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DECEMBER 31st, 2008:

M.O.D. - A blast from the past

M.O.D. recently stopped touring, but that doesn't mean that there will be no more livemusic available anymore. I still have tons of livematerial and other recordings to share!

In November I promised that I would upload an old M.O.D. liveshow, that I got directly from former drummer Tony Scaglione. Well, here it is; 'M.O.D. in Germany (1993)'. I haven't put a link on the downloadpage (yet), but this time you can download it directly from the newspage! Here are 12 tracks from an M.O.D. show from 1993 in one zip-file that you can download at once. Enjoy!

[12 tracks, 43 Mb]

I wish you all a great 2009 and I hope you'll keep coming back to this site for more news, updates, music, etc.

NOVEMBER 23rd, 2008:

Enough about S.O.D. & M.O.D.?

Yesterday Billy Milano spoke about his future plans on his message board. I think this info is really interesting for us fans of S.O.D. and M.O.D., so that's why I decided to put it here as well.

Billy Milano: "I will never do another S.O.D. record or tour. It was a great thing of the past but was a real let down when the reunion happened only for the sake of making the ANTHRAX name and camp money. M.O.D. has done it's last tour in the States and to be honest I am not so into the idea of touring in Europe to begin with. I may do one M.O.D. show for the South by South west convention in March at my bar but that is it. I have been working on my spoken word and comedy stuff but that is work in process.
As far as music is concerned, I am in a new band "Enough about the King" in Austin and have 4 songs recorded minus vocals. I should have sound bites up in mid to late december. It's not thrash or hardcore or even metal but has elements of everything I liked about all those styles. It's not a joke band and it's lyrics are not meant to be funny but they are expressive.
It won't be for everybody, not all M.O.D. and S.O.D. fans will like it and I'm sure some people here will out right hate it but no matter I want to do something other than cash in and drag bands I did 20 years ago through the mud. I actually thought about doing an S.O.D. cover band. I think it would actually be fun and fun aint such a bad thing now and again."

Source: www.ultimatemetal.com

Well, I had hoped to see M.O.D. at least once here in Europe, but I guess that won't happen now. There were some European dates set for November, but these have been cancelled...

The fact that S.O.D. & M.O.D. won't record or tour anymore doesn't mean that this fansite will stop. I will continue to bring you news, add pictures and other interesting stuff, new downloads, interviews and more. You can expect a new liveshow very soon, that I got directly from Tony Scaglione (ex-Whiplash, ex-M.O.D.). See you soon!

NOVEMBER 1st, 2008:

Crab Society North | Download available

I thought it was time again to upload some 'new' material. Well, new? Not really... It's the Crab Society North Demo from 1985!!!

The Crab Society was originally Craig Setari and Dan Lilker. It was supposed to be extreme sounding, and they recorded it on a cheap tape deck with way too much input level so it sounded really distorted. It was called "Noise For Noise's Sake." Dan brought this tape with him to the S.O.D. recording session (for 'Speak English Or Die'), the others loved it and wanted to record some more like that.
This demo was recorded in the lounge of Pyramid Sound with a similar recording technique and was called The Crab Society North 'cos it was done upstate compared to the original that Craig and Dan Lilker did in NYC. It was never officially released and according to Dan, it's supposed to sound like that.

I've had several requests to upload this Crab Society North demo. And now it's finally available, for the first time on this website. I've had a copy of this tape for over 20 years and just converted the entire tape to 1 file.

Click here to go to the download page and download the Crab Society North demo!!!

OCTOBER 5th, 2008:

M.O.D. - Footage

A couple of video's from M.O.D.'s last tour

The tour has ended, M.O.D. played their final U.S.-show a few weeks ago in Austin, TX. While I was looking for footage of this tour, I found 5 video's of a show they did at Peabody's, last August.
If you want to see these live vids, just click here.

I will upload some new stuff to download soon!

SEPTEMBER 11th, 2008:

M.O.D. - Final shows in the US

Source: billymilano.com

Years of touring comes to an end as M.O.D. has decided that this years current tour will be the band's last. Please join M.O.D. on 09.13.08 @ ROOM 710 in Austin, TX for the final US performance by Method Of Destruction.

Here are the 3 remaining US-dates:
09.11.2008 The Compound Corus Christi,TX
09.12.2008 Rock Bottom San Antonio, TX
09.13.2008 Room 7-10 (FINAL SHOW) Austin, TX

AUGUST 12th, 2008:

M.O.D. - More pics added

With special thanks to Greg!

Here are some more pics of M.O.D.'s current tour, taken on the August 9th show at the Sterling Hotel. Keep sending your pics and I will post them here!

Update (august 15): I added 6 more pics from the same show, which were contributed by Tracey. Thank you!

AUGUST 4th, 2008:

M.O.D. - New tour pics

I just added some pics from M.O.D.'s current tour. Special thanks to Brent Smith for sharing these pics!

I am planning on uploading more pics from M.O.D.'s current summer tour. Feel free to send me your pics, scans of your tickets or flyers, I will add them here. If you have footage or audiorecordings, also feel free to send me a link. I'd be happy to put your stuff at this website!

AUGUST 2nd, 2008:


M.O.D. is on the road again for another 6 weeks. Go check them out if you have the chance. Here's the full tourscedule.


Jul 31 2008 8:00P - The Bar w/ Fueled By Fire Metairie, Louisiana
Aug 1 2008 9:00P - The Atlantic w/ Fueled By Fire Gainesville, Florida
Aug 2 2008 8:30P - Brass Mug w/ Dark Faith, Fueled By Fire Tampa, Florida
Aug 3 2008 9:00P - Churchillís w/ Dark Faith, Fueled By Fire Miami, Florida
Aug 5 2008 8:00P - The Haven w/ Dark Faith, Fueled By Fire Orlando, Florida
Aug 6 2008 10:00P - The Jinx w/ Fueled By Fire, Dark Faith Savannah, Georgia
Aug 7 2008 7:00P - Steppiní Out w/ Fueled By Fire, Lair Of The Minotaur Virginia Beach, Virginia
Aug 8 2008 8:30P - Velvet Lounge w/ Fueled By Fire & TBA Washington, DC, Washington DC
Aug 9 2008 7:00P - The Sterling Hotel w/ Fueled By Fire & TBA Allentown, Pennsylvania
Aug 10 2008 8:00P - tba
Aug 11 2008 8:00P - tba
Aug 12 2008 8:00P - tba
Aug 13 2008 7:30P - Knitting Factory w/ Fueled By Fire & Lair Of the Minotaur New York, New York
Aug 14 2008 8:00P - The M Room w/ Lair Of The Minotaur, Fueled By Fire Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 15 2008 8:00P - Dingbatz w/ Fueled By Fire, Lair Of The Minotaur Clifton, New Jersey
Aug 16 2008 6:30P - Peabodyís w/ Lair of the Minotaur, Fueled By Fire Cleveland, Ohio
Aug 17 2008 8:00P - The Buzzbomb Club w/ Lair Of The Minotaur & Fueled By Fire Chicago, Illinois
Aug 18 2008 9:30P - Macís w/ Fueled By Fire Lansing, Michigan
Aug 19 2008 7:30P - Vnukís w/ Fueled By Fire Cudahy, Wisconsin
Aug 20 2008 9:30P - Triple Rock Social Club w/ Fueled By Fire Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug 21 2008 6:00P - Vaudeville Mews w/ Fueled By Fire Des Moines, Iowa
Aug 22 2008 7:00P - FuBar w/ Fueled By Fire St Louis, Missouri
Aug 23 2008 7:00P - Vinoís w/ Fueled By Fire Little Rock, Arkansas
Aug 25 2008 8:00P - The Conservatory w/ Fueled By Fire Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Aug 26 2008 8:00P - Rockstar Bar w/ Fueled By Fire Ft Worth, Texas
Aug 28 2008 7:00P - Launchpad w/ Fueled By Fire - ALL AGES! Albuquerque, New Mexico
Aug 30 2008 8:00P - Jumping Turtle w/ Agent Steel, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist San Marcos, California
Aug 31 2008 9:30P - Audieís Olympic w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist Fresno, California
Sep 1 2008 8:30P - Annieís Social Club w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist San Francisco, California
Sep 2 2008 8:00P - The Metro w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist Oakland, California
Sep 3 2008 8:00P - Voodoo Lounge w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist San Jose, California
Sep 4 2008 7:00P - Knitting Factory w/ Agent Steel, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist Hollywood, California
Sep 5 2008 8:00P - The Sets w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood Tempe, Arizona
Sep 6 2008 7:00P - Gatorís w/ Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood Farmington, New Mexico
Sep 7 2008 8:00P - Chicís El Paso, Texas
Sep 11 2008 8:00P - The Compound Corpus Christi, Texas
Sep 13 2008 8:00P - Room 7-10 Austin, Texas

JULY 7th, 2008:

Update: the tributesongs are back online!

A while ago I had to take down a part of the download section, but everything is back online now!

The tributes to S.O.D. & M.O.D. were temporary unavailable, but these tracks are all back online. I just uploaded 20 coversongs. Just click on the downloadbutton in the menu on the left, or click here to go directly to the tributepage.

If there are bands who want to contribute a song to my 'tribute to S.O.D. & M.O.D.'-section, feel free to contact me.

JUNE 7th, 2008:

More M.O.D. tourdates!!!

M.O.D. is going to do another U.S.-tour, this time with Dark Faith and Fueled by Fire.

M.O.D.'s next tour starts on July 31st in Metairie, Louisiana and ends on September 5th in Tempe, Arizona.

For a full scedule of the upcoming tour, click here.

Source: www.billymilano.com

APRIL 5th, 2008:

M.O.D. to support MADBALL in the midwest in May

Billy wrote a message at his board about more upcoming dates in the U.S., a Japanese deal and M.O.D.'s first European tour in 14 years. Here it is....


"That's right folks. Things are starting to really cook here in the M.O.D. camp. We have a whole bunch of dates to be put up on our MySpace page and billymilano.com this coming Monday. We are supporting MADBALL on 8 shows for the beginning of May. Have just got our Japanese deal and tour possibilty for June and are proud to be announcing that M.O.D. will finally make it back to Europe booked by Marc Nickle of MAD booking in fall. It's the first time M.O.D. will be back in Europe in over 14 years.
But first we are putting together a tour package for July and August in the States again."

Source: Billy Milano, Ultimate Metal Forum

APRIL 1st, 2008:

New download available (complete show)

It's been a while, but I 've just uploaded a complete show again. It has been available before on my website, but never in this quality.

If you want a great sounding recording of S.O.D.'s final show in 2001, just click here. You get 20 tracks in about 43 minutes and it sounds absolutely awesome (for a bootleg).


FEBRUARY 28th, 2008:

Bootlegs & trading

I've been trading liveshows for a couple of years now, and I found that it was getting more and more difficult to find what I wanted. I couldn't find new shows on CDR that I didn't have already. But recently I discovered a few nice items on DVD, so I decided to revamp my tradelist and go for it again!

Special items
Most S.O.D. & M.O.D. shows at the 'special items' section of my fansite, are shows that I got from other traders. These are all audiorecordings of liveshows, recorded mainly by members of the audience.

Shows on DVD
Recently I also got a few S.O.D. & M.O.D. shows on DVD. Also bootlegs, recorded by fans. And some of these DVD's are really awesome! If you want a copy of one of these shows and you have a recording that I might be interested in, feel free to contact me. Don't offer me money, I'm only interested in trading liveshows! You can find my tradelist here.

I just added 1 new track to the S.O.D. & M.O.D.-tributepage. It's a liveversion of 'United Forces', performed by Municipal Waste (013, Tilburg, Netherlands, February 11, 2008). Special thanks to Bram for sending me this song exclusively for this website.

JANUARY 5th, 2008:

HAPPY 2008

Last year was a great year for fans of S.O.D. and M.O.D.! Megaforce finally released S.O.D.'s 'Rise Of The Infidels' and M.O.D. recorded and released a new album in 2007, called 'Red, White and Screwed'. For me personally this was even more special, because I contributed to the artwork of both releases...
So, now M.O.D. is active again, that means that they will tour in 2008 to promote their new album! Check this site for the latest news and dates about this upcoming tour!

- North American Tourdates 2008
A few days ago (December 26) I wrote that M.O.D. had found a new bassplayer (Tim "TANK" Casterline), now you can also find the tourdates for North America at this website. M.O.D. will tour from February 1st until April 5th of 2008. Let's hope they come to Europe too.

Here are the M.O.D. 2008 tourdates!

Tribute to S.O.D. - "Zittesje OnDeug" (Sittard's No-Goods)
Last December I uploaded 2 tracks of a Dutch S.O.D.-coverband called 'Z.O.D.' (Ztormtroopers Of Death). But they're not the only 'Z.O.D.' from The Netherlands.There's another tributeband from the same part of the country who also call themselves Z.O.D., which stands for 'Zittesje OnDeug'! They just released a promo (a demo) and they sent me one.

This promo was recorded at The Pit Studio, Weert in The Netherlands in November 2007. The funny thing about this promo is, is that Z.O.D. recorded some short songs that S.O.D. actually never recorded in the studio, but only played live (Momo, NOT, The Camel Boy, Ballad Of Kurt Cobain). The main part of this promo are covers from the 'Speak English Or Die' album. But Z.O.D. also recorded their own versions of 'Bigger Than The Devil' and 'Ready To Fight'. The entire CD contains 15 tracks and over 16 minutes of music. You'll find 4 tracks from this promo on my downloadpage. For more music or info go to: www.myspace.com/zod1996 or get.to/zod.

Special thanks to Jupke & Z.O.D.!!! Click here to go to the tributepage.

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