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FEBRUARY 27th, 2005:

Updates: S.O.D. discography

I added 2 compilation albums with S.O.D. tracks to my website and updated the special items page.


Compilation albums

'Crossover' was released in 1993 by Fnac Music. S.O.D. is represented with 'United Forces' (taken from 'Live At Budokan') on this album. The M.O.D. track on this compilation is 'Get Up And Dance'.

There is also an S.O.D. track to be found on 'Suburban Open Air '99'. It's 'Shenanigans', taken from S.O.D.'s 1999 release 'Bigger Than The Devil'. Suburban Records released this compilationalbum in 1999. More info here.

Picture discs: 'Speak English Or Die' and 'Live At Budokan'

These 2 picturediscs were already at the special items page. They were released in 2004 by Vinyl Maniacs/GMR Music Group as limited editions. Yesterday I got both items myself, so I updated the page with a new info and new pics. Click here.

FEBRUARY 16th, 2005:

New S.O.D. releases in 2005 - tentative street dates

This is what we've all been waiting for. I just got some info on the forthcoming S.O.D. releases from Megaforce Records.


20th Anniversary Edition
In an interview I did with Billy Milano last year, Billy told us already that S.O.D. would release a DVD and a live CD in 2005. But first Megaforce is also going to (re-)release the 20th Anniversay Edition of S.O.D.'s debut from 1985; 'Speak English Or Die'.

After that, we will get S.O.D.'s third (and final) DVD, called: '20 Years Of Dysfunction'. Billy put this one together. I will contain footage from a lot of shows, interviews and more.

Live CD
S.O.D.'s final release will be a live CD. More info about that CD later. I got the tentative street dates for these 3 releases as Megaforce is not sure that they will stick, since nothing is 100% complete...


S.O.D. - CD
Speak English Or Die

20th Anniversary Edition
Tentative street date for Europe:
May 2005

S.O.D. - DVD
20 Years Of Dysfunction

Tentative street date:
June/July 2005

S.O.D. - Live CD
Tentative street date:
August/September 2005

The greatest thing of all (for me personally) is that I am involved in all 3 releases. I'm not going to tell yet in what way I am involved, you'll find out soon enough! 2005 will become a great S.O.D. year!

FEBRUARY 5th, 2005:

S.O.D. & M.O.D. on MySpace.com

Info, pictures, music (of both bands) and more are available at MySpace.com


Billy Milano has added M.O.D. and S.O.D. to MySpace.com. According to Billy "Every band is on it, people, tons of journalists, magazines and musicians".

You'll find pictures, bandinfo and some audio if you visit these pages. And if you join, you can even contact Billy Milano directly. You have to become a member to view the pictures and to interact, but membership is free!




FEBRUARY 1st, 2005:

New bootleg uploaded

The S.O.D. rehearsal from 1985 is no longer available. But... part 1 of a complete S.O.D. show from 1999 is available for download now!


MP3's of February and March
I decided to upload this show from 1999, because of its very good soundquality. S.O.D. played at the W‚ldrock Festival (in the Netherlands) in 1999 and this was recorded by a Dutch radiostation. What you get here is the entire broadcast; the first 24 minutes (part 1) is available for download in February and the following 19 minutes (part 2) next month.

Click at the banner for part 1. Enjoy!

Don't forget: these tracks will only be available for one month.

JANUARY 22nd, 2005:

Update: M.O.D. re-releases added

Today I finally received my copies of M.O.D.'s 'Devolution' and 'Dictated Aggression'. Both CD's are re-released by Blackout Records and include, besides the original studiotracks, bonus European concert footage.


'Devolution' and 'Dictated Aggression' were originally released in 1994 and 1996. Both of these old releases were very difficult to get when they came out. Billy got the rights back for these records, so last year (October 2004) they were re-released by Blackout Records.

The cd's have new artwork and new liner notes by Billy Milano. And there is a bonus: European concert footage from 1993. It is the last show of M.O.D.'s first tour in Europe. Part one (31:03) is on 'Devolution', part two (19:42) is on 'Dictated Aggression'. For a clip of the footage, click here.

For all info on these re-releases, just click here.

JANUARY 22nd, 2005:

Former line-up of Anthrax on OZZFEST 2005

It's true. The 'original' line-up of Anthrax is getting together for one tour!


Anthrax always wanted to play on Ozzfest. Manager Sharon Osbourne (wife of Ozzy) said to the band: "I will give you a slot on Ozzfest only if the original line-up plays." This means that Anthrax will do one more tour with the following line-up:

Joey Belladonna - vocals;
Dan Spitz - guitars;
Frank Bello - bass;
Scott Ian - guitars;
Charlie Benante - drums.

Remember: you read it here first!

JANUARY 4th, 2005:

Jon Aaron no longer in M.O.D.

According to Jon Aaron's website and Billy Milano's messageboard, guitarist Jon Aaron is no longer a member of M.O.D. Will former member Joe Affe return to M.O.D.?


Jon about leaving M.O.D.:
"I'm home. The shows were killer. The NewYears Eve show in Austin was the sickest show I've ever played! The stage was the size of my bed and people were fuckin snappin! The Corpus Christi show was good. Lots of Mexicans and mullets which made for a good crowd.

However, these 2 shows were my final shows with M.O.D. I resigned today for personal reasons and differences. I had a blast this past year and am absolutely honored to have played alongside one the my all-time favorite frontmen and bands. But its time to move on and focus on BIGGER and BETTER things. Happy NewYear to all of you! 2005 is gonna rock!!!"

Billy Milano about Jon Aaron:
"Jon was a fun guy. But in all honesty - he never lived up to Joe Affe which is why Jon was let go.
He likes to think that he quit but in reality he was a lost cause from the first show which is one of the many reasons MOD has been quiet for sometime.
Both Scott and I felt it was time to do a new band once I got to Texas and we are. Funny thing is the WIGGA video is coming out in January and is gonna air on MTV and FUSE. We have been talking to a booking agent that Ron from Rotten records recomended. So fear not. I waited a year to release the video, I can wait a couple of months for Joe to jam a again. At least he carry a conversation."

JANUARY 1st, 2005:

HAPPY 2005!

A happy New Year to you all! It looks like 2005 will be a good year for us, S.O.D. & M.O.D. fans. First of all there will be a new DVD and a CD to celebrate S.O.D.'s 20th Anniversary. The DVD will be released (probably) in March 2005 and the live-CD will be available couple of months later.


S.O.D.'s 20th Anniversary
Everybody is working really hard to get the new S.O.D. DVD released soon! It will contain footage of various live concerts as well as interviews. The live CD, that will be released a couple of months later, contains a live show from 1999, 4 studio bonustracks and a surprise.

And... there will also be a new official S.O.D. website soon.

MP3 of January 2005
A few days ago I asked you to vote for the next MP3 of the Month. I wanted to upload an entire S.O.D. bootleg. Most people (63%) voted for an S.O.D. recording from 1985. To start celebrating S.O.D.'s 20th Anniversary, I decided to upload a complete bootleg at once; an S.O.D. rehearsal from November 1985. And I'm thinking of uploading a live-concert from 1985 in February/March.

The rehearsal will only be available this month! Click at the banner for the MP3's.

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