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NEWS and UPDATES: April, May & June 2004

JUNE 12th, 2004:


The are some updates on the S.O.D. albums page, the special items page and other official releases...


S.O.D. on compilations
For those of you who don't have the 'Seasoning The Obese' 3" single, but want to have the tracks 'Seasoning The Obese' and 'Raise Your Sword' really bad, you should order the Nuclear Blast samplers 'Death Is Just The Beginning'. I have added volume 5, 6 and 7 to this website, because they are the ones with S.O.D. tracks on it; 'Evil Is In' (volume 5), 'Raise Your Sword' (volume 6) and 'Seasoning The Obese' (volume 7). Click here for more info.

Special items
Mark Brand from Germany sent me scans and info of 'Stormtroopers Of Death' (part 1). This is another bootleg of S.O.D.'s first show and you can find all info here. He also gave me info about a repressing of the 'Speak English Or Die' picture disc. This is a strictly limited edition of 1.000 copies. For more info click here and scroll down.

JUNE 1st, 2004:

Crab Society North

It's time for some new mp3's. This month you'll be able to download 10 tracks from the Crab Society North demo: 'A Noise For A Noises Sake', recorded July 1st 1985.


A Noise For A Noises Sake

Crab Society North was a project of Billy, Dan, Scott and Charlie. They recorded a demo with a walkman that was placed in a speaker, so that explains a lot about the soundquality. This demo became available somewhere in 1986. You could get it for just $ 1,- and an empty cassette.

The Crab Society is something that S.O.D. has been part of since 1985. S.O.D. even played a couple of Crab Society songs live. The '6 Songs In 9 Seconds' medley for example is something that S.O.D. did for the Crab Society.

 www.sod-mod.com Click here to go to the 'download'-page

MAY 23rd, 2004:

M.O.D. re-releases... and more

At the Ultimate Metal Forum, Billy was asked if there was a copy of Billy Milano's old band 'The Psychos' with Billy on bass. There is! And it will be available for everybody soon. Read all about it here.


M.O.D. albums to be re-released with bonustracks
Before Billy did the first S.O.D. album, he was bassplayer in a band called 'The Psychos'. There is a demo af this band and Billy himself has the only copy in the world!! There are 6 songs from the original Psycho's 1983 demo and they will be split and put on 2 re-releases of the M.O.D. records 'Devolution' and 'Dictated Aggression' due out in september on blackout records.

Source: Ultimate Metal Forum>Official Forums>Billy Milano

S.O.D. tattoos
I recently added 3 pictures of cool S.O.D. tattoos. The pics were taken by Scott Ian in 2003 and sent to me by James 'The WebBastard'. Click here.

Special items
Last week I was at a CD market and I found a promotional copy of 'The Rebel You Love To Hate' for just 8,-. The album is exactly the same, but it has a cardbox sleeve with a different backside. For more details go to the 'special items' page.

MAY 5th, 2004:

Megaforce News

This news is taken directly from the Megaforce website:



Speak English Or Die mp3




May 3, 2004 -- Megaforce Records and metal/hardcore pioneers S.O.D. will issue the classic, Speak English Or Die, on colored vinyl on June 29, 2004. S.O.D. began in the mid-1980's during a break in the recording of Anthrax's album, Spreading The Disease. What started out as a quick, satirical release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the infamous Billy Milano, has turned into a seminal record that has influenced countless hardcore, metalcore, post-hardcore bands.

Speak English Or Die has sold over 400,000 and remains an underground classic. Blood red has been chosen for the color and will be limited edition.

You may pre-order it from our website and it will be shipped out two weeks before it's in stores!




MAY 1st, 2004:

MP3's of the Month/M.O.D. tournews

This time I uploaded a couple of S.O.D.-ballads, they're all from the same concert. You will find them at the downloadpage. Other news: M.O.D. will not perform at the Mayday Metalfest, due to illness...


The Ballads of S.O.D.

I've just added 8 (!) new mp3's, performed live at The Metro, Chicago, Illinois, November 22nd, 1999 at S.O.D.'s 'Killith Fair' tour. Go to the downloadpage and listen to the ballads of: Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, INXS, Kurt Cobain, Frank Sinatra, Michael J. Fox, Walter Payton and Freddie Mercury. Enjoy!

Mayday Metalfest
M.O.D. will NOT be performing at this weekends show in Indiana due to illness. But the show will continue as scheduled.

Billy: "Unfortunately, Scott Sargeant is very ill and we are not going to be playing. I am as disapointed as you and everyone else is. This is a big pain in the ass for everyone involved but it's beyond our control."

For more info about the MayDay MetalFest 2004, visit:


APRIL 6th, 2004:

Movie: M.O.D. live at Minneapolis Metalfest

Jon Aaron, M.O.D.'s newest member, has launched his official website at www.jonaaron.net.


The 'Hate Tank'

Billy, Jon, Danny B., and Scott S.

If you visit Jon's website, you'll find different kinds of stuff. Most interesting for us (S.O.D. & M.O.D. fans) is that he has put up a video for download. It is M.O.D.'s 'Hate Tank', performed live at the Minneapolis Metalfest, March 20, 2004. To download it, just right-click here:

Or take a look at: www.jonaaron.net

APRIL 1st, 2004:

MP3 of the Month

Okay, it's time for some new mp3's again. Recently I changed the lay-out of the 'downloadpage' a little so that it's easier to find which mp3's are actually there. A couple of days ago I added the new titles already, from today you can download these great sounding files...



Jeff Sebastianelli recorded an M.O.D.-show at Connections in September 2003. Recently I got a copy from him and the show sounds awesome! I asked Jeff if I could use some of the tracks that he recorded and how he recorded this show.

Jeff: "The recording is a soundboard/audience mix recording mastered with samplitude 6.0. This show was recorded with permission from Billy Milano himself. I DO NOT want anyone to know my contact info and/or bug me for copies!! I think it would be best to offer a few tracks as Mp3 of the Month. PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE THE SHOW TO ANYONE!! FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT ONLY!!! ENJOY!!"

Well, my plan was already to use some tracks as Mp3 of the Month, but because Billy has a copy of this show as well, I also asked for his permission to use some files, just to be sure.

Billy replied: "No problem. Use what you want."

So, here they are, 2 tracks from M.O.D.'s show at Connections, Clifton, NJ, September 24, 2003; 'Fuck The Middle East' and 'Wigga'. Download them and enjoy. Those tracks rock!!!

Special thanks to Jeff & Billy.

Click here to go to the 'download-section'.

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