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November 19th, 2002:

New S.O.D. live-recordings

Whow! I noticed that my S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite has been visited over 10,000 times now!!! I started my first version of this site early 2001 and launched this second version in the beginning of this year. Thank you all for visiting this website. Here's the latest update.


I recently got recordings of the following S.O.D.-shows:

  • L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY, November 23rd, 1985
  • W‚ldrock, Bergum, Holland, July 3rd 1999
  • Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, USA, August 11th, 2001

I added all info about these items to my 'special items' page. You can find the complete tracklists of these shows here. I also restyled the 'special items' page a little, so I hope it's easier to find the info you are looking for.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST I added MP3's of:


October 29th, 2002:

Billy about his new M.O.D. album



Yesterday I send Billy Milano an e-mail with some questions about his next record. It had been a while since I published any news about M.O.D., so I thought it would be a good time now to hear from Billy again. I asked him if he could give us some new information about 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'.

According to Billy, the record is almost done for a MARCH release. Billy: "It is unlike anything I have done. It is the best record I have ever been involved with." 

I was also curious if it would be an album with just Billy, Joe Affe and Danny Burkhardt, or if we could expect some guests who made contributions to 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'.

Billy says about this: "It's just me , Danny and Joe. But Paul Crook and Sean Kilkenny from Dog Eat Dog may do some extra guitar work. This is going to be a great record."

Thanks to Billy for responding so soon!

October 14th, 2002:

Nuclear Assault -> links
It's been over a month now since this website was updated. I don't have any news about M.O.D. this time, but you can find here some links to Nuclear Assault now. Nuclear Assault reunited a few months ago (see the news of February 24th, 2002) and did a couple of shows recently. Because Dan Lilker plays bass in both S.O.D. and Nuclear Assault, it seemed like a good idea to me to put some links to N.A. at this website. So here they are:

You can also read this interview here.

September 10th, 2002:

Interview at
I just found out about an interview with Billy Milano @ 'Warzone On Line Metal Magazine' July 25, 2002.


Okay, I knew most of the things Billy said in that interview already, but I think it's nice to put this one next to the other interviews at this website, especially because they took the drawing I made of Billy from my website. That's o.k.!

If you want to read that interview go to or read it at this location.


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