make a record in three days. It's impossible. It's so of its time, it's so of its moment, yet it still holds up — it's one of those crazy things. It's from 1985, and it still holds up. I listen to it now and it sounds like we could have made it yesterday; it's got such an energy about it.

I say 'not to downplay it,' because we really were trying to be as dumb… we were really being the biggest fucking hammerheads, the dumbest, just caveman parts, but yet brutal," he said. "'Caveman' and 'brutal' — that's what we were going for. We wanted to be the most caveman brutal, drag-you-outside-and-beat-you-with-a-fucking-club. That's what we were going for. We would literally say, 'It's not dumb enough. No, these lyrics… too smart. It's too smart. It's gotta be stupider. It's gotta be dumber than this.' And I pushed myself to be dumber."

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH are commonly credited as being among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal into a style sometimes called "crossover thrash." The track "March Of The S.O.D." from "Speak English Or Die" was the "Headbangers Ball" intro song for many years.

STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH was formed shortly after Ian finished his guitar tracks on the ANTHRAX album "Spreading The Disease". He would draw pictures of the face of a character known as "Sargent D," and the pictures would be accompanied by slogans such as "I'm not racist; I hate everyone" and "Speak English Or Die." Ian would then wrote lyrics about this character. He decided to form a hardcore band based on Sargent D, so he recruited ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante, ex-ANTHRAX bassist Dan Lilker, and PSYCHOS bassist Billy Milano on vocals.

The 30th-anniversary edition of "Speak English Or Die" was made available in November 2015 via Megaforce. The set included the original album as well as the demo recordings from the pre-STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH project CRAB SOCIETY NORTH.

Link to the original article.

MARCH 8th 2018:

M.O.D. has a new guitarist | Exclusive interview with Jason French

M.O.D. is complete again! Recently guitarist Jason French (War Ensemble, Protest) joined Method Of Destruction. Who is Jason French? How did he get involved with M.O.D.? What are the plans, now M.O.D.'s line-up is ready to rock again? Are they gonna tour with this line-up? Was M.O.D.'s 2017 album 'Busted, Broke & American' the final release? All these questions - and more - will be answered by the new axeman himself.

Jason French announced this statement on his own Facebookpage a couple of days ago:
"Ladies and gentlemen! I hereby announce yours truly as the new guitar player for M.O.D.!!! I’m super stoked to be part of this new phase of band! Thank you very much Michael Arellano for facilitating, Billy Milano for the opportunity and supreme thanks to my awesome wife Kathryn French for the support!! Thank you to the PROTEST boys for their support and love as well!! I’m looking forward to kicking in teeth on the stage and the road soon!!"

Of course we wanted to know more about Jason and M.O.D.! So here's an exclusive interview with Jason French, where he tells us all about how he became the new guitarplayer, who else is in M.O.D., if there are plans to tour and more!!!



MARCH 6th 2018:

Mastering The Milano Mosh | 7"

Can you do the Milano Mosh? Two Australian and two Japanese bands can! They released (a while ago already) a 7" EP with a couple of S.O.D. and M.O.D. covers, as well as own material. I discovered this item recently and ordered it. And the good news is... There are still a couple of these EP's available!

I received this cool vinyl 7" EP called 'Mastering The Milano Mosh' today! It includes 4 bands who cover an S.O.D. or M.O.D. song and also contributed own material! A very nice addition to my S.O.D. & M.O.D. collection! And it really sounds good.

'Mastering The Milano Mosh' is a tribute 4 way split to Billy Milano and S.O.D!  Featuring Atomic Death Squad (Aus), Disintegrator (Aus), Cycosis (Japan) & Katsuyama ID (Japan). With 5 original tribute songs and 4 killer covers this 7" is limited edition and pressed on super clear translucent red wax and only available on vinyl! (Released December 1, 2016).

Here's the tracklist for this EP:

Side A:

- Atomic Death Squad (Australia)
1. Freddy Krueger (originally by S.O.D.)
2. The Ballad Of Slayer
3. The Ballad Of Motörhead
- Cycosis (Japan)
4. Milano Mosh (originally by S.O.D.)
5. Living Proof

Side B:
- Disintergrator (Australia)
1. Milk (originally by S.O.D.)
2. M.O.D. Mosh
- Katsuyama I.D. (Japan)
3. Thrash Or Be Thrashed (originally by M.O.D.)
4. K.D.O.M.

If you also want a copy (only 300 were made), you can order it --> HERE.

I will add more info and scans to this website later.
If you're a fan and you collect vinyl, I'm sure you will enjoy this.

JANUARY 6th 2018:

Special items | New additions

I've added some vinyls and picks to my collection.

First and most importantly: A VERY HAPPY 2018 TO ALL OF YOU! I started this S.O.D. & M.O.D. fanpage 17 years ago (!). This coming year I hope to deliver some great news and expand this website even more with special collectors items, a few re-releases and maybe a couple of new liveshows in the download-section.


I think I've got all vinyl versions now of the M.O.D. album 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.'! Three of them were originally released in 1987 and one was released last year, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this album. I've now got the releases from: Megaforce Worldwide/Caroline [CAROL 1344], Noise Records [N0089] (personally signed by Billy Milano when M.O.D. toured Europe in 2014), Music For Nations [MFN 126] and the re-release by Megaforcre Records from 2017.

Special items | M.O.D. guitarpicks
Recently I received a lot of original M.O.D. guitarpicks and bassguitarpicks from Metal Mike (DeLeon), Tim 'Tank' Casterline and Ben Drinkin' Ballard. Here's a picture of all of them, for more details just click here.

And don't forget to join the official M.O.D. Facbookpage:

DECEMBER 27th 2017:

M.O.D. | New Facebookpage

M.O.D. wishes everybody a great 2018 and launches a new Facebookpage.

M.O.D. has had a great year! On July 7th, Billy Milano released a new M.O.D. studio-album through Megaforce Records called 'Busted, Broke & American' and in August/September M.O.D. celebrated its 30th Anniversary with the re-release of their debut album 'U.S.A for M.O.D.' on colored vinyl and with new artwork.

Originally there were also plans to tour with the new line-up, but these plans have been postponed. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see M.O.D. somewhere in 2018 again!

M.O.D. whishes their fans all the best for 2018 on their NEW facebookpage: www.facebook.com/MODMethodOfDestruction! Please join, share and invite all your friends!

Here are some other interesting links for M.O.D.:
- www.milanomosh.com
- www.youtube.com/c/sodmod
- www.facebook.com/MODMethodOfDestruction

- www.megaforcerecords.com/m-o-d-busted-broke-american
- www.amazon.com/U-S-M-O-D-M-O-D

OCTOBER 1st 2017:

M.O.D. | Free MP3 download of M.O.D.'s first show ever

New download available. This one is kind of special. It's an audience recording of M.O.D.'s first show ever, from February 21, 1987!

M.O.D. is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. Their debut album 'U.S.A for M.O.D.' was released in 1987. To celebrate this, Megaforce Records has released a 30th Anniversary Edition on colored vinyl with new artwork, that also contains the original drawings, liner notes and lyrics.
More about that release can be found below.

Since 2001 I have been doing this fansite for the fans of S.O.D. and M.O.D., being a fan myself. I always try to put interesting stuff on my website, things that I would like to see, read or own myself.

I have traded and collected lots of S.O.D. & M.O.D. shows on tape, cd, videotape and dvd during the last 16 years and in 2006 I got my hands on M.O.D.'s first show ever, recorded in the Rock Hotel at The Ritz in NY. I offered this full show in July 2006 already to the visitors of this site.

To celebrate M.O.D.'s 30th Anniversary, I would like to do something special for you, the fans. I am going to offer the first show again, like I did in 2006. This show is pretty special, because it is M.O.D.'s first show ever! The show contains a few songs that ended up in a different version on the actual album. M.O.D. did also have a 2nd guitarist at that point, a guy called Sooch. When M.O.D. recorded 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' the band was reduced to a 4-piece.

Everything this on website is free for the fans since the beginning. I believe that anyone who is trying to sell these recordings are stealing from the REAL M.O.D. FANS who I support and appreciate their loyalty by having free content. Always! So please, feel free to share this show with your friends and enjoy it!

You can download the show HERE.

AUGUST 18th 2017:

M.O.D. | 30th Anniversary of 'U.S.A. FOR M.O.D.' celebrated with special re-release on vinyl only!

Megaforce Records is re-releasing M.O.D.'s debut from 1987 on colored vinyl!

In 1987 Method Of Destruction (M.O.D.) released their very first album 'U.S.A. FOR M.O.D.', an album that continued in the same style where S.O.D. started in 1985. Not as groundbreaking as S.O.D. was, but still hard, aggressive and funny. The album contained short and mostly fast songs with 'tongue-in-cheek' lyrics. Not everyone understood M.O.D.'s kind of humour and Billy felt the need to explain his project (as he called it) and wrote an open letter to the press in Europe and the UK in October 1987. This entire letter is part of the completely new package of the 30th Anniversary Edition of U.S.A. FOR M.O.D.

30th Anniversary Edition | 30 Years Of Pissing People Off... and Damn Proud of It!
So, 30 years of Method Of Destruction! M.O.D. has had lots of different bandmembers during the last 3 decades, but one thing always remained the same: frontman Billy Milano. M.O.D. have been pissing a lot of people of during those last 30 years, but Billy's very proud of what he achieved over the last 30 years. A list of all regular M.O.D. releases can be found inside the gatefold albumcover, along with a huge picture of all M.O.D. albums so far!

M.O.D.'s latest album 'Busted, Broke & American' has just landed (July 7th, 2017) and very soon Megaforce Records will release this 30th Anniversary Edition of U.S.A FOR M.O.D.!

What's new?
Well, the songs from the original album are to be found on this album as well. That's no surprise of course! But... the original vinyl version in 1987 did miss 2 songs that were only on the cd-version; Confusion/You're X'ed. This time all titles are on the vinyl version, so you now also get those 2 songs that were previously unavailable on vinyl. And that's not all, because the album will be released on colored (red, white, blue) vinyl!

Also new is the artwork. Of course most of the original artwork has been included in this re-release, but since this is a gatefold, there was room for more stuff. The letter to the press from Billy, the new M.O.D. 30th Anniversary skateboard, a few extra pics and other info. The albumcover itself has also been redone. In this version the original cover is damaged, scratched and worn out now and a 2017 Billy/Corporal P character (especially painted for this release by M. Bakker for mabas-designs) comes out of the albumcover with the world in his hand.

The innersleeve is also new and contains all lyrics and some other info. So, lot's of stuff to make this release a wannahave for collectors and fans of M.O.D.!

More info about this upcoming release can be found here.
You can already pre-order the 30th Anniversary Edition of U.S.A. FOR M.O.D. here.

JULY 28th 2017:

UPDATE | New items added!!!!

Over the last few months I collected a couple of nice and rare items, which I've added now to this site!

I just added a couple of cd's (promo, unofficial and new), a dvd, some vinyl and four M.O.D. tradingcards to this website. More info can be found below.

M.O.D. promo CD | Get Up And Dance
This is a 1-track promo from 1993, released by Megaforce Records, containing the song 'Get Up And Dance' (CDP 887).
More details can be found here.

M.O.D. DVD video | Wigga
When M.O.D. released their record 'The Rebel You Love To Hate' through Nuclear Blast, they did one video for it: WIGGA. The DVD that I got contains only that video. Info can be found here.

M.O.D. bootleg CD | Hellfest 2014
'We are M.O.D. and I fucked your mother in the 80s' is the name of the bootleg CD that was released by Fingerprint Productions in 2016. The entire show from Hellfest (15 tracks) is on it, as well as an interview with Billy Milano at Hellfest (track 16). The audio is pretty good as it was ripped from the livestream that was broadcasted during their show in 2014. The complete setlist and other info can be found here.

M.O.D. Mega Metal Cards | 80, 81, 82 & 83
Four cards from 1991 with the line-up that played on 'Surfin' M.O.D.' and 'Gross Misconduct', produced and distributed by Impel Marketing Inc. On the front is the M.O.D. logo, a (band)picture and the name 'Mega Metal'. On the back of each card there's a picture of each individual bandmember from 1991 and a short story. The 4 cards with all stories can be found here.

M.O.D. | Busted, Broke & American | CD digipack
On July 7 the new M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke & American' was released by Megaforce Records (MEGA2236). Of course I added the new album and all relevant info about this release to this website. Lyrics will be added at a later point. The CD can be found here.

M.O.D. | Busted, Broke & American | LP gatefold and testpressing
Not only did Megaforce release the new M.O.D. album on CD, but also on vinyl (MEGA2236LP)!!! The last M.O.D. record that had been released on vinyl was 'Devolution' in 1994. The following records were only released on cd. But there are plans to also re-release those records on vinyl!
The vinyl edition of 'Busted, Broke and American' has a gatefold cover, with one pocket. The innersleeve is in full color and contains all lyrics, credits and a large bandpic. I also got the testpressing of this album. Both items can be found here.

JULY 15th 2017:

S.O.D. & M.O.D. | Skateboards released by Check Your Head

Check Your Head just released official S.O.D. & M.O.D. skateboards. The S.O.D. board was released earlier this year, the official M.O.D. deck has become available this week. You can order it now!

M.O.D. Method Of Destruction Megaforce deck
A collaboration between Billy Milano, Megaforce Records and Check Your Head Skateboards to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of M.O.D. This is an old school shaped deck, hand numbered and limited edition. Size: 9.25" Wide - 30" Long - 15" Wheel base


Also available:
S.O.D. Stormtroopers Of Death official Megaforce Records skateboard deck.
Size: 8.5"
Made in USA.
Limited edition, the first 50 will be hand numbered.


JULY 8th 2017:

M.O.D. | New album 'Busted, Broke & American' available now!
The new M.O.D. album 'Busted, Broke & American' has been released on 07/07/2017 by Megaforce Records!

Freeman promotions released this statement yesterday:
The day is here and M.O.D. have release their new album "Busted, Broke & American," via Megaforce Records. This is their first album since 2007's "Red White and Screwed" and the reaction has been exactly what you would expect for an M.O.D. release:

A crossover thrash classic!
-Metal Insider-

Busted, Broke & American sees Milano in full sociopolitical swing

Busted, Broke & American may also be M.O.D.'s last album, according to singer Billy Milano, and if that's the case, M.O.D. will go out with a bang!

This is vulgar, angry New York hardcore crossover metal and it's not subtle or nuanced in the least, and I can't imagine it any other way with Mr. Milano involved. It's also a veritable cross-section of the hardcore and classic punk genres with numerous nods to the style's legendary acts.
-Angry Metal Guy-

Kudos, Billy. You're one of a kind.
-Angry Metal Guy-

Busted, Broke & American provides the appropriate bow on a career that has spawned well over three decades, not to mention several genres.
-Dead Rhetoric-

M.O.D.'s most brash and in your face collection of songs to date
-Media Mikes-

The band's first album in ten years is worth the wait. M.O.D still play offensive crossover thrash like no other with ten mosh inducing tracks on here.
-Target Audience Magazine-

Purchase Busted, Broke & American on iTunes and Amazon.

Billy Milano will host an album release party tomorrow July 8th at Bull McCabe's Irish Pub in Austin, TX. Billy will be spinning the new album, there will be live bands and of course the spoken word and comedy of Billy Milano.

As to be expected, Busted, Broke & Americanis fast, it's furious, and it makes no apologies. It also mixes hardcore, punk rock, and thrash and the end result is a thoroughly combustible collection of songs. The words "I'm sorry" are not a part of the album's vocabulary. At the center of the sonic storm remains Milano, who has never been known to shy away from speaking his mind.

Busted, Broke & American track listing:
1. Eisenhower
2. The Final Declaration
3. You're a Fucking Dick
4. Busted, Broke & American
5. Fight
6. Hooligan
7. Billy Be Damned
8. Shattered Dreams & Broken Glass
9. They
10. All Out Of Bubblegum
11. Go Go Revolution
12. Kennedy Speaks


Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by: TIM GERRON of GERRON MUSIC ATX
Produced by Billy Milano & Tim Gerron
Jason (Ginchy) Kottwitz - Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Tim (Tank) Casterline - Bass guitars
Billy Milano - Vocals
Ben (Drinking) Ballard - Vocals
Mike Deleon - Rhythm Guitars
Mike Arellano - Drums
Basic Rhythm Guitars, Basic Vocals & Drums recorded by Juan Urteaga, CA
Graphic design & lay-out: Sjouke Bakker & Billy Milano

MAY 3rd 2017:

M.O.D. | Lyric video for 'Fight'
M.O.D. just released a lyric video for 'FIGHT' that will appear on the new record 'Busted, Broke & American'

M.O.D. - 'FIGHT'
Official lyric video from the upcoming M.O.D. album 'BUSTED, BROKE & AMERICAN'. The new album will be released worldwide by Megaforce Records on July 7th, 2017 on both vinyl and cd.

Official M.O.D. facebook: www.facebook.com/MethodOfDestruction

APRIL 18th 2017:

M.O.D. | U.S.A. FOR M.O.D. 30th Anniversary release

To celebrate 30 years of M.O.D., Megaforce records will re-release M.O.D.'s classic first record 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.'

M.O.D.'s classic first record 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' will be re-released in the 2nd half of 2017 with new artwork and on colored vinyl, to celebrate 30 years of M.O.D.! More info will follow soon, including a preview of the new artwork.

Check Your Head Skateboards will also release a special item to celebrate M.O.D.'s 30th Anniversary: an old-school skatebord, containing art from the first M.O.D. album. This limited edition will be available on the 4th of July. You can order the deck here.

On July 7th, M.O.D.'s brandnew album 'Busted, Broke & American' will be released worldwide by Megaforce Records on CD and LP.

Check this website or milanomosh.com or facebook.com/MethodOfDestruction for the latest news!

APRIL 8th 2017:

S.O.D. | Official skateboards available now (M.O.D. coming soon!)

S.O.D. - Stormtroopers Of Death official Megaforce Records skateboard deck, celebrating 32 years of S.O.D., have just become available! It's a limited edition, the first 50 will be hand numbered.

S.O.D. deck
Check Your Head Skateboards just released the 'S.O.D. Stormtroopers Of Death official Megaforce Records skateboard deck'. This deck was made under Billy Milano's supervision and fine tuning. Limited edition, the first 50 will be hand numbered. This is available right now and you can order it here.

M.O.D. deck
There's more great news! Because 'Check Your Head Skateboards' will also do a deck to celebrate the 30th Anniversay of M.O.D.'s 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' That one will be released at the 4th of July! Here's what the M.O.D. will look like. Awesome, isn't it?

APRIL 5th 2017:


Billy Milano announce a few days ago the releasedate for the new M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke & American'!

The new M.O.D. album 'Busted, Broke & American' will be released worldwide by Megaforce Records on July 7th, 2017. The music is done, the artwork is done and the new album will be released on both CD and on vinyl! This is awesome news!

Here's the video where Billy announced the releasedate.

JANUARY 1st 2017:


What will 2017 bring us? Well... a lot of M.O.D. releases! Megaforce Records will re-release some hard-to-find albums and more!

M.O.D. - Re-releases
MEGAFORCE Records has picked up the following M.O.D. records for their catalog: 'Dictated Aggression', 'D-Evolution' and 'Red, White and Screwed'. These will all be released this year with the 30th Anniversary issue of 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.'!

M.O.D. - Busted, Broke & American
This March 2017, the new M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke & American' will finally be released. Last December, Billy Milano and Tim Gerron finished recording, mixing and mastering the new album that will contain 10 new songs. The artwork for the frontcover has also been finished already. A teaser for the upcoming release has been posted online yesterday!

You can watch it here:

Finally: Also visit www.milanomosh.com and www.facebook.com/MethodOfDestruction to keep informed!!

- 2016 -

OCTOBER 23rd 2016:

M.O.D. - Awesome show from 2001 available for download

I just found a real gem! It's really good recording of an M.O.D. show from 2001!

I hadn't really updated the 'download-section' of this website for a while, but when I discovered this show I decided to share it with you and put it here on the website.

The show that's available for download now, is an M.O.D. show that was recorded on August 10, 2001 (so just one day before the Chuck Billy Benefit 'Thrash Of The Titans'). M.O.D. performed an awesome set at the Whisky A Go Go. The recording of this show sounds awesome! M.O.D. mainly played tracks from 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' and they did 'Bubble Butt' 8 times!! The setlist of this show was:


Go to the downloadpage or click here to download the entire show at once!



S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die ultimate collection

Mark Brand sent me a picture of all his 'Speak English Or Die' vinyl albums....

Mark Brand contributed to this site before, he sent me pics of (vinyl) albums that weren't in my possession yet a the time. Nowadays I've got most of them myself too.

But when he sent me this picture of every single item that he owns of 'Speak English Or Die' on vinyl, I decided to put this pic on the website as well. Is he the one who owns the most vinyl releases of this album? I've got most of these too, but not all...

The editions on the top left and the one just below have been released in 2016 as double albums. These are the 30th Anniversary Editions and contain the original album, livetracks from Tokyo and the Crab Society Demo. One version is released with 2 gold colored discs, the other version contains a brown and a green disc.

If you also have a massive S.O.D. and/or M.O.D. collection, feel free to email a picture to me and I'll see if I can put it somewhere on this page.

Mark, thanks for your contribution!


MAY 14TH 2016:

M.O.D. - Studio Update

Billy Milano continued working on the new M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke and American' recently. Two weeks ago a new update has been posted on www.milanomosh.com

April 30, 2016 - Tim Gerron and Tank hard at work in the reamp session
Footage of Tank & Tim Gerron working on the bass for the new song 'Billy Be Damned' that will appear on the upcoming album 'Busted, Broke and American'. Re-amping guitars will be done next. Billy and Tim Gerron are planning to start working on that next week (May 17). After that Billy is going to (re)write the lyrics and start recording the vocals.

Click on the screenshot above to hear and see the last studio update!

MARCH 1ST, 2016:

S.O.D.'s 30th Anniversary Release on colored vinyl!

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of S.O.D.'s 'Speak English Or Die', Megaforce Records released in 2015 two albums: a CD with some bonustracks, including the Crab Society North Demo's + a 7" version of 'Milk' on white vinyl. But now there's even more!

S.O.D. on gold colored vinyl!
The 30th Anniversary Release of 'Speak English Or Die' is now also available on vinyl. In January 2016 Megaforce Records released this album as a double LP.

When the 30th Anniversary Edition first was released on November 27, I was disappointed. This was the same CD as the Platinum Edition and the 20th Anniversary Edition, with just one little difference; an extra track with the Crab Society North Demo's. I had expected a little more from this release, with maybe some different bonustracks (rehearsals, unreleased livetracks, etc.) and new artwork.

But now there's a VINYL version of this edition! Yes, still with the same content, but the bonustracks had never been released on vinyl before. That is what makes this release interesting for collectors like me! There are even some original sheets with lyrics printed on the inside, where you can read for instance that 'Milano Mosh' originally was called 'Monster Mosh'!

Still I have got one complaint... why were the Crab Society North Demo's not just put on side D by themselves? Now we have the Tokyo Live show devided over 2 sides. Well..., most of it is on side C, 2 livesongs are on side D and these 2 livetracks are being followed by the studio version of 'Ram It Up' and the Crab Society Demo's. The Crab Society Demo's is something you want to háve, but not something you want to listen to every time. But that's the only thing I'd like to have seen different. This is a nice release and a great addition to my S.O.D. collection.

For details, tracklists and more pics click here and scroll down.

BTW - There is supposed to be a different version as well, with brown and green vinyl! I haven't seen that one yet.

DECEMBER 29TH, 2015:


I've just added 3 S.O.D. items to the website.
  Additions to the S.O.D. discography
Because of the 30th Anniversary of S.O.D.'s album 'Speak English Or Die', Megaforce records released 2 special records last Record Store Day (November 27th, 2015). I've added these items to this website, together with a vinyl version of the album that wasn't on this website yet. Here's some info.

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (30th Anniversary Edition, CD)
Megaforce Records released 'The Platinum Edition' of Speak English Or Die in 2000. That version contained the original tracks + 2 new studiotracks and livetracks from Tokyo 1999. In 2005 the '20th Anniversay Edition' was released. This was the same CD as 'The Platinum Edition', but with different artwork. In 2015 Megaforce released the '30th Anniversary Edition'. This is again the same cd + one bonustrack: the CRAB SOCIETY NORTH DEMOS.

For more details, click here.

  S.O.D. - MILK (7" white vinyl)
Featuring 2 versions of MILK
On Record Store Day, Megaforce released 2 S.O.D. records. The first one was the 30th Anniversary Edition of 'Speak English Or Die', the second one was a 7" vinyl single of 'MILK'. This is a real collectors item! The album has a double A-side; on one side you will find the original 1985 version of Milk by S.O.D., on the other side there's a version of Milk by the Deftones. The fact that this single is released on white vinyl makes it even more special.

The cover art for this release was created by Charlie Benante.
For more details, click here or here.

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (Green and brown vinyl)
Megaforce Records | MEGA1955
I had a green plattered version of this album on my site already, but this one is a little different.

For details about this addition, click here and scroll down.
This was the last update for 2015. Hope to meet you all again here next year! Have a great 2016!

NOVEMBER 30TH, 2015:

M.O.D. news from the studio

M.O.D. is currently working on the new album 'Busted, Broke and American'. Updates can be found on www.milanomosh.com!

Studio reports

Billy Milano started working again on his new M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke and American'. Basstracks are being re-recorded with Tim 'Tank' Casterline on bass. Tim played previously in M.O.D. between 2008 and 2014.

After the basstracks are done, M.O.D. will start working on the guitartracks. And finally Billy will re-record his vocals. This will be done in Tim Gerrons studio. The previous M.O.D. record was also recorded there.

Updates (on the recordingprocess) can be found at the M.O.D. website www.milanomosh.com.
The latest update, where Billy Milano interviews his bassplayer Tim 'Tank' Casterline can also be found here:


OCTOBER 30TH, 2015:

S.O.D. releasing a Split with… the Deftones!


More S.O.D. news!

Besides the 30th Anniversary of 'Speak English Or Die', there will also be another special release from S.O.D. this year!

Next month, S.O.D. is releasing a very special item on Record Store Day. It's a 7" of the S.O.D. song 'Milk'. One side will contain the original S.O.D. version, the other side contains a coverversion of the same song by the Deftones.

Record Store Day is on November the 27th, 2015.

OCTOBER 20TH, 2015:

Speak English or Die, 30th Anniversary Edition - Release date

Megaforce records just told us the releasedate for the 30th Anniversary Edition of S.O.D.'s 'Speak English Or Die'.

S.O.D. needs little introduction. The seminal band started during a break in the recording of Anthrax's 'Spreading The Disease' album. What started as a quick release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the infamous Billy Milano, has become one of the most incendiary bands in the rock world. The classic album, 'Speak English Or Die', merged hardcore and metal into one genre, and has influenced countless hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, and metalcore bands. This year it is 30 years ago that 'Speak English or Die' was written and recorded.

Scott Ian already wrote in 1990 how it all started:
"Speak English Or Die... I never thought four words could cause so much schism. From these words S.O.D. was born. It was Spring of 1985 and Anthrax were in the studio recording 'Spreading The Disease' up at Pyramid Sound in Ithica, NY. I was done with all of my guitar tracks and I had a lot of free time on my hands. So, instead of doing something constructive, I drew comics. I invented this guy, well not really a guy, more like a living skeleton that smokes cigars, hates everyone and everything, with an insane sense of wrong and right, who was called Sgt. D. (Actually, he's not much different than your average right-wing gung-ho American). I would draw his face and then put a slogan next to it. Ex: 'Don't smoke, I'll rip your lungs out for you, your caring friend, Sgt. D.' Or, Sgt. D says: 'I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally, so fuck you.'Or, of course: 'Speak English or Die.' The lightbulb lit over my head and I started writing. Feverishly working, spewing hatred from my pen, day and night, seeing the world through the eyes of a living, breathing, dead, decaying pillar of hatred.

I took a break after I had written ten songs or so. This was too much hate for one person to bear. I played it for Charlie, I played it for Dan, I played it for Billy. Sgt. D approved. S.O.D. was born.

We wrote the rest of the album, rehearsed it the day before we were going to start recording, and banged the record out in three days. Two days of recording, July 2nd and 3rd, one day mixing, July 6th. It was hard, fast, furious, mean, controversial, ridiculous, funny and, most of all, it was heavy. HEAVY. Just think of the album's opening riff in 'March of the S.O.D.'. This is the sound of death. This is the sound of Sgt. D.

The Stormtroopers of Death. The right time, the right place, the right people. A once in a lifetime band that could never be, but will last forever."

The 30th Anniversary Edition will contain some extra material and will be released on November 27th, 2015. More info soon!

Note: The image above is not the actual cover of the 30th Anniversary Edition.


DAN LILKER Says There Are No Plans For S.O.D. To Reunite For 30th Anniversary

Jo Schüftan of Horns Up Rocks! recently conducted an interview with bassist Dan Lilker (NUCLEAR ASSAULT, BRUTAL TRUTH, ANTHRAX, STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH). You can now read parts of that chat below.

Asked about STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH frontman Billy Milano's recent announcement that the band would reunite in 2016 to celebrate this year's 30th anniversary of the group's classic debut album, "Speak English Or Die", Lilker said: "I know there's gonna be a reissue, but him talking about a live show is all a little premature, let's say. It's gonna be the 30th anniversary of 'Speak English Or Die', so there's gonna be yet another reissue. I say it with a slight air of cynicism. And, yeah, it'll be cool."

He continued: "Billy might have made it seem like [a reunion show was confirmed], but he didn't consult anybody else that played in S.O.D. He just kind of announced something, and we went, 'Huh?' That's what happened."

Asked if he would do the S.O.D. reunion show if everyone else agreed to it, Lilker said: "Yeah. I don't have any differences with anybody. It was never me. I would do it as long as I didn't have any other previous plans on that day. If anything else I have already confirmed is confirmed, I wouldn't do it, but if they say, 'Hey, what are you doing July blah blah blah this year,' I'd go, 'Okay. Fine.'"

In October 2011, ANTHRAX and STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH guitarist Scott Ian was asked by UnRatd magazine if there was any chance of another S.O.D. reunion, to which he replied: "No. I think I can safely say that, yeah. It was never supposed to be anything more than it was. As far as I'm concerned, we did too much with it. It started out as a comic book strip that I drew in the studio and then turned into this record that we made, but you know, that's all that it is for me. It's the opposite of THE DAMNED THINGS [a supergroup featuring Ian alongside FALL OUT BOY and EVERY TIME I DIE members]. For me, it was never meant to be a real band with a schedule and making records and touring. S.O.D. was supposed to be the 'anti' of that, it was supposed to just be about having fun and never having it turn into something real where all of a sudden it's not just fun anymore — it becomes a job, it becomes a business. And I'm glad everyone around the world got to see it at least once because in '99 and 2000 we played everywhere and I don't feel the need to go out and do that again."

For the full interview with Dan Lilker, go here.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net

AUGUST 7TH, 2015:

S.O.D. reunion in 2016?

About a week ago there were suddenly rumours about an S.O.D. reunion in 2016. A website called 'hornsuprocks.com' stated that S.O.D. would reunite to perform a 30th anniversary concert in 2016.... Is there any truth in that statement?

Speak English Or Die  - 30th Anniversay

In 1985 S.O.D. recorded the legendary record 'Speak English Or Die' in just 3 days. Billy Milano recently spoke about this album (amongs other things) in an interview for
The New York Hardcore Chronicles. For that interview, go to: www.milanomosh.com. In another interview for Black n' Blue Productions, Billy mentioned the possibility of an S.O.D. reunion in 2016, because of the 30th anniversary of 'Speak English Or Die'. A little later hornsuprocks.com posted the following article on their website:

'BREAKING NEWS: Billy Milano, frontman of the STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH (S.O.D.), announced just moments ago that the band - Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Dan Lilker and Charlie Benante - will be joining forces to perform a 30th anniversary concert at next years Black N Blue Bowl in New York City (date TBD)! The announcement was made during tonight's BNB Takeover radio show on East Village Radio! A NEW song was also played on the radio show meaning that NEW music is also on the way!'

In response to that post, Billy Milano wrote a statement on the BNB facebookpage about the SOD reunion as discussed during BnB Takeover:

'Greetings Laurens, Joe, Jimmy and Matty!
Greeting SOD fans around the world..

Apparently people are still interested in seeing SOD live. I salut you. During my interview with black and blue radio I had mentioned how we SOD would love to do the reunion we started to discuss at your show the black and blue bowl. So let me be specific to what was discussed before hand by me and Missi at megaforce records in ny. Its a 30 year anniversary for SODs record speak english or die. Megaforce has something amazing coming out for the celebration. During our original correspondence via e-mail she proposed "would it be cool to do a reunion show" To my surprise we all said yes it sounds fun. While I dont like and get along with Charlie and Scott the bottom line is this I said on the radio with joe, jimmy and you guys that we would love to make it happen at the black and blue bowl. we have to see if we can get everyones schedule to line up and be on board. But let me now go further because at the end of the day I am hardcore and hardcore is forever in my soul. If we dont do the black and blue bowl its not because of me and lilker. Lilker would play a street fair and I would help clean up after its done. Hardcore punk forever in my heart. On another note, If I didnt mention doing the show now then the possibilty of it happening is even less because of Scott and Charlies other obligations. They now have plenty of advance time to make 2 days of hardcore history happen. If it doesnt happen its not my fault. If they don't do the show then I swear on my dog Busters memory I will never do SOD ever again.

I am in the process of finishing up the new MOD. "BUSTED, BROKE and AMERICAN" it should be ready to roll at the time of the festival. If Charlie and Scott blow it MOD will be happy to play and do a special SOD set live for the fans. I am also entertaining doing my spoken word, comedy show at an after party.
I look forward to my return to Black and Blue radio, Lets hope that Scott and Charlie honor their inclusion to the NYHC punk history that we wrote. I was there!

Respectfully Billy Milano.
Remember to help out your local animal rescue group and shelter.'

So, yes! There are plans for a reunion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of S.O.D.'s album 'Speak English Or Die'. I for sure hope it'll happen! And there are plans to release something special for the celebration. As soon as I know more, you will read it here!

JUNE 11TH, 2015:

M.O.D. is NOT over!

Billy Milano is still planning to finish the M.O.D. record 'Busted, Broke and American'.

An explanation by Billy Milano

Billy Milano alive and well. I think an explanation of what transpired this last couple of months that convinced me it was best to fire the band, stop working on the record and get home to Austin Texas and regroup my thoughts and my energy so it would be focused on completing the new MOD record to its fullest potential. I am planning to finish the MOD record, 'BUSTED, BROKE and AMERICAN' at home where the pressure of time and budget don't weigh on my shoulders all fucking day long.

Several fans have contacted me and asked if I intend to finish the record and the answer is yes, but I am going to do it the way I want to do it to make it reflex the spirit of the music and band history. I was and still am not happy with what we recorded. I hated my vocals and I remain unconvinced of all the performances on the recording. Lots of part for the songs we left out due to lack of focus and money. I am going to do it right or not at all.
I am planning on regrouping for next summer to tour it in Europe if we don't have ww3? (lets hope not). To tour this summer with band members I wound up regretting working with for a record that I would not be happy with is pointless.

I am truly sorry for canceling all the shows with Doomstar but I just can't go up and fake happiness. I hope the festivals rebook us for next year 2016. Something tells me they will understand my situation when they get this. Lets hope for a great record and a return to Europe in 2016.

Sincerely, Billy..

Taken from www.milanomosh.com

MAY 30TH, 2015:

M.O.D. is over!

Unfortunately, M.O.D. is no more!

As you've probably already read on milanomosh.com or another website, Billy Milano has come to the conclusion that he is done with M.O.D....

Here's Billy's official message:
"After a long hard ride of 30 years, I have decided to not release the new M.O.D. record. To not continue on a live tour schedule of any type and spend my time on the things in life that matter. Family and love. I want to thank all the M.O.D. fans around the world who supported the band and vision of music for the fans by a fan of music. I thank you greatly with all my heart, but I just don’t want to do it any longer. I just wanted to have some fun one more time and I did. Twice. It’s time to say farewell. Peace, happiness and love to all. Respectfully, the artist formally known as the legendary Billy Milano."

Here's also a written statement by the rest of ex-M.O.D. members:
"As true and dedicated musicians that we are, MOD was one of our huge inspirations and by a lucky shot, we got in the band. For any great, good reason that a light shined our way...that was MOD. We apologize to the fans, to everyone who's been waiting on us on the road. Billy has denied MOD and without MOD, we can't go on. We wish Billy our gratitude for all the great times we've spent with the band. We look further down the road for bigger and better things. We wish Billy the best.
Signed, The Band..."

APRIL 29TH, 2015:

M.O.D. - Studio reports

M.O.D. is currently in the Trident Studio's to record their 10th album, called 'Busted, broke and American'.

Studio reports, containing footage that was shot in the studio by the band itself, can be found on M.O.D.'s website www.milanomosh.com!

Yesterday, April 28, Billy Milano also wrote a short message on milanomosh.com to give the fans an update on the upcoming album:
"Greetings everyone from TRIDENT STUDIOS in Pacheco California. Working with Juan Urteaga is fucking awesome. All bout the vibe and not sitting there trying to make it perfect. MOD has found the perfect producer for this record. These are some pics of us in TRIDENT setting up tracking drums as well as guitars for the record. Hopefully it will be everything we hope it will be. Talk to you soon. Milano"

For pictures and new footage and other updates, visit www.milanomosh.com. Here's the latest studio report.


APRIL 19TH, 2015:

M.O.D. - Entering the studio

M.O.D. is ready to enter the studio to record the new album!

M.O.D. will enter the studio on Monday April the 20th!

Studioreports will be available from today on www.milanomosh.com. Footage of recording the new album will follow soon. Check the page frequently for more updates. Here's a message from M.O.D. on their way to the studio! For more updates, visit www.milanomosh.com frequently!


MARCH 7TH, 2015:


M.O.D. will perform on Billy's 51st birthday at the releaseparty for the upcoming new album 'Busted, Broke and American'.

On June 5th, 2015 M.O.D. will do a show at Bull McCabe's Irish Pub (Austin, Texas) with Confused, Images Of Violence & Black Thorn Halo. After that there will be a listening party of M.O.D.'s new record. All in attendance get the new M.O.D. record FREE!!

On the way to the studio, M.O.D. will do some shows. Here are some confirmed dates:
March 7 | Zeros - Corpus Christi, TX
March 14 | Walter's - Houston, TX
March 27 | Score's - New Braunfels, TX
April 17 | Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX
May 1 | Leo's, Oakland, CA
May 2 | Rockbar Theater, San Jose, CA
May 8 | Los Globos, Los Angeles, CA
May 9 | Yucca Tap Room - Tempe, AZ
June 5 | Bull McCabe's Irish Pub - Austin, TX (Album release party)

More info will follow soon...

FEBRUARY 14TH, 2015:

M.O.D. studio news

Mike DeLeon posted an update on his facebookpage with some interesting news on the upcoming final M.O.D. album. Here it is:

Mike: "Heading into the Studio with M.O.D in April out in the Oakland, Ca area to record the Brand New Album. We have been very hard at work on this new disc. Producing this bad boy is none other than Acclaimed Producer Juan Urteaga who also just recorded the new Machine Head disc which sounds beast! While out in Cali, we will be performing shows on the way to and from the studio time including stops in San Fransisco, Portland, Seattle, Reno and Los Angeles. Im pretty stoked to get out west and bring the Texas Thunder to this new and probably final M.O.D record. More details to come along with a full West Coast Tour poster. Cheers mates!"

OCTOBER 17TH, 2014:

New M.O.D. record has been written!

Billy wrote on M.O.D.'s Facebookpage that he completed writing songs for the next M.O.D. record. The record will contain 13 brandnew tracks and one cover.

Billy: "What's up hammerheads. Billy here. After a very tough 14 months of working on music, pissing people off, missing my boy Buster, and getting used to having the new girls at home with Emma and Buford I am happy to announce the following. The songs for the new record are written. We start rehearsal soon. We hope to record in April. I hope this record makes all the fans happy because I wrote this one for you fucking idiots! I don't think I will ever top it …..
"Never trust a hardcore kid that doesn't know Hardcore punk".
Cheers.. Festivals in Europe!"


Caffeine Buzz w/ M.O.D.’s Billy Milano

From: The Road Podcast with JT Habersaat.

Infamous M.O.D./S.O.D. vocalist Billy Milano sits down with JT for some hyper-caffeinated rootbeer in South Austin. They discuss their east coast upbringings, Billy's onstage persona vs. his daily life, crazy encounters with movie stars and the genesis of his rift with Scott Ian. Will their intense conversation get them thrown out of the coffee shop for scaring children? Yes. Yes it will. Produced by Ryan Miller at Bleeding Heart and includes brand new M.O.D. track "Hermanos". Play at maximum volume.

Listen to the podcast here.

JULY 21st, 2014:

M.O.D.  - Download full show from June 2014!

M.O.D. visited Europe twice in 2014! In February they did a clubtour on the continent and in July M.O.D. came back for a couple of festivals and a few shows in the U.K. and Ireland.

M.O.D. website
On M.O.D.'s new website you can find stuff from their recent summertour, like lots of pictures and video's! Take a look at www.milanomosh.com! Some of the footage was shot from the stage, so maybe you can even spot yourself...
You can also still contribute to the website, just send your pictures with M.O.D. or footage of M.O.D. to sod-mod@hotmail.com and they will be used!

Downloads [MP3]
I was at the Dokk'em Open Air festival (June 21, 2014) myself and I recorded M.O.D.'s performance for www.milanomosh.com and www.sod-mod.com. You can download the full show now, including artwork. You can also still download M.O.D.'s new song 'Hermano' for free!

If someone has footage and/or audiorecordings from one of the other M.O.D. shows and you want to share it, feel free to contact me. In the meantime, enjoy this show:

- Download the full Dokk'em Open Air show here
- Download 'Hermano' here

JUNE 25th, 2014:

M.O.D. currently on tour in Europe

M.O.D. is currently touring in Europe again. They are doing a short Summer Tour where they play at some festivals on the mainland and a couple of other venues in the UK and Ireland. Their previous European tour was last February.

Since June 19 M.O.D. has played at 3 festivals already: Loreley Metalfest (June 19), Hellfest (June 20) and Dokk'em Open Air (June 21). After that they took the boat to the UK and played in Londen and Dublin (IR).

There are still a couple of shows to go and and there's even been added one extra show in Tilburg (NL) on June the 29th!
I saw and met M.O.D. at the Dokk'em Open Air festival and their set was awesome! The setlist contained 50% of old M.O.D. songs, and 50% S.O.D. songs. The band played tight and the response was very good. Footage and pictures of that show can be found at www.milanomosh.com! After the show, M.O.D. took the time to talk with fans, sign stuff and take pictures. These pics can also be found at milanomosh.com.

If you have footage and/or pics of one of the M.O.D. shows, feel free to send it to sod-mod@hotmail.com and it will be uploaded to the website. Or just take a look and enjoy!

JUNE 5th, 2014:

New M.O.D. site online: www.milanomosh.com

Today, on June the 5th 2014, the new M.O.D. website for the upcoming M.O.D. European Summertour went online. Today, on Billy Milano's 50th birthday!

Besides a new website, there's also a new song! Billy Milano decided to offer Hellfest fans the new song first. M.O.D. plays on Hellfest in France on June 20. If you go to the Hellfest website (www.hellfest.fr) you can watch a video trailer and find a link to the new website and the new song!


JUNE 4th, 2014:

Former Laaz Rockit Drummer Victor Agnello Dies at 50

A word from Billy....

"So sad to here about Victor from Laaz Rockit dying at such a young age. M.O.D. toured with Vic and the Rockit way back in 1989 and he was always professional and encouraging to be around. Our thoughts are for him and his family. Respect and good journey Victor!"

- Billy Milano -


JUNE 3rd, 2014:

New M.O.D. website + new song available soon!

In less than 3 weeks M.O.D. will do another small European tour. Together with that, a new website will be launched and a new song will become available.

M.O.D. will play at 3 festivals first (Loreley, Hellfest and Dokk'em Open Air) and after that at a couple of shows in the United Kingdom. Before the start of this European Summer Tour a new website will be launched! You can contribute to it by sending in your photo's and video's of the Summer Tour. M.O.D. will also keep us informed during the tour, so the site will frequently be updated. And - as a bonus - a new M.O.D. song can be downloaded for free!

Check sod-mod.com frequently, you will read here very soon where and when the new M.O.D. website and the new song will become available!

Here's the tourscedule for the upcoming Summer Tour:

June 19, 2014
Metalfest Loreley |
St. Goarshausen, DE
June 20, 2014

Hellfest | Clisson, FR
June 21, 2014
Dokk'em Open Air | Dokkum, NL
June 22, 2014
Underworld | London, UK
June 24, 2014
Fibber Magees | Dublin, IR
June 25, 2014
Audio | Glasgow, UK
June 26, 2014
Sound Control | Manchester, UK
June 27, 2014
Queens Hall | Nuneaton, UK

MARCH 10th, 2014:

M.O.D. will be back in Europe this summer!

Method Of Destruction  toured in Europe in February, but they will be back soon again!

In June will M.O.D. perform at a couple of summer festivals. Hellfest in France (June 20) and Dokk'em Open Air in The Netherlands (June 21) have been confirmed already. Also a couple of dates in The United Kingdom and Ireland between June 22 and June 27 have just been added to this upcoming tour.

Confirmed dates are:
June 20, 2014 - Hellfest, FR
June 21, 2014 - Dokk'em Open Air, NL
June 22, 2014 - Underworld, London, UK
June 24, 2014 - Fibber Magess, Dublin, IR
June 25, 2014 - Audio, Glasgow, UK
June 26, 2014 - Sound Control, Manchester, UK
June 27, 2014 - Queens Hall, Nuneaton, UK

In the meantime you can watch footage, pictures or download tracks of M.O.D.'s last European tour from last February at:

FEBRUARY 28th, 2014:

M.O.D. - First European tour in 20 years: Tourreport (and more)

Between February 6 and February 23, M.O.D. did 17 shows in Europe! The tour was awesome. M.O.D. will be back in Europe in the summer for some festivals. M.O.D. drummer Michael Arellano wrote a report about the shows M.O.D. did this month..

Tourreport by Michael Arellano:
Michael: Finally...got caught up with sleep so now I can tell you how tour was.

The fun started as soon as we all got in the van and made our way to Shawn Whitaker and Missy's place in Houston. On the way there, Billy was on the phone with one of his boys and said "Flying straight into Amsterdamn...hookers right away!" haha lol. Shawn and Missy made us feel right at home and took us to the airport the next morning. 8 hour flight to Amsterdam, here we go! Waiting around for Luuk (our driver/party tech) and his girl to show up. All of a sudden, here's this Amon Amarth, viking, redneck, duck dynasty lookin' dude coming towards..."I think this is the guy." His girl Laura was cool & sweet. With all the shit she was carrying day to day, she made us all look bad...haha! Started the tour in the Netherlands for the first couple days...felt right at home. So nice over there...in Europe overall, it just seems like people are more healthy over there. Grandmas and grandpas riding their bikes all over town like anyone else, moving around with no struggle. I don't even think nursing homes exist over there. Paris, soldout show and the Hellfest people were there as well...it was the hottest show I ever played. Barcelona was truly a special time for me...being able to communicate with the people in Spanish was really cool and everyone was so overwhelmed with the band. Nothing but love & respect! I got my first taste of what it's like to deal with 'crazy' fans...haha. In Budapest after our show, one of the fans that caught a drumstick from me...saw me go into the restroom, watched me pissed and waiting for me to sign his drumstick. Seriously, wtf?! haha...Italy probably had the best food of the whole tour. Their cheese was just ridiculous! Prague was the biggest show...360 in attendance. One of the funniest things at that show for me was this guy took forever to stagedive...so what does Billy do? Bumps him back into the crowd with his ass, haha! Luynes, France was the funnest show for me...nothing but high energy throughout the show. They even had a blow up shark they were throwing around, it was pretty awesome. My favorite show was in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The stage and club was the perfect size, everyone in the opening bands were cool as hell...the vibe was just right. Billy kept making fun of these dudes that looked like Jay & Silent Bob, haha...right on the money. Crippled Fox & Dog Attack were my favorite bands of the tour. Both bands played back to back shows with us in Budapest and in Bratislava. Amazing bands, please check 'em out! Warsaw was a lot of fun. Like I mentioned before, everyone there were extraterrestrials! Playing the Dynamo in Eindhoven was probably the best show for me. What an honor to play such a great venue like that where some of the best bands have played it. Rotterdam is right up there with Eindhoven as well...the band, Milkman, played both those shows with us...another amazing band!

Overall, the tour was without a doubt a success. For MOD not playing Europe in 20 years, was an honor for me to share the experience with all the fans who have been waiting for MOD to come back and/or to see the band for the first time. Saying how solid & tight the band was night after night left us all with nothing but smiles at the end. Really enjoyed sharing the stage with Billy, Scott, and my brother from another mother Mike. Luuk and Laura, thank you so much again for putting up with our bullshit and nonsense, haha. Love you guys!

Being able to travel the world and do what I love to do...I can't ask for anything more in life. Truly a blessing and a gift...

"God gave everyone gifts and if you don't use them...you're abusing them." - Father Jim

Pics, footage, downloads and more...
If you want to see pictures and/or footage of this tour, or if you want to download a couple of livetracks, just go to:
www.milanomosh.com. There's lots of stuff from almost every day on that site and new pictures, video's, etc. are still being added every day! Keep sending your pics, video's or other interesting stuff to sod-mod@hotmail.com and I will put it on the site.

FEBRUARY 8th, 2014:

M.O.D. - Footage, audio & pics from Europe!

M.O.D. started their first European tour in 20 years last Thursday in Drachten (The Netherlands).

Updates from the European Tour

Billy Milano asked me if it would be possible to create a page within my website with updates from the current European tour. I think it is, especially if every fan that it going to one of the upcoming M.O.D. shows will send me pictures, recordings or video's of that show.

Right now, you can already watch and/or listen to:
- Live pictures from February 6
- An audio interview with the band
- Pre-show footage
- Two clips from the first show
- Three songs (mp3) from the first show

I am expecting video's and audiorecordings from the 2nd show real soon! Other stuff, like pics by fans and pics of fans with M.O.D. will be added soon as well! So please, send me your stuff and keep the 'M.O.D. Moshing Europe 2014' page updated!

Go to: www.milanomosh.com for everthing about the current European tour.
And please send your material to: sod-mod@hotmail.com
For tourdates, click here.

Thanks & enjoy!
S. Bakker

JANUARY 30th, 2014:

M.O.D. - New record release Worldwide Fund

Do you also want M.O.D. to record a new album? Billy Milano is asking us, the fans, for a small donation to make this happen! Below you can find the link to go to the M.O.D. crowdfunding site... Please share!

Greeting MOD-SOD fans!

Billy Milano here. M.O.D. is in the final stages of writing a brand new ripping record. I had a few offers from some labels. But in the end, the offers were nothing more than worthless bullshit.

I have done M.O.D. for 26 years. And I have always made a record that I was proud of. Now I want to make this record that I have been working very hard on for the last 6 months. That is where you fans come in. I have always helped out many bands and musicians. And now I am asking my fans, OUR FANS, for donations to help make this record a reality.
M.O.D. is currently getting ready to leave for our European tour as I type this.

In return, I am offering you a very real NYHC Punk record that will be the best M.O.D. record I have ever done. And believe me, it is!! The record will be available as a FREE download to all the MOD fans in the world. Or would you just rather have another Justin Bieber record?

Peace and respect as always.
March on!


Click here for info or to make a donation:

JANUARY 20th, 2014:

M.O.D. - Updated tourscedule for Europe

Below you can find the tourscedule for the M.O.D.'s European Tour! Please download and share...

M.O.D. - Moshing Europe 2014:
06-02-14 - Iduna - Drachten - The Netherlands
07-02-14 - Baroeg - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
08-02-14 - Le Klub - Paris - France
09-02-14 - Le Saint Des Seins - Toulouse - France
10-02-14 - Rocksound Bar - Barcelona - Spain
11-02-14 - Le Korigan - Luynes - France
13-02-14 - Hiroshima Mon Amour - Torino - Italy
14-02-14 - Kaleidos - Poviglio (Reggio Emilia) - Italy
15-02-14 - Orto Bar - Ljubljana - Slovenia
16-02-14 - Futurum - Prague - Czech Republic
17-02-14 - Kontra Club - Budapest - Hungary
18-02-14 - U Očka - Bratislava- Slovakia
19-02-14 - Klub Progresja - Warsaw - Poland
20-02-14 - K17 - Berlin - Germany
21-02-14 - Turock - Essen - Germany
22-02-14 - Dynamo - Eindhoven - The Netherlands (with spoken word performance by Billy Milano)
23-02-14 - Kavka - Antwerp - Belgium

JANUARY 2nd, 2014:

M.O.D. warm up gigs

M.O.D.'s Mike De Leon just announced two gigs before M.O.D will head of to Europe.

Mike De Leon wrote on Facebook:
M.O.D will be playing 2 warm up gigs gearing up for the band's First European Tour in 20 years. The dates/citys for those 2 shows are: Fri. Jan 31st at Austin St. Live in Seguin, Tx and on Sat. Feb 1st at Bull Mcabe's in Austin, Tx. M.O.D. will be jamming a new set of songs, so get ready for a thrashin ass whoopin! Hope to see ya at one of the 2 shows. Cheers!

Billy Milano interview
In other news, Billy Milano will be doing an interview for this website. He's going to talk about the past year, but he will also answer some questions about the upcoming European tour. In the next couple of days this interview will be published here! So, come back soon.


NOVEMBER 12th, 2013:

M.O.D. to come to Europa in February 2014!

Finally some amazing news. M.O.D. is going to Europe in february. M.O.D. hasn't been to Europe since 1994. It's a long time over due. I will be making further announcements later on in the year!

M.O.D. European tour February 2014:
5-02-14 fly inn
6-02-14 Iduna, Drachten (NL)
7-02-14 Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
8-02-14 Fr
9-02-14 Fr
10-02-14 Rocksound Bar, Barcelona (Sp)
11-02-14 Fr
12-02-14 Fr
13-02-14 RNR Arena, Romagnano Sesia (It)
14-02-14 Kaleidos Poviglio, reggio Emilia (It)
15-02-14 Orto Bar, Ljubljana (Sl)
16-02-14 FUTURUM, Prague (Cz)
17-02-14 Day off in prague
18-02-14 U Očka Music Club, Bratislava (Slovakia)
19-02-14 Progresja, Warsaw (Pol)
20-02-14 K17, Berlin (DL)
21-02-14 Turock, Essen (DL)
22-02-14 Dynamo, Eindhoven (NL)
23-02-14 Kavka, Antwerpen (Be)
24-02-14 fly out

This is great news, M.O.D. will finally play in Europa again! I'll be there!

OCTOBER 29th, 2013:

M.O.D. - more tourdates

Dates for November 2013

M.O.D. will do 3 shows in November 2013.
Here are the dates:

Friday November 8th - Laredo @ The Cold Brew
Saturday November 9th - Harlingen @ Hop Shop Bar
Sunday November 10th - San Marcos @ Triple Ctown

More tournews will probably become available soon!
So, keep coming back.


AUGUST 12th, 2013:

M.O.D. tour-report: highlights, Gandalf, food, moshpits and pics

M.O.D. 's guitarist Mike De Leon wrote a short tour report for this website about last months 'Moshing Thru The East Tour'...

M.O.D. did a 3 week tour 'thru the East', which started on July 5 and ended July 21. Mike De Leon gives us some highlights of that tour...

Mike: "The tour was awesome. We started out in Austin, Tx and cruised our way up to Brooklyn and back creating a path of Destruction!! Some of of the tour highlights were definatly in New Jersey, New Orleans, Brooklyn, Houston and Chattanooga, Tn. Speaking of Chattanooga, there was man at that show that looked like Ian McKellen. He was dancing in the middle of the mosh pit and eventually made it up to the stage when Billy pulled him up for our last song of the night, United Forces."
Video Footage here...

"Another highlight of the tour was when Billy took us to eat some Traditional Italian food at his friend Pats restaurant. They treated us very nice and we all ate wayyyy to much lol. All the shows all around were very cool. Brooklyn had some serious mosh pits as well as Pittsburgh. We ended the tour in our drummers home town of New Braunfuls, Tx and it totally ended on a high note. Lots of footage floating around on YouTube of some of these shows."

Songs played by M.O.D. during this tour included: Imported Society, Aren't You Hungry, Get A Real Job, Balls On Bread, Alphabet City Stomp, Don't Feed The Bears, True Colors, A.I.D.S., Spandex Enormity, Hate Tank, Jim Gordon, Let Me Out, No Glove No Love, Livin' In The City and a couple of S.O.D. classics:  Kill Yourself, Milano Mosh, Fuck The Middle East, Pussy Whipped, Speak English Or Die and United Forces!

Tourpics made by the band can be seen here...
Some awesome pictures by METAL Photographer Carlos Iglesias can be found here...

JUNE 20th, 2013:

M.O.D.: Tourdates for July 2013

M.O.D. just announced more tourdates. 'M.O.D Moshing Thru the East Tour 2013' celebrating 25 years as Thrashing Maniacs.

M.O.D. drummer Michael Arellano wrote on Facebook: "East Coast Family! Just a couple of weeks away, M.O.D. heads back out on the road. Super stoked about this tour. We added a couple of oldies but goodies to the set which I'm sure you'll dig. Hope most of you can make it to a show near you. Spread the pinche word!"

Tourdates July 2013
Fri. July 5th Austin, TX at The Holy Mountain
Sat. July 6th Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX at The Rail Club
Sun. July 7th Little Rock, AR at The Downtown Music Hall
Mon. July 8th St. Louis, MO at Fubar
Wed. July 10th Nashville, TN at The Exit Inn
Thurs. July 11th Philadelphia, PA at The Legendary Dobbs
Fri. July 12th Secaucus, NJ at The Blue Room
Sat. July 13th Brooklyn, NY at Saint Vitus bar
Sun. July 14th Seymour, CT at Dewey's Pub
Mon. July 15th Pittsburgh, PA at Belvedere's
Tues. July 16th Charlotte, NC at Tremont Hall
Wed. July 17th Chattanooga, TN at Ziggy's
Thurs. July 18th Pensacola, FL at The Grunge Bar
Fri. July 19th New Orleans, LA at Siberia
Sat. July 20th Houston, TX at Walter's
Sun. July 21st New Braunfels, TX at Score's Sports Bar

For a complete list of 2013 shows, click here.
For M.O.D.'s official Facebookpage, click here.

MAY 2nd, 2013:

M.O.D.: The Mexicans on Duty West Coast Tour Dates

M.O.D.'s reformed lineup featuring Billy Milano (vocals), Tim Casterline (bass), Michael Arellano (drums) and Mike De Leon (guitar) will embark on a West coast U.S. tour on May 8th.

Dubbed "The Mexican's on Duty West Coast Tour," starts May 8th in San Marcos, Texas, runs through New Mexico, Arizona and California until arriving back in Texas on May 14th in San Angelo.

Tour dates
The Mexican's on Duty West Coast Tour:
Wed. May 8th at Triple Crown in San Marcos, Tx
Thurs. May 9th at Larryo's Bar in El Paso, Tx
Fri. May 10th at Hooligan's Bar in Alburqurque, NM
Sat. May 11th at The Vex in Los Angeles, Ca for Thrasho Demayo
Sun. May 12th at Rocky Point Cantina in Tempe, Az
Tues. May 14th at the Deadhorse in San Angelo, Tx (Free Show)

Source: Louder Than Hell
Read Louder Than Hell's live report of MOD's first show with the current lineup.

MARCH 16th, 2013:

New download: M.O.D. at The Korova [2013]

Just over a week ago M.O.D. did a show at The Korova in San Antonio, Texas. That show was recorded by Del Delgado and is available here now!

M.O.D. is currently doing shows again after a long break. M.O.D.'s current line-up is: Billy Milano (vocals), Tim Casterline (bass), Michael Arellano (drums) and Mike De Leon (guitar). For a complete list of upcoming shows, click here.

On March 8 2013, M.O.D. played live at The Korova. They played an awesome set with lots of classic M.O.D. and S.O.D. songs! Del Delgado recorded the entire show. His footage of that show is already available on YouTube. He recorded the footage and the audio seperately. The audio of the entire concert can be downloaded from this website.
I want to thank Del for making this possible!

Tracklist March 8, 2013:
01. Bubble Butt
02. Aren't You Hungry?
03. Get A Real Job
04. Imported Society
05. Don't Feed The Bears
06. True Colors
07. A.I.D.S.
08. Spandex Enormity
09. Hate Tank
10. No Glove No Love
11. Living In The City
12. Band Introductions
13. Kill Yourself
14. Milano Mosh
15. Fuck The Middle East
16. Pussywhipped
17. Speak English Or Die
18. United Forces

Click here to download the full concert
(113 Mb, MP3, 256 kbps). Enjoy!

FEBRUARY 26th, 2013:

R.I.P.: Onno Cro-Mag (1963-2013)

Monday February the 25th, Aardschok editor Onno Cro-Mag died as a result of a heart attack. Onno van Ravesteijn, as his real name is, was connected to metalmagazine Aardschok since 1987. He joined Aardschok after the release of the S.O.D. record 'Speak English Or Die, an album that made metalfans listen to punk and punkfans to metal. Onno loved and lived hardcore. In the years that followed, Onno became a hardcorelegend. He did not only write for Aardschok about lots of hardcorebands, but also organized European Hardcore Party's. Just last year he founded a new record label, Strenght records. Onno was 49 years old...

Billy about Onno Cro-mag
Billy Milano, who personally knew Onno, wrote the following to remember him.

Onno, dear friend and brother,
You walked so loudly, so proudly, so defiantly
Valiant and courageous yet so loving and gentle.
A good man, A family man, A mans man!
Never knowing fear. Never knowing compromise.
Don’t forget the struggle, Don’t forget the streets!
Your friends will always love and honor you.
Onno, our friend, Onno our brother.

FEBRUARY 20th, 2013:

M.O.D. on tour and writing new songs!

Recently M.O.D. did a few shows in Texas with a new line-up!

On January 18 and 19 M.O.D. played at the Frontier Bar in Texas and a couple of days ago also at the Dave Woodz Cancer Benefit Show @ Mohawk in Austin, Texas. According to Billy Milano there are no plans for real tours, just weekends and week trips. The set contains mainly old stuff and songs that Billy has never played in 20 years! Footage of the January 18 show can be found here.

M.O.D.'s current line-up is: Billy Milano (vocals), Tim Casterline (bass), Michael Arellano (drums) and Mike De Leon (guitar). Besides touring, M.O.D. is working on new music! It's going to be a really fun punk rock record, but there's no releasedate yet to be set.

You can follow M.O.D. on their new Facebookpage: www.facebook.com/#!/ModMethodOfDestruction.

Upcoming tourdates (update):

  • February 22 2013: 19th Hole Grill & Bar, The Woodlands, Texas
  • March 8 2013: in San Antonio at The Korova
  • March 29 2013: in Laredo at The Cold Brew
  • March 30 2013: in Harlingen at The Hop Shop
  • March 31st 2013: in Corpus Christi at Zero's
  • May 8 2013: in San Marcos at Triple Crown
  • May 9 2013: in El Paso at Larryo's Bar
  • May 10 2013: TBA real soon
  • May 11 2013: in Los Angeles, Ca at the Vex
  • May 12 2013: in Phoenix, Az
  • May 14th 2013: San Angelo, Tx at TBA venue
  • June 8th 2013: Austin, Tx at Bull Mccabes FREE Show for Billy's Birthday Bash

    More dates up real soon. Thrash or be Thrashed!!



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