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August & September 2003

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2003:

S.O.D. featuring on Tales From The Pit #5

What is 'Tales From The Pit'? Uncensored interviews!!! Music Videos!!! Ultra rare back stage and never before seen footage with all your favorite metal bands! TALES FROM THE PIT is a video magazine covering the Thrash/Death/Metal genre. Since the late eighties, producer/director, Jerry Allen and his TFTP-series has been dedicated to the promotion of old school metal.


S.O.D. is one of many bands that appear on this issue, which was released September 20th. This edition features almost 3 hours of metal news and entertainment.

On this issue, hosted by Vio-lence vocalist, Sean Killian and Death Angel vocalist, Mark Osegueda, you'll see a special tribute to Paul Baloff, Thrash Of The Titans coverage, Iron Maiden, Rob Halford, Dio, Motörhead, Queensr˙che, Death Angel, S.O.D., The Haunted, Cannibal Corpse, Destruction, Kreator, In Flames, Morbid Angel, Witchery, Deicide, Nuclear Assault, horror film legend Tom Savini and The Boone Brothers.

160 minutes

For ordering info, go to  :

SEPTEMBER 18th, 2003:

Update: site news

Just a short update this time...


MOD is touring right now
Yesterday M.O.D. started touring. They played at Toads Place, New Haven. For more tourdates visit www.billymilano.com. If anyone is going to record one of these shows, don't forget to send me a copy! Reviews and pictures are welcome too.

SOD tabs added
A lot of people asked me for S.O.D. guitar-tabs. I've added links to 2 different sites with S.O.D. tabs. Click here.

Special items
It's hard to find more recordings of S.O.D.-shows. This week I received a copy of the show S.O.D. did in 1985 at Yonkers, NY, October 18th (Dan Lilkers' birthday). You can find it at the 'special items'-page. I also got a version of Kill Yourself by Impaled Nazarene. They recorded it already in 1996.

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2003:

New MP3 uploaded

Every month I will upload a new S.O.D. or M.O.D. livetrack. Last month you could download S.O.D.'s 'Ballad Of The Midget From Kid Rock'. This month it's time for another S.O.D. livetrack.


MP3 of September 2003

I've had a few requests for mp3's. Thank you. Keep sending in requests, because every month you will find a new song to download at this website. This month I've chosen 'Don't Tread On Me'. This song was originally written by the Cro-Mags. S.O.D. played it at the With Full Force festival in Germany and during their short American tour in 1997. This version was recorded live at the Chance, Poughkeepsie, August 1st, 1997.

CLICK HERE to go to the download-page.

AUGUST 22nd, 2003:

More M.O.D. Tour Dates & more S.O.D. items

Updates on M.O.D. tourdates for September and 2 new S.O.D. shows at the special items page.


M.O.D. tourdates for September 2003

Date Venue Location
September 17 Toads Place New Haven, CT
September 18 The Living Room Providence, RI
September 19 Asylum Portland, ME
September 20 Bombshelter Manchester, NH
September 21 Downtown Farmingdale, NY
September 23 Don Hills New York City
September 24 Connections Passaic, NJ

S.O.D. - Dynamo Club 1999
This week I got a copy of S.O.D.'s performance at the Dynamo Club on May 20, 1999 in Eindhoven, Holland. S.O.D. did this gig prior to their show at Dynamo Open Air, 2 days later. It's a very special item, because until now only 4 people have a copy of this recording!!!

I also received a new - and even better - copy of S.O.D. at the Wâldrock show, also from 1999. You can find both items at the updated special items page.

Recently I got a lot of e-mails of people asking me if I could send them an mp3. I don't do that. You can say what mp3 you'd like to see at the downloadpage and you can trade shows with me. It's still possible to send me suggestions on which S.O.D.- or M.O.D.-mp3 I should upload in September. Take a look at the special items page and make your choice!

AUGUST 7th, 2003:

M.O.D. - Pictures from Milwaukee Metal Fest and Tour Dates

Today I added 20 new pictures of M.O.D.'s performance at the Milwaukee Metal Fest, July 26th and a couple of new tourdates.


Milwaukee Metal Pics

Billy Milano sent me some pictures that I could use at my fansite exclusively. At Billy's site you will find more (other) pictures of the same event. Click here for the pictures at www.sod-mod.com.

The following dates are confirmed. More dates to come.

Date Venue Location
September 17 Toads Place New Haven, CT
September 21 Downtown Long Island, NY
September 23 Don Hills New York City
September 24        Connections Passaic, NJ

Video update
In case you wondered if M.O.D. finished shooting the new videoclip for 'Wigga', they are not done yet. M.O.D. are doing some more filming for the video. Then the're gonna edit it. More about this later.

AUGUST 1st, 2003:

Welcome to www.SOD-MOD.com

Finally the official S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite has its own domain. From today, August 1, this site will be available at www.sod-mod.com. My pages at metalprovider.com and at tripod.com will no longer be updated and I will take those down at the end of the month. So bookmark this new URL.


What's new?
The special items page is updated with all the live-recordings I recently got. I receive a lot of e-mails from fans who like to know if and how they can get a copy of one of these cd's. Well, I got most of them by trading with other people who also have S.O.D.- or M.O.D.-shows on cd. If you have an interesting item, we could trade. These items are NOT for sale!

At this location you will be able to download a livetrack from S.O.D. or M.O.D. every month. The track is taken from one of the recordings you can find at the special items page. This time it's S.O.D.'s 'Ballad Of The Midget From Kid Rock', recorded live at CBGB's, December 14th, 2000.

Any suggestions for future downloads are welcome!

M.O.D. at Milwaukee Metal Fest
A few days ago, July 26th, M.O.D. performed at Milwaukee Metal Fest. I am looking for a recording of that show. M.O.D. played songs from their latest album 'The Rebel You Love To Hate', but also 2 older songs: 'Hate Tank' and 'AIDS'. They even did 'Fuck The Middle East' and Dan Lilker (who was there with Nuclear Assault) joined M.O.D. when they were going to play the last song of the set; 'United Forces'. I heard it was a great show.

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