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DECEMBER 16th, 2006:

Full S.O.D. show on video available

It's almost X-mas, so I it's time for a present...

This month I hadn't uploaded new mp3's or video's yet, because I just didn't have the time to do that. To make it up, I've put up a video (wmv-file) of a full 1997 S.O.D. show! Almost 60 minutes of footage (216 Mb)! I don't know how long it'll be available on my site, maybe for the rest of the month, maybe shorter. It is a huge file and I do not have unlimited dowloadcapacity on my website. So, if you want the show, be quick.

Enjoy it and Merry X-mas! Click here to go the the downloadpage.

NOVEMBER 4th, 2006:

Download of the Month

It's the first week of a new month, so it's time for some new downloads!

First of all: the S.O.D. & M.O.D. tributepage and the Psycho's demo will stay. So you can keep downloading the tributesongs and the demo. But most importantly, you can also still contribute to the tributepage. Feel free to send in your version of an S.O.D. or M.O.D. classic!

Download of November 2006
It's been a while since I uploaded video's, so this month you get a couple of S.O.D. and M.O.D. videoclips. Some of them have been available here before (in a different version), others are available on my site for the first time.

Click here to go to the downloadpage.

Note: if some of you have requests or suggestions for downloads, leave a message in my guestbook. Maybe your request will be the next Download of the Month...

OCTOBER 27th, 2006:

M.O.D. - New album in April 2007!

Billy Milano told me 2 days ago that M.O.D. was going to start rehearsing for the next album very soon. And that he was planning on recording it in December 2006. I asked if he could give me an update for this website, so everyone could read what was happening with M.O.D. at this time.

So, I did a short interview with Billy and asked him about the songs, the musicians on the next album, the songs, the releasedate, touring and some other stuff. I was also curious about the final S.O.D. record... Billy was very kind and responded very quickly.

Here's the new exclusive interview with Billy Milano talking about the next M.O.D. album!
(Click at the banner).

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2006:

The Psychos - demo available now!!!

Did you know that before Billy Milano was asked to sing for S.O.D. in 1985, he was a member another legendary NYHC band called 'The Psychos'? Some of you probably did know that, others may read this for the first time...

The Psychos recorded a 6-track-demo, called 'One Voice' in 1983/1984, with Billy Milano on bass. This demo was hard to find, but Billy still had a copy of this. And it will become available again for the first time in over 20 years to the entire world. Where? Right here, on this website. And on this website only.

Billy also wrote especially an introduction for us:
"The Psycho's demo you are about to hear is New York Hardcore history. It is something that maybe 10 people have but more importantly it is a true representation of what NYHC sounded like back in 1982-83. It was still more punk based that what people claim is hardcore today. We were one of the bands of the Golden Age of NYHC. I hope everyone enjoys this..."

Well, I sure enjoyed it. A lot. And I hope you will enjoy it too.
You can download the entire demo and get more info on the special PSYCHOS PAGE!

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2006:

M.O.D. update

Billy Milano gave the members of his forum an update on M.O.D., I thought I'd put it here as well because not every visitor of my website visits Billy's forum.

Billy Milano wrote: "What's up rubberheads, I am in the process of demoing 2 new songs. They are turning out really great. The songs are called: "Red, White and Screwed" and "Jose can you see".
I don't know when I will be in the studio I am pretty much winging it so it might be a while. As far as the website (www.billymilano.com), I am pretty much changing the whole thing but I haven't really figured out what I want. Oh well. You guys are gonna have to wait...."

Source: Ultimate Metal Forum

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2006:

More tributes to S.O.D. and M.O.D. added

New mp3's of S.O.D. & M.O.D. covers are available now on the downloadpage. More songs are welcome!

Rob Moschetti (ex-M.O.D., ex-Pro-Pain) just contributed a few songs to the tribute-section of my website. He sent me 3 covers he especially recorded for this site, so I could pick one. Rob recorded: 'March of the S.O.D.', 'Bubble Butt' and a very different version of 'Ode to Harry'. Because I didn't know which one to choose, I uploaded them all for you. Thank you Rob!

Click here to listen to all tributesongs.

Do you also want to send in your own version of an S.O.D.- or M.O.D.-classic? Contact me.

SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2006:

New downloads available

It's time for some new downloads. Well... new? Not entirely.

I've received a couple of requests lately in my guestbook and by e-mail concerning the 'Ballads of S.O.D.' (a bootleg with ballads only that I uploaded last February). People asked if I could upload these ballads one more time. I also got an e-mail from a fan who wanted to contribute an S.O.D. cover to my website.

This website is made by a fan for other fans, so I decided to do something with both requests (the ballads and the tributes).

Each month I upload new mp3's and remove the 'old' ones. But the tributepage is gonna stay, I won't take these covers down. I fact, I want this list to grow and try to get as many tributesongs to S.O.D. and M.O.D. as possible. So keep sending in your tributes to S.O.D. or M.O.D.!
The latest additions are: a version of 'Black War', recorded and sent to me by Bee Sting and 'Speak English Or Die' by Yellow Machinegun.

New bootlegshows
Of course I will also keep uploading new S.O.D. & M.O.D. bootlegs each month. If you want to hear something specific, you can always ask.

The 'Ballads of S.O.D.' have returned for one month, it's almost the same version as the one I uploaded in February, only the last 2 tracks are slightly different. This is your last chance to get these ballads.

Enjoy. Click here to go to the downloadpage.

AUGUST 3rd, 2006:

Update: new guestbook

I have added a new guestbook to my website, it has less banners and looks a lot better than the previous one.

Feel free to leave a comment about S.O.D., M.O.D. or this website in my new guestbook. Do you have requests for downloads of the month or other questions? Or you you just want to leave a message? Go to the new guestbook and write it down there.

Visit my new guestbook.


AUGUST 2nd, 2006:


And now for something completely different... This month there isn't an M.O.D. liveshow to download, neither an S.O.D. bootleg, but tributes to S.O.D. and M.O.D. by other bands.

A couple of months ago I had the idea of doing a 'Tribute To S.O.D.' on my website. Norths Side Kings and Raza De Ozio immediatly responded, but it was hard to get in contact with other bands about this tribute. So, after a while, I gave up that idea. Maybe I'll try again at a later time.

In the meantime I still have some very interesting versions of S.O.D. classics, performed by others. I already mentioned North Side Kings, who did 'Fuck The Middle East' and Raza De Ozio, who recorded 'United Forces'. These 2 songs are available for download now.

I also added a few other songs, two of them were previously available on 'Speak Japanese Or Die'. The version of 'Pussywhipped' that 54-71 did is really hilarious. Check it out. 'Freddy Krueger', done by Pulling Teeth, is also very different from the original version. 'Kill Yourself' was recorded by Slapdash from Sweden (disbanded now) and Sepultura played 'Douche Crew' live somewhere in 1996. That last song is from a bootlegrecording.

Last, but not least, I have a version of M.O.D.'s 'Hate Tank' that is really worth listening to. If you also recorded an S.O.D. song or you have a recording of a band who covered and S.O.D. or M.O.D. tune, feel free to let me know or send it to me.

Here are this month's tributes to S.O.D. & M.O.D... Enjoy!

JULY 3rd, 2006:

New download available

M.O.D.'s first show ever is available for download now!

This month you'll find an audience recording of M.O.D.'s first show ever, from February 21, 1987. At that time 'U.S.A. for M.O.D.' wasn't even recorded yet. M.O.D. played a lot of songs that would appear later on their first record, but some tracks are different from the final versions.

Listen here to M.O.D.'s first show, I've uploaded the full show at once this time.


JUNE 28th, 2006:

Exclusive interview: 'Whatever happened to....'

Do you still know who played bass on M.O.D.'s 'Devolution' album? Do you know what he is doing now?

M.O.D. is Billy Milano. Billy Milano is M.O.D.... From the very first M.O.D. album Billy has always performed and recorded with different musicians. At one time, during the mid 90's, a guy called Rob Moschetti was M.O.D.'s bass player. He did a few tours with M.O.D. and recorded one album with Billy. After that, Rob played for a couple of years in Pro-Pain. It has been quiet around his person for a long time since he left Pro-Pain, so it was time to ask the following question: 'Whatever happened to Rob Moschetti?' Click at the banner to read the interview.

JUNE 1st, 2006:

Download: S.O.D. footage from 1997

This time I uploaded a video for you again.

S.O.D. did a small U.S. tour in 1997. I have footage of the August 2nd show that S.O.D. did in Providence, Rhode Island.

A few months ago I had a couple of videoclips from this same show on my website already. This month I uploaded a larger part as one big file (almost 100 Mb). This footage includes the last 18 minutes of this concert.

Click here to download the footage. Enjoy!

MAY 25th, 2006:

Update: special items

It has been a while since the 'special items' page (with bootleg shows) has been updated. Just now I've added a very special M.O.D. bootleg from 1987.

It's a copy of M.O.D.'s first show ever. Click here for all info and a setlist. If anyone has M.O.D.- or S.O.D. shows, that aren't listed one my website yet, feel free to contact me.

MAY 10th, 2006:

Billy on death of SOB from Merauder

Billy Milano wrote a personal message about his friend SOB, founding member of Merauder, who passed away last week.

Billy Milano:

"It saddens me to know that my friend and fellow musician SOB, guitarist from the NYHC band Merauder has passed away at such a very young age. I hope people will take the time in both the United States and Europe to recognize that SOB had Family that loved him, Friends that honored him and fans that worshipped him. I hope SOB finds the peace and tranquility that eluded him in life.

RIP. SOB - your friends are thinking of you."

MAY 2nd, 2006:

Download: S.O.D. mini-concert

Here's a new piece of music for you, it's an S.O.D. mini-concert from 1997 with great soundquality.

S.O.D. - Live in Poughkeepsie 1997
It's not a full concert this time, neither is it just a bunch of rare tracks, but this month you get a mini-concert; a collection of 10 great sounding tracks, selected from S.O.D.'s show at the Chance, Poughkeepsie in 1997.

I got this idea for a mini-concert, because on S.O.D.'s latest DVD ('20 Years Of Dysfunction') are also a couple of mini-concerts from all over the world.

It took me some time to make this sound like it's a complete gig, but I think it worked. Download the 10 tracks and listen to the mini-concert yourself.

If you like it, I am planning on doing this more often. Enjoy 'Volume 1' of the bootleg mini-concerts!

Click here.

APRIL 1st, 2006:

Download: M.O.D. live in 1994

When Rob Moschetti (former bassplayer of M.O.D.) contacted me about a week ago, he also asked me about this M.O.D. show I have from 1994. Rob played in M.O.D. during that tour and he was interested in getting a copy of the Berkeley show. So I sent him one.

M.O.D. - Live in Berkeley 1994
When I listened to this show again myself last week, I also thought that it would be a good idea to use the entire show as 'download of April 2006'. So I decided not to give this show to Rob only, but to share it with all of you.

It is a nice show with a good setlist. M.O.D. was opening for Pro-Pain during that tour and played a set of 10 songs. Billy Milano even plays bass himself on one of the tracks (Intruder), Rob does the vocals on that song.

Back then M.O.D. was: Billy Milano, Tommy Klimchuck, Rob Moschetti and Dave Chavarri.

I created a cover for this show, which is also available for download. The entire show lasts about 35 minutes and is available at this location.


PS.: Rob and I are looking for footage (video, DVD, mpeg)
or other recordings from M.O.D. tours in 1993/1994.
If you have anything you want to trade, please contact me.

MARCH 22nd, 2006:

Rob Moschetti: "My best memories in music was touring with Billy"

Ex-M.O.D. bassplayer Rob Moschetti (featuring on 'Devolution') e-mailed me recently about his time with M.O.D. and his view on Scott Sargeant's interview for this website.

For those of you who don't know who Rob Moschetti is, he introduces himself.
Rob Moschetti: "In the mid 80's I was living in New York right in the beginning of S.O.D., M.O.D., Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Anthrax, etc. I was a huge fan of these bands. I was in a recording session in N.J. when in walks Billy Milano. The producer of this session knew that Billy was looking for a bassist and told him about me... One month later I was on tour playing in a band that I had listened to for years.
I did three tours with Billy in '93 and '94 and 1 cd. To this day I'm still close with Billy even though I left to join other bands..... I just wanted to say some of my best memories in music was touring with Billy all over Europe. If it wasn't for him I'd probably be a 37 year old neverwas waiting for the tour bus to pull up..... Thanx Bill.........."

After I got this message from Rob, I was curious of the reason why he - out of the blue - decided to give his personal view on his time with Billy and M.O.D... I wondered if it had anything to do with the interview that I recently did with ex-M.O.D. bassplayer/guitarist Scott Sargeant.
Rob Moschetti: "I did read the Scott Sargeant interview. Maybe this was my way of letting people know that Billy is a good person, aside from being a maniac frontman... If Scott thinks bass is for idiots, why did he decide to play it for 3 years with Billy. I play bass, drums, guitar, vocals, keys, and none of those instruments are for idiots. If you are passionate about the instrument you are playing it shows in your performance. When I wasn't enjoying myself with M.O.D. and Pro-Pain I left.... I play music for fun. No amount of money could keep me in a band that I just wasn't happy in. My rule is if it ain't fun I'm done.... give someone else a chance."

Because I thought that a lot of M.O.D. fans would like to read this story, I asked Rob if I could use his message on my website.
Rob Moschetti: "You could do what you want with this message. Keep it for yourself or print it. I can see you are a M.O.D. fan and deserve to know the truth. I am a little pissed off that Scott said M.O.D. fans are idiots, M.O.D. has been around for 20 years and the fans have always been loyal to Billy because he is M.O.D.-S.O.D...
I have nothing to gain from saying this. I haven't been in the band since '95 but I will say that I am proud to have been a small part of the legendary band called M.O.fuckin D!"

Left to right: Rob, Billy, Tommy and Dave (M.O.D. in 1994)

I'd like to thank Rob for his view on being a member of M.O.D., even though he left M.O.D. already years ago. I am glad that he took the time to share his view with us and wish him could luck for the future with his music and his career.

MARCH 16th, 2006:

An interview with Scott Sargeant

Read what he has to say about M.O.D., playing bass, the fans, the musicians he played with in M.O.D. and more.

A few months ago, I asked Scott Sargeant of M.O.D. if he wanted to do an interview for my website. He agreed, but for some reason it didn't happen at that time. In the meantime Scott and Billy had plans to do a new band, other than M.O.D... but Billy Milano moved back to New Jersey and Scott moved to live in San Francisco. Billy, original M.O.D. guitarist Tim McMurtrie (who also lives in NY) and drummer Tamir started writing new material in January of 2006 for a new M.O.D. album. That was also the moment when I got in contact with Scott Sargeant again and we agreed that I would send him some questions.

Yesterday Scott e-mailed me his responses to my questions. It's not entirely what I expected and I don't think this interview will get him a lot of new fans or friends. But that is probably his intention... Read here what Scott has to say.

MARCH 1st, 2006:

Downloads: S.O.D. footage from 1997

This month I have uploaded 5 videoclips of an S.O.D. liveshow from August 2, 1997.

S.O.D. - Providence, RI, August 2nd 1997
I've had this S.O.D. show from for a long time already, on both videotape and bootleg-cd. Just recently I also got the entire show as a file that I could play on my computer. I took 5 songs from this file and converted them into downloadable videoclips for my website.
Note: you need at least Windows Media Player version 9 or 10 to be able to play these clips. Click here for the video's... I hope you enjoy them.

Disclaimer: none of this footage was taken from official releases. This is bootlegmaterial only, recorded by fans for fans. For official video's or dvd's of S.O.D., go here or here.

FEBRUARY 7th, 2006:

Exclusive interview with DAN LILKER!!!

A short time ago, I asked Dan Lilker if he wanted to do an interview with me for my website. I had interviewed Billy Milano before and now I had the opportunity do ask Dan if I could ask him some questions. He agreed immediatly. I am very pleased that I finally got a chance to speak with this great musician!!!

We spoke mainly about his time with S.O.D., the first S.O.D. album, the latest S.O.D. DVD, but also about Crab Society North, Nuclear Assault and Crucifist.

I want to thank Danny very much for doing this interview for my website. You can read everything he said here...

FEBRUARY 1st, 2006:

New downloads and pictures

I promised that I would upload new music every first week of the month... and there will be a lot of great stuff available this month.

The Ballads of S.O.D.
I have tried to find every ballad that S.O.D. ever played live. They're not about people that you love, or being away from home, they're all about dead people. Every ballad that S.O.D. ever did is available here now. They're taken from different shows and sources, so the soundquality may vary a little, but they're all funny as hell!

True Colors
You will also find a videoclip of M.O.D.'s 'True Colors' on the downloadpage. I am planning on uploading videoclips more often. Be sure to download it to your computer first and thèn play it...

Rare tracks
I have not taken down the rare tracks from last month yet. So if you missed those, you still have a few weeks to download them.

My work at the 'pictures-page' also continues. Keep coming back to see which pics are new. The latest addition: M.O.D. rehearsal pics.


JANUARY 16th, 2006:

NEWS by Billy Milano about S.O.D. and M.O.D.

I asked Billy if he maybe had some (exclusive) updates for my website. Perhaps some news about the final S.O.D. live CD or any other info on a new band. Billy gave me some great updates that I could post. So here they are!

"S.O.D. will be putting out it's final official offering this spring.

My new band - with Scott Sargeant is just too difficult in the making. Although we had the makings of some great songs, dedicated musicians are hard to find. It's infinately a better idea to just put the project on the back burner and do other things.

M.O.D. - Believe it or not, M.O.D. may have just sprung to new life. I have been writing with original guitarist Tim McMurtrie ('U.S.A. for M.O.D.' - 'Rhythm of Fear') and Rhythm Trip drummer Tamir. For right now I am doing the bass duties and we are writing traditional hardcore with the standard M.O.D. twist. MOSH-MOSH-MOSH. This is actually fun for me and that is a good enough place to start. We have been talking about labels and with certain people, they have loved what they have heard. The possibility of M.O.D. touring Europe seems possible but short runs. The possibility that the record gets released for free seems possible as well. I have to avoid bad deals like Nuclear Blast, what was the point of them releasing a record they did nothing for promotion wise. At least on the internet a new record stands a chance of winning some fans over."

- Billy -

Billy thank you for these updates, it seems that 2006 will be a great year again for fans of S.O.D. and M.O.D.!

JANUARY 7th, 2006:

Rare S.O.D. tracks

I got a lot of reactions from you all and most of you wanted more S.O.D. concerts & rare S.O.D. songs. I combined these and uploaded 16 rare S.O.D. livetracks. Rare because they aren't available on any album or because S.O.D. didn't play these songs very often.

MP3 of January
This month you get 16 rare S.O.D. livetracks, from 1985 to 2000. The first track is a medley of 8 Crab Society songs, which S.O.D. performed live on November 23, 1985. You will probably recognize the first part of this medley, because in later years S.O.D. did another medley called '6 Songs In 9 Seconds'. Both medleys start with the same songs. In the year 2000 they also did an extended version of '6 Songs In 9 Seconds' called '7 Songs In 9 Seconds'. That extended medley is available for download as well.

Besides these medleys you will find a couple of ballads, coversongs and songs that were performed live only a couple of times. I hope you enjoy these rare livetracks.

The next months I will also be uploading video's and full concerts. From now on you'll find new downloads here in the first week of a new month.

Click here for the 'rare S.O.D. livetracks'.

JANUARY 5th, 2006:


A lot of new pictures have been added already!

I'm working really hard to get the page with pictures ready. I already uploaded a bunch of S.O.D. livepictures, some M.O.D. tourpictures and a couple of S.O.D. 'official' bandpictures. And there is more to come! I try to add a few new pics every day.

Special thanks to: Bill Sullivan, Ron & Kaz, Eugene Straver & Talitha Martijn, Mike Monterulo & Dan Lilker and Billy Milano for letting me use their photo's on my site. (If I'm forgetting someone, please contact me).

If you have some nice photo's for my site, you can always send them to me.

Download of January
A lot of people e-mailed me some suggestions already and let me know what they'd like to hear in 2006. This weekend I will upload new mp3's or maybe a video. Check again soon!

JANUARY 1st, 2006:


I wish you all a great 2006, hopefully with lots of good releases!

At this moment I am really busy with making this website even better. I thought that the page with pictures could do with some improvements. I have lots and lots of pics that are not on this site yet (or on any other site) that I want to share with you. But it will take a couple of days (maybe weeks) to get it just the way I want it.

Here's a preview of what I want to do... Click at 'next' to go to the following picture, by using 'back' you will be redirected to the 'old' page with photo's. I hope to have everything ready soon.

New downloads
I haven't decided yet what I should upload this month. Would you like me to continue just like last year? Do you want more videoclips or other mpeg-files? Or just some rare S.O.D.- or M.O.D.-tracks? Let me know here.

I hope you enjoy my website in 2006!

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