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NEWS and UPDATES: July, August & September 2004

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2004:

MP3 of the Month - S.O.D. in Japan

Another month, another couple of MP3's. This time from Japan.


S.O.D. - 'Hard Shock Night'
In June 1999, Billy and Scott did an interview with 'Hard Shock Night' for Japanese television. Questions were asked in Japanese. Billy and Scott reply (of course) in English. It's a nice interview to listen to. There were also 3 livetracks broadcasted on that same t.v.-show: 'The Song That Don't Go Fast', 'Bigger Than The Devil' and 'Milano Mosh'. The soundquality is pretty good. Those songs were recorded live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan, June 8th, 1999. The interview + the livetracks are available here. I also added 1 extra track. That one is taken from 'Speak Japanese Or Die'. It's a very funny version of 'Pussywhipped' by 54-71. Enjoy!

An update on Billy's move from New York to Texas will be available soon!

AUGUST 19th, 2004:

Re-releases: 'Dictated Aggression' & 'Devolution'

A few days ago I added a banner already, but now I have some more info about M.O.D.'s 'Dictated Agression' and 'Devolution'. Both M.O.D. albums will be re-released by Black Out records, October 26, 2004. The albums will contain original tracklists + video footage from France.


M.O.D. - Dictated Aggression

Black Out: 'Re-release of the long out of print “Dictated Aggression” from the controversial M.O.D. Now re-packaged and including bonus European tour footage, “Dictated Aggression” is now available from Blackout Records. Frontman Billy Milano describes the record as "the best record I have ever written, musically and especially lyrically this is the perfect MOD record." A must-have for fans of M.O.D. and S.O.D. fan.'

M.O.D. - Devolution

Black Out: 'Re-release of the unavailable “Devolution” album from the controversial hardcore/thrash group M.O.D. The follow-up to 1992’s “Rhythm of Fear,” 1994’s “Devolution,” re-packaged and including bonus European tour footage, is now available from Blackout Records.'

For tracklists and other info, click here.

AUGUST 10th, 2004:

Speak Japanese Or Die

As far as I know this CD was only released in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong) a couple of years ago, in 2000. I could never find a copy of it anywhere, but yesterday I finally got it.


A Japanese tribute to S.O.D.
This is not just another tribute album, this is the funniest tribute album I've ever heard. I don't know if it is supposed to be funny, but I couldn't help smiling when I heard some of the songs. It is not like 15 bands playing an S.O.D. song, but each band plays their own version of an S.O.D. tune. And sometimes it is very different from the original S.O.D. version. The way most of the songs are sung is hilarious already, but a couple of bands totally changed the music too. There are 3 versions of 'Pussy Whipped' on this tribute, but that doesn't mind because they all sound totally different. My favorite one is 'Pussy Whipped' by a band called '54-71'. I'm thinking of uploading that one next month as MP3 of the month September. All 15 tracks are great in my opinion. If you're a fan, try to get a copy of this CD somewhere, it's the best tribute album that I've heard in a while.

Speak Japanese Or Die (S.O.D. fxxkin' TRIBUTE from FAR EAST)
Released by: Pop Food Records, November 27th, 2000
Playing time: 45 minutes

01. March Of The S.O.D./Sargent 'D' & The S.O.D. (CEMMENT)
02. Douche Crew (DESSERT)
03. Speak English Or Die (YELLOW MACHINEGUN)
04. Pussy Whipped (GRIMFORCE)
05. Milano Mosh (SURVIVE)
06. Fist Banging Mania (TERROR SQUAD)
07. Freddy Krueger (BAT CAVE)
08. What's That Noise (DEATH ROCK CREW)
09. Fist Banging Mania (AGGRESSIVE DOGS)
10. Pussy Whipped (54-71)
12. United Forces (GERONIMO)
13. Pussy Whipped (SUNS OWL)
14. Freddy Krueger (PULLING TEETH)
15. Sargent 'D' & The S.O.D. (CRASH, from KOREA)

AUGUST 1st, 2004:

S.O.D. live DVD + CD to be released...

... and new MP3's added.


You probably heard the rumors already about a new S.O.D. release. It's true, there will be another live-CD and a DVD!!! Billy will have an exclusive announcement for this site shortly. He'll give us the whole low down on his move to Austin, Texas, producing as well as M.O.D. and the new S.O.D. DVD and live record he is doing with Megaforce. In the next few days he'll have something for this website, so check again soon!

MP3 of the Month: S.O.D. - Rehearsals from 1985

This month you get a couple of tracks from the old days again. No livetracks this time, but 6 tracks from an S.O.D. rehearsal from 1985; Vitality, Diamonds And Rust, Chromatic Death, Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix, Freddy Krueger and NOT! Listen to S.O.D. rehearsing those songs.

Click here to go to the download section.

JULY 11th, 2004:

Update: Special items

I added 2 more items to the special items page.


  • S.O.D. - Bigger Than The Devil [PROMO]

I just got this promo of 'Bigger Than The Devil'. It has a cardboard sleeve and there are 23 tracks on it. I want to thank Matthias from Germany for sending this original promo to me! Thanks for trading!

  • S.O.D. - Rehearsal from 1985

A long time ago I got a part of this rehearsal from 1985 already, but I just received a much better version of the same rehearsal with more tracks:

01. Fuck The Middle East (0:26)
02. Momo (0:05)
03. Speak English Or Die (2:13)
04. United Forces (1:44)
05. Ram It Up (1:25)
06. Milk (1:48)
07. Fist Banging Mania (2:52)
08. Milano Mosh (1:24)
09. Vitality [2x] (0:51)
10. Diamonds And Rust (0:05)
11. Chromatic Death (1:03)
12. The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix (0:20)
13. Freddie Krueger (2:29)
14. NOT! (1:04)
15. No Turning Back (0:55)
16. Kill Yourself (2:08)

For more info, click here.

Note: If you have a liverecording, rehearsal, promo or demo that isn't listed on this site yet, feel free to contact me. I am sure that we can work something out.

JULY 1st, 2004:

Update: MP3 of the Month

This time I added 2 M.O.D. tracks again. They were recorded live in 2003 at Connections, Clifton, NJ.


M.O.D. - Connections

Three months ago I added 'Wigga' and 'Fuck The Middle East', both taken from a show that M.O.D. did in Clifton, September 24, 2003. The sound of that show is awesome. That's why I took another 2 tracks from that same show and made them MP3's of July 2004. Click here to go to the downloadpage and download 'Living In The City' and 'Milano Mosh'.


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