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DECEMBER 13th, 2003:


Dutch hardcoreband MilkMan pays tribute to S.O.D. & D.R.I.


MilkMan plays S.O.D. and D.R.I.
when: Sunday december 28th
start: 16.00
where: 013/BatCave, Tilburg, the Netherlands
damage: 3 euro

Next year Tilburg hardcorepride MilkMan celebrate their 10th anniversary. To start up celebrations the band is closing down this year with an afternoon back to the 80's! The 80's when metal, hardcore and punk came closer and closer to eachother.
Two main bands in the hardcore/crossover scene back then were D.R.I. and S.O.D. That's why MilkMan chose those two bands to bring a tribute to the good old days. Bermudas, baseball caps, slamdancing and stagediving, for one afternoon it all comes back to the BatCave. Skanker 'D' is coming and you're on his list!

MilkMan: www.milkman.tk
| 013: www.013web.nl

Listen here to: Milkman - 'Problem Addict' (from D.R.I. tribute-album)

By the way, the week before this show Milkman will be playing a sneak preview of their S.O.D.R.I.-set at the Classics Fest II at the Boulevard in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Besides them bands include Payback doing Agnostic Front, DanDare doing MDC, Astro Zombies A.D. doing the Misfits and many more.

John MilkMan

DECEMBER 1st, 2003:

Happy X-mas

Santa 'D' is coming... and you're on his list


The last few months I've uploaded one new mp3-track every month. I wanted to do something different this time. It's almost X-mas, so I decided to give you something special. It is the first S.O.D. bootleg I ever got; 'Pussywhipped', recorded live in 1985. In december 2003 you will be able to download the first half of this bootleg (side A). Next month I will remove those tracks again and in January 2004 I will upload the second part (side B). This way you will be able to get a complete bootleg for free.

ENJOY! [Click here]

NOVEMBER 1st, 2003:

M.O.D. 'Killith Fair' Tour, Europe 2004

M.O.D. will come to Europe early 2004! Read the first details here.


M.O.D. - Killith Fair
Billy Milano's Message Board is up and running! So join in. At this messageboard Billy had some tournews:
"So here is the line up for the upcoming "Killith Fair " tour 2004. M.O.D. featuring the King - haha, Vital Remains w/ Glenn from Deicide on vocals, Zimmers Hole - Featuring yYron from Strapping Young Lad.
We are still working on a opener. It might be this awesome new band from Germany called Dew Scented. This is going to Europe first in January and Febuary and will be followed by the Tour in the States shortly there after."

Source: www.billymilano.com 

This is great news! I will finally have a chance to see M.O.D. in a few months!

New MP3 of November 2003

Of course, I added a new track at the download page. This time it's an M.O.D. song. Not from their last tour, but from 1987. The song 'I Executioner' was on M.O.D.'s first album, but this live-version has different lyrics. Listen how it sounded even before the first album was recorded.

CLICK HERE to go to the download-page.

OCTOBER 23rd, 2003:

Special items - bootleg page updated and upcoming interview

Last weekend I received a few recordings. I've just added them to the 'special items' page. Below you'll find more info.



If you don't know the story concerning Danny Lilker and former band mate Scott Ian than you should definitely read Billy's interview with Danny Lilker coming next week to BillyMilano.com.

3 New recordings:

  • S.O.D.: Rehearsals, November 1985. I am not sure if this is complete, there are just 8 songs on the recording I have. Does anyone know if there were more songs recorded?
  • S.O.D.: Providence, Rhode Island. This is from S.O.D.'s 1997 tour.
  • M.O.D.: L'Amours, Brooklyn, NY. This is an early M.O.D. show from 1987, the first album wasn't recorded yet. There are tracks on this bootleg like 'I Executioner' (with totally different lyrics) and 'Take their Life' (also know as You're Beat, also with different lyrics). My version of the recording isn't complete. I have only 30 out of 45 minutes, so there are a few songs missing... I'm trying to get the full show a.s.a.p. Who can help me?

For more info and tracklists, click here

OCTOBER 1st, 2003:

Another live-MP3 uploaded

It's time again for a new mp3. This time it's an old one, back from 1985...


MP3 of October 2003

I had hoped that I would have a track from M.O.D.'s recent tour for you, but maybe I'll have that for you next month. So, this time I have uploaded a very old track, recorded live in '85. Some people asked me for some old S.O.D.-stuff, I had one special request for 'War Inside My Head'. S.O.D. performed this song on October 18th (Dan Lilkers birthday as you will hear on the track) 1985, while they were touring with Overkill and Suicidal Tendencies (so I was told).

CLICK HERE to go to the download-page.

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