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APRIL 17th, 2003:

Artwork for 'The 'Rebel You Love To Hate'

Always wondered who is responsible for the artwork of a cd? Do you want to know who created the art for 'The Rebel You Love To Hate' and some of the great S.O.D. covers? And do you want to know what other bands this artist made covers, illustrations and logo's for?


Joe 'Zeckle' Darone, has recently completed the new package for the legendary Method Of Destruction. But this is not the first time he did artwork for a band with Billy Milano. He also did art for the following records:

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (platinum edition)
S.O.D. - Bigger Than The Devil
S.O.D. - Seasoning The Obese

And by art I do not only mean the frontcover of the cd, but he made also other images plus a lot of the S.O.D. merchandise as you will find out when you visit his website.

You can view his work at: Just visit it and watch which covers, logo's and other illustrations were done by Joe 'Zeckle' Darone.

APRIL 14th, 2003:

News about Billy Milano's Official Website

When will it be launched? Where can you find it? The webmaster of Billy Milano's Official Website just told me... I have also news about another song of 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'. Read it here first.


  • M.O.D.'s & Billy Milano's Official Website will, according to the webmaster, be launched on the day of the release of the new record. I'm looking forward to that site already.

  • You'll find it at ... of course...

  • I've updated my list of links (removed old links, added some new ones and changed the lay-out a little). Check it out.

  • At the Nuclear Blast website it is now possible to listen to 'Wigga'. You will need REALPLAYER® to listen to it. Go to to play M.O.D.'s 'Wigga' or click here.

APRIL 10th, 2003:

Nuclear Blast about new album: 'The best M.O.D. release to date'

Here's the news we've been waiting for. Nuclear Blast just published this article about M.O.D.'s soon te be released new album. It also includes the artwork (where have I seen that logo before...???) Haha, very funny already. Read the article here and don't forget to download a short clip of 'ASS-Ghanistan'.


The Rebel You Love To Hate - CD - NB 1131

This is not just the latest release from Billy Milano's M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction), it's the best release to date. The new effort was two years from conception to reality and soon to the ears of the music public. "For me it's a whole new ballgame, new members, new music and the beginning of a new era", states Milano. "The Rebel You Love To Hate" is more a representation of a new band with its first release than M.O.D. and its prior history. The simple fact that it's an M.O.D. record should not make music listeners think its a typical effort.

The concept of the record started during the reunion of the legendary S.O.D. (Stormtroopers Of Death), a band which Milano fronted that influenced a generation of metal listeners. After watching a VH1 special on Weird Al Yankovic at home, one night he realized that M.O.D.'s music could have a very cool approach to it if it was done in a very tongue and cheek way. This approach lays the ground work for a unique style, the meshing of Heavy Metal/Hard Rock-satirical political humor and iconic references presented in the rock forum. "The Rebel You Love To Hate" not only rocks fuckin' hard, it finally addresses the hypocritical stance that musicians, groups and musical scenes seems to embrace.

With songs like "Wigga", which makes light of the white suburban Urban wannabe Gangsta to "Rage Against The Mac Machine", a song which questions not only the integrity of the band ("Rage") but shoots down the credibility of the groups efforts by exposing the double standard that so many musicians take, but rarely understand. The Techno romp of "De Men Of Stein" pointing out the obvious neo-fascist fashion statement that techno seems to embrace and glorify.

From the Hardcore rocking title track to the studio live version of "Get Ready" this record is a fun time for the whole family and the feel good album of the year.

Look for the “Killith Fair” to come to your country, town or local scene sometime in the fall.


  1. Wigga
  2. Stars & Stripes
  3. Making Friends Is Fun
  4. De Men Of Stein
  5. Rage Against The Mac Machine
  6. Get Ready
  7. Ass-Ghanistan (to download clip, click right button and choose 'save target as')
  8. He's Dead Jim
  9. Get Ready (almost live)
  10. Rebel (Radio - 808 edit)
  11. Rage Against The Mac (Radio edit)
  12. Wigga (Radio edit)
  13. Rebel You Love To Hate (Radio edit)


MARCH 31st, 2003:


Preview - Download 30 seconds of 'ASS Ghanistan'

The newest Nuclear Blast America sampler got an unmastered version of 'ASS Ghanistan' on it. It rocks! 'ASS Ghanistan' is one of the tracks of M.O.D.'s soon to be released new album 'The Rebel You Love To Hate'. Billy Milano gave me permission to use a 30-second-clip of this song here!


Click here to download 30 seconds of ASS Ghanistan.

More news later!

MARCH 10th, 2003:

Nuclear Blast U.S.A. release schedule

The M.O.D. record has been completed. "Rebel You Love To Hate" has been mastered and delivered to Nuclear Blast. I am waiting for this new M.O.D. record to be released (like most of you I guess). At I found a release schedule for the next few months. It includes the release date for 'Rebel You Love To Hate'.



March 11th Lacrimosa Echos
March 25th The Defaced Karma in Black
April 8th The Kovenant S.E.T.I.
Defecation Intention Surpassed
April 22nd To/Die/For Jaded
Narnia The Great Fall
May 6th Soilwork Figure Number Five
May 20th M.O.D. Rebel You Love to Hate
Helloween Rabbit Don’t Come Easy

Source: Nuclear Blast

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