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December 14th, 2002:

More S.O.D. live-recordings added

Again I added some info about S.O.D. live-recordings I recently got on cd. You can find it at the 'special items' page. Just click here.


Finally I got a copy of the Japanese version of 'Live at Budokan'. It's a special version with 3 bonustracks: 'Ballad Of Jim Morrison', 'Ballad Of Freddie Mercury' and 'United & Strong' (with special guest: Roger Miret of Agnostic Front).

Also Japanese are the 2 bootlegs that were recorded in Nagoya (No Turning Back) and Osaka (Flying Dev) in 1999. Both items are audience-recordings, but they sound pretty good. The setlists of both shows are almost identical, the quality of the Osaka-bootleg is a little better.

After the With Full Force show in Germany in 1997, S.O.D. did a few shows in the U.S. I got the show S.O.D. did in Pughkeepsie (N.Y., August 1st 1997, soundboard-recording) on cd-r. It's a great sounding bootleg with a few tracks that aren't on regular albums.

For more info and tracklists, click here.  

December 4th, 2002:

BILLY MILANO: 'SERJ TANKIAN Is An Anti-American Piece Of Shit'

Billy Milano posted a statement at Blabbermouth today. It doesn't have much to do with M.O.D. or S.O.D., it isn't about the new album, but it's about politics.  I decided to post a link to the article, so you can read it there.


Former S.O.D. and current M.O.D. frontman Billy Milano has slammed SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian and AUDIOSLAVE guitarist Tom Morello for their recent condemnation of President George Bush over his foreign policy and the possibility of the U.S. waging war on Iraq.

If you want, you can read the complete article here.

Billy ends his statement with: "And now, for everyone who is going to slag me for saying I did this for publicity, new M.O.D. 'The Rebel You Love To Hate' on Nuclear Blast out in April haha."


December 2nd, 2002:

Update (site)

Frequent visitors probably already noticed that the lay-out of this site has changed a little. Until yesterday the menu (left) was blue and had blue buttons. But because I changed that, I also had to do something with this news-page. Hope you like it...


Other news:

I discovered at the next item:

M.O.D./S.O.D.: Anthology CD-ROM
Copyright 2002 "Home Collection". Original CD (Not a CD-R). Sound quality: 192kbps.

This is an only interactive CD-rom to be played on your PC, Mp3 player or DVD player with mp3 support feature. All albums included are entire, songs complete in mp3 format at 192 kbps bitrate. This is not a self-made CD-R but factory pressed silver back CD in absolutely unique picture sleeve. It includes all S.O.D. & M.O.D. records that were released until now. Very rare item.

I added this info also here.

Hopefully I'll have some info about the new M.O.D. album soon. Earlier (August 2002) Billy said: "I will have an mp3 for people to download in december."

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