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MARCH 20th, 2004:

M.O.D. - Great new bootleg!!!

About 6 months ago, during September 2003, M.O.D. did a small tour and played 7 shows. Yesterday I got a copy of the last show of that tour. And it sounds f*cking great!!!


Bootleg: M.O.D. - Connections, 2003

This was the last show with Joe Affe on guitar, who left a couple of weeks ago and is now replaced by Jon Aaron. This recording is one of the best sounding bootlegs I have in my collection! It was recorded and mastered by Jeff Sebastianelli. Great job! He also did the artwork.
M.O.D. played a really nice set:

M.O.D. - Connections
Clifton, NJ, 9/24/2003

01. Ass-Ghanistan
02. Aren't You Hungry
03. Get A Real Job
04. The Rebel You Love To Hate
05. Fuck The Middle East
06. Wigga
07. Livin' In The City
08. Milano Mosh
09. Hate Tank
10. A.I.D.S.
11. United Forces

More info about this item here

M.O.D. did 3 shows recently with new guitarist Jon Aaron at Sun 'n Steel, March Metal Meltdown VI and Minesota Metalfest. This line-up will also play at the MayDay MetalFest, May 2nd 2004.

For more info about the MayDay MetalFest 2004, visit:



MARCH 1st, 2004:

M.O.D. tournews & MP3 of March

M.O.D. is rehearsing with new guitarist Jon Aaron for the upcoming Jack Koshik festivals in March in the U.S.


The band will be rehearsing until they leave for Florida. According to new M.O.D.-member Jon Aaron the band started rehearsing already about a week ago.
M.O.D had its official first rehearsal on February 23rd!

Jon: "It was absolutely killer. I'm very proud to be playing alongside Scott, Danny, and Billy- very cool guys and great players. Songs we were jammin on were Assghanistan, Making Friends, Wigga, Rebel You Love To Hate, Rally NYC, Aren't You Hungry, A.I.D.S., Hate Tank and there's even talk of playin' some classic S.O.D. tunes. Overall, I must say, you guys are in for a REAL treat. The set and show is gonna KILL!!! Hope to see you out on the road!"

M.O.D will play at the following festivals:




Sun n' Steel 1st Annual Florida Metalfest Saturday,
March 6, 2004
Pinellas Expo Center - Tampa, Fla.
March Metal Meltdown VI Saturday,
March 13, 2004
Cricket Club - Irvington, New Jersey
Minnesota Metalfest Friday, March 19th, 2004 (Main Room) More info: www.plazamaplewood.com/minnesotametalfest/schedule


From now on, I will upload TWO new mp3's every month. I had hoped to be able to give you an mp3 of M.O.D.'s last tour (in 2003) already, but I guess you'll have to wait for that until next month.
The mp3's of March 2004 are: '6 Songs In 9 Seconds' and 'Evil Is In', both recorded at S.O.D.'s Killith Fair Tour in 1999 at 'The Metro', Chicago, Illinois, November 22nd. Click here to go to the download-page.


FEBRUARY 5th, 2004:

Billy Milano introduces NEW M.O.D. member

A little time ago you could read here that Joe Affe had left M.O.D. to join his old band again and that Billy would announce his new guitarist within a few days..


Another J.A. on guitar

At www.billymilano.com, Billy introduces M.O.D.'s new guitarist Jon Aaron. Jon about joining M.O.D.: "First of all, I am an old school S.O.D./M.O.D. fan and a fan of Billy Milano. Billy's knowledge of the music industry and contacts are an invaluable asset to establish my musical career. Doing a band like M.O.D. is like metal boot camp. Billy Milano is in fact Sgt. 'D.' the drill instructor from hell! This is all about learning the ropes, touring and understanding a professional working band."

More about Jon Aaron at Billy Milano's Official website.

Source: billymilano.com

FEBRUARY 1st, 2004:

Update - Special items & MP3 of the Month

Yesterday I got another S.O.D.- bootleg. It was recorded at the 'November to Dismember' festival in San Antonio, back in 1999.


Seasoning The Obese

When I got this recording from the 'November to Dismember' festival, I immediatly knew what should be the MP3 of February 2004. At first, this show doesn't seem very different from the other bootlegs of the 'Killith Fair' tour that I already had. But what makes this show special is that it was the very first time that S.O.D. performed 'Seasoning The Obese' live! The single hadn't even been released yet. For more info about this show, go to the 'special-items page'.

Click here to go to the 'download-section' and listen to this early live version of Seasoning The Obese.

PS.: The MP3's of December 2003 and January 2004 are no longer available, but the MP3's from August - November are available again.

JANUARY 28th, 2004:

M.O.D. tour postponed

It seems that the European fans will have to wait a little longer... I had hoped to see M.O.D. finally in March or April, but that is not going to happen.


According to Billy Milano himself, it had something to do with the booking agent. Billy: "Unfortunately I had to postpone the European tour. The booking agent I selected was not doing a good job so I felt it was best to wait. [...] I'll get you further updates soon. Peace Billy."

Hopefully there will be better news next time. I would love to see M.O.D. play this summer at some Europeans festivals. Let's just see what's going to happen.

*EDIT*: Just seconds after I posted this news, I read some more important announcements by Billy concerning M.O.D. at Billy Milano's Messageboard. So, here it is:

Big-big News

"First off, :Let me thank everyone who reads this and actually takes time to enjoy the website. James (the webbastard) and myself take alot of time to make this site happen. Unfortunately, The European tour is gonna have to wait. Not enough support from the label and a bad choice on my part for picking the wrong booking agent.

Next!- Joe Affe friend and guitarist is currently jammin with is old band and both he and I wish each other luck in this shitty industry. I'll keep you posted when Joe gets closer to a deal or gets a demo or some shit.
I will be announcing the new guitarist this weekend and will interview him so you rubberheads can get to know him.

Here's the big one. I am in think tank mode to make the "Killith-Fair" the underground touring package I've always looked to do. It will feature many of the things you have come to recognize with festivals. I spoke to none other than Mr. Jack Koshick and he thinks it's a great idea. So tell me what American Bands on what Label should I talk to???
Thanks for your support again and look for website updates.

Source: The Ultimate Metal Forum, Official Forums, Billy Milano

JANUARY 16th, 2004:

Complete bootleg back on request

All 24 tracks from 'Pussywhipped' (Trenton, NJ, 1985) are back online again!


Shortly after I had taken down the mp3's of December 2003 (2 days ago), I got a few requests already if I could upload them again. So I decided to give people who just discovered this website (or hadn't visited it in a while) a last chance to get this bootleg complete.

Click here if you want to download all 24 tracks of 'Pussywhipped'. Artwork is also available at that same page.

JANUARY 14th, 2004:

Bootleg, tournews and contest

A lot of people have downloaded tracks from 'Pussywhipped' the last couple of days. But now it's time to remove the first 11 tracks... 


Pussy Whipped   
Side B of this bootleg from 1985 will still be available at my website for the rest of this month, but I've just taken the first 11 tracks down. I had those on my site 2 weeks longer to give you an extra chance to get a complete bootleg, but now time has come to remove them. If you want to download the MP3's from January 2004, just click here. There's also artwork available now!

M.O.D. tournews
At www.billymilano.com you'll find dates for 2 upcoming shows in March 2004. Check it out.

I'll have some news for you soon about a contest on both Billy's website and this S.O.D. & M.O.D. fansite. I can't give you details yet, but I can promise you that you'll have a chance to win something very special.

That's all for now and come back soon for more updates about this contest... 

JANUARY 1st, 2004:


This will be the year that I finally will get so see M.O.D., hopefully sometime in March or April. Check this site often for tourdates or other news. As soon as I get a list of tourdates, you will read it here.


MP3 of January 2004

It's also time for some new mp3's. I promised you that I would upload a complete bootleg here. Last month you could download the first 11 tracks of the bootleg 'Pussywhipped'. I've decided that I won't take those mp3's down yet. Part two is available too from now! Click here to download 13 new tracks and get your bootleg complete.

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