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News: January - June 2007

JUNE 30th, 2007:

M.O.D.  - Tour report by 'Lennon'

As you all probably know, M.O.D. is touring right now. They just started with the 'second leg' of their short U.S. tour and are almost done. A couple of days ago, I asked Lennon (the current drummer) how the tour was going. He send me this update!

I asked Lennon if I could use his entire message here on my website as well. He said it was fine, so here it is:

"Whats up man!! Well I must say the first few days of the tour have been well........fucking shitty! The first show was ok. Little crowd. Then it was a 17 hour drive from Little Rock to Pittsburgh. In which the van died just as we pulled up to the door of the club. That night was honestly pretty terrible. Technical difficulties flying out of all our asses! But, we finished the set strong and everyone was satisfied! After a 17 hour drive and as many problems as there were that night, I don't think there was any way of giving truly, what we had that night. We were beat bro. Now the Clifton show in Jersey at DINGBATS, now that was a fucking sick show! Big show and the crowd response was sick! Everything was on point. Great show! As well as the Brooklyn Metalfest! Another great show! Now we took a break and leave tonight for NC.
As for being on the road with the other cats, it's been good. The sites have been great and the rides have been a bit long but, the journey has been great! Plain and simple. Billy is a good guy! As well as Scott! Dawson has done a remarkable job on stage. The set we've been playing has been brutal! We're playing a few older tunes such as 'Aren't You Hungry', 'Get a Real Job', 'A.I.D.S.', 'Hate Tank' and 'Living In The City'. Then we finish the set off with the memorable S.O.D. songs. Honestly how can you go wrong with a set like that. I believe it has a heavier sound now. Scotts guitar sound is fucking brutal man! Thick! Then I bring my sound to the table and with us for together and only us four, the sound is huge! The new record is going to be great! I've had a chance to meet Rob Moschetti and Joe Affe. Which I would like to say are some great fucking dudes man! And they love the new stuff. They feel just as strong as we do about it. We should be back in TX sometime next week! We have about 5 shows left on this tour and then it'll be weekend gigs from there!

Hope I covered everything you're looking for. If not just shoot me an email. Thanks for your time and help man! All you M.O.D. fans, GET THE NEW RECORD! 'RED, WHITE, AND SCREWED'!! OUT SEPT 11TH. NO BULLSHIT!!!!! IF YOU LOVE THE OLD STUFF, THAT SHIT CAN'T TOUCH THIS ALBUM. You know a lot of kids are trying to bring the old school sound back and what better band to do it, than with Billy Milano! The maker of that genre! ..."

Thanks Lennon, for this update!

JUNE 21st, 2007:

Press release: S.O.D. to release 'Rise Of The Infidels'

You may have read about this on Blabbermouth already, or even earlier on my website (see below) but I also just got the original press release from Megaforce.

For Immediate Release:

Megaforce Records and metal/hardcore pioneers S.O.D. will release Rise Of The Infidels, on August 21, 2007. It is an extended EP (perhaps the longest in the music biz) with four unreleased S.O.D. songs, plus a live concert from Seattle is included.

One of the crucial bands in the musical chain linking hardcore punk with metal, the Stormtroopers of Death - known as S.O.D. – were actually intended to be a one-off side project, done as a lark.

S.O.D. began in the mid-1980's during a break in the recording of Anthrax's Spreading The Disease. What started out as a quick, satirical release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the infamous Billy Milano, S.O.D. has turned into a seminal band influencing countless hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore bands. Their first album, Speak English Or Die, has sold over 400,000 and remains an underground classic. S.O.D. was always about brutal satire, but done with complete honesty. Anyone who has witnessed their severe, yet astonishing live show, knows that S.O.D. is like no other band on the planet.

Track Listing:
1. Stand Up And Fight
2. Java Amigo
3. United And Strong
4. Ready To Fight

Live At The Fenix
5. Ballad Of Nirvana/March Of The S.O.D.
6. Sgt D And The S.O.D.
7. Kill Yourself
8. Milano Mosh
9. Speak English Or Die
10. Fuck the Middle East
11. Douche Crew
12. Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix
13. Ballad Of Jim Morrison
14. Ballad Of INXS
15. Ballad Of Frank Sinatra
16. Ballad Of Nirvana
17. Ballad Of Freddy Mercury
18. Chromatic Death
19. Fist Banging Mania
20. No Turning Back
21. Milk
22. Pussywhipped
23. Freddy Krueger
24. United Forces

Billy Milano – Vox
Scott Ian – Guitars
Charlie Benante – Drums
Danny Lilker – Bass

”Speak English Or Die. I never thought four words could cause so much schism. From these four words S.O.D. was born.” – Scott Ian (S.O.D./Anthrax)

After the album Speak English Or Die was released the band played a handful of shows in 1985, and in December of that same year played their farewell show. S.O.D. came together for a reunion show in March of 1992. It was filmed and recorded for all the world to see and hear and became the Live at Budokan DVD/CD.

Since then, S.O.D. has released Bigger Than The Devil CD, the Speak English Or Live DVD, and now, Rise Of The Infidels which is an unreleased EP (perhaps the longest in the history of music) with Live At The Fenix as bonus material. The four tracks: “Stand Up And Fight,” which is inspired by spineless people of the world and essentially says, “stop being a victim, stand up and fight.” The second track “Java Amigo” is pretty self-explanatory about the coffee craze. “United And Strong” is classic Agnostic Front, and “Ready To Fight” is from one of S.O.D.’s favorite hardcore bands, Negative Approach.

S.O.D. was a band years ahead of it's time. They created a new genre of music combining metal and hardcore with a little touch of punk attitude. Listen and weep.

Bonus: The package will also include a DVD with footage of 'the Fenix' show!

Source: Megaforce Records

JUNE 20th, 2007:

M.O.D. on tour

Today starts M.O.D.'s minitour. Here are the dates:

06.20.07 Downtown Music Little Rock, AR Powerbastard
06.21.07 The Garage Door Saloon Pittsburgh, PA Gutrench, Crown the Lost, Meltdown, Stinkpalm Death
06.22.07 Dingbats Clifton, NJ n/a
06.23.07 The Hook Brooklyn, NY ---FREE BARBECUE WITH ADMISSION---
06.27.07 Jester's Pub Fayetteville, NC n/a
06.28.07 Ground Zero Spartanburg, SC Krotalus, The Mystechs, Rick Johnson's Rock & Roll Machine (the synth-punk soloproject of the bassist from Mustard Plug)---
06.29.07 The Bar Metairie, LA ESE
06.30.07 Walter's Houston, TX ESE
07.01.07 Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar San Antonio, TX ESE
07.07.07 Room 710 Austin, TX By Any Means Necessary, Suicidal Failure, Sarcolytic, Condemned Unit
07.13.07 Lucy's San Marcos, TX Disfigured and Sarcolytic
07.14.07 Zero's Sports Bar Corpus Christi, TX Sewn Shut and Killamora

JUNE 16th, 2007:

S.O.D. - 'Rise Of The Infidels' (promo)

Yesterday I received a promo of S.O.D.'s final release: 'Rise Of The Infidels'!
Releasedate: August 21, 2007.

In about 2 months Megaforce Records is going to release 'Rise Of The Infidels'; S.O.D's final offering... Actually, there were plans to release this final album already in 2005, shortly after the release of the DVD '20 Years Of Dysfunction', to celebrate S.O.D.'s 20th anniversary. At that point the album was still going to be called 'Live At The Fenix', because the livetracks were recorded at a club called 'The Fenix' (Seattle Washington).

I am really happy it'll be released soon now. Not only because of the content, but also because I did all of the artwork. I finished it this April, after the title had been changed into 'Rise Of The Infidels'. (I am glad that I had to change the title, because it also gave me a chance to improve the complete artwork for the last time). Now that I am holding it, I think the package turned out very nice!

The CD contains 4 studiotracks (including 2 previously unreleased covers) and livetracks that were recorded live at 'The Fenix'. More info later....!

MAY 27th, 2007:

www.billymilano.com - New website online

Finally! Billy Milano's new website is online. The new site is designed by Evil Little Clown and is a little more serious and more geared towards the entertainment industry.

Today the new website has finally been launched. It isn't entirely ready yet, but it looks awesome. Billy announces that the new M.O.D. album is going to be called 'Red, White and Screwed' and that they will do a couple of weeks of shows to promote the new album. It will be released in September, according to the new website.

When you go to the page with the shows, you'll find that M.O.D. will mainly do shows in June and July. I hope that more shows will be added. Most tourdates are also available already at M.O.D.'s MySpage page. There's a link on Billy's website.

A great new gadget is the music-player on top op the page. There are 2 complete (new) M.O.D.-songs and a couple of S.O.D. song to listen to. Be sure to visit the new Billy Milano website. I know I will be there a lot!

Click at the banner

MAY 3rd, 2007:

Interview with Anthony Ferrara

Maybe you've never heard of him, maybe you've heard Billy dedicate 'Pi Alpha Nu' to him and maybe you've seen his name on M.O.D. artwork: ANTHONY FERRARA.

Anthony is Billy Milano's long time friend, since grade school. So he knows Billy very well. Anthony also did the artwork for 4 M.O.D. albums and is a member of the 'Functional Idiots'. He is a very funny guy and has a lot of great stories to tell. I did an interview with him yesterday. Click the banner below to read what Anthony has to say...

MAY 2ND, 2007:

Download Of The Month

I've just added a complete M.O.D. show.

Here's a soundboardrecording of a show that M.O.D. did in September 2003. Just click at the banner below.

APRIL 21st, 2007:

A word from M.O.D.'s new bassplayer

M.O.D. recorded their new album last January and February. The album will be mastered next month and probably be released in September. Billy Milano plays bass himself on the new album. To promote that album, M.O.D. will go on tour. Billy only does vocals live, so M.O.D. auditioned for a new bassplayer. It seems like they've found the right person now. His name is Dawson and he is currently revamping the M.O.D. page on MySpace. I asked him if he would introduce himself on my website....

Dawson: "Hey, that would be killer. Never done that before! Yeah, send me some questions that you think would be appropriate and I'll write a short paragraph about who I am and where I came from. Then, depending on which is more appropriate, you can post it."

I just received the story that Dawson wrote. He tells a lot of interesting stuff in his short autobiography. In the near future I will also do an interview with him, but first you can read a short snippet about Dawson, written by himself.

Dawson: "I've been involved with music since I was 6 years old. I started taking piano lessons and my only goal was to learn how to play "Axel F"...the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Dude, that song rules. Anyhow, I was taking lessons up until I was hit by a pickup truck. I spent 9 weeks in a variety of casts. During that time, I went from the little annoying fat kid who could play the theme from M.A.S.H. on the piano, to the little annoying fat kid with crutches who smelled like medicine and shit all the time.

I started playing guitar after seeing Metallica on Headbanger's Ball for the first time. I turned into this huge Metallica geek, listening to nothing but Metallica. Man, I wished I hadn't because they totally fucked me when Load came out. From there, I started listening to everything I could get my hands on. There's a lot of bands I never got around to listening to. Although I probably listen to bands you've never heard of.

I've had a couple bands where we wrote and played songs in clubs for over 2 years. Offset Proof, which was my very first "real" band and Eli, which was a cover band where I played the drums. Everything else I've done since then was short-lived and didn't have momentum. That or it was all me on my computer.

When the opportunity to audition for M.O.D., playing bass was something I knew that I could do. Granted, I never played bass as an instrument in a band, just diddled with them when I had them. Also, I didn't really know any of the M.O.D./S.O.D. stuff. So when the opportunity came, I had to learn their songs as a listener and as a player. I didn't have too much time, either. I think I only had 4 or 5 days to learn the S.O.D. songs they wanted me to play. I have to thank Tim Norfolk, again, for really pressing me to give this band a shot.

I didn't think I'd get the gig at first. I'm not a bass player, I didn't know their music, and I was Mexican. When we jammed though, it was pretty awesome. I was totally impressed with Lennon's drumming. - I can't wait for you to hear him on the new album -. Everybody was real cool, too. No real attitudes.

So now that we are planning on touring together, I've begun testing my comedic waters to see where everyone's sense of humor ends, haha. I knew that signing on with these guys that I had to have thick skin and a good dose of wit. I love being the asshole. Really though, I'm the nicest guy you'll meet - once you get past all the bullshit. Oh yeah, I'm also wordy."

Thank you for this great update!

Soon you'll read even more about Dawson, when I've done my interview with him. I will also shortly have an interview with Anthony Ferrarra about the art he created for M.O.D. in the past, his band the Functional Idiots and other topics!!!

APRIL 1st, 2007:

Download Of The Month

I've just added a full S.O.D. liveshow from 1997.

Almost 10 years ago, S.O.D. did a reunion-gig at 'With Full Force' in Germany. After that, they also did a small U.S.-tour. I have a couple of shows from this tour.

In February and March of this year, I mainly uploaded footage of M.O.D. in the studio and tributes to S.O.D., so I decided that it was time to upload a full S.O.D.-show again.

The show that is available for download, was performed in Philadelphia, PA, on August the 3rd, 1997. It was one of the last shows from this tour.

You can download the complete show (including artwork) here.

MARCH 2nd, 2007:

M.O.D.  - (P)review

Billy about the new abum: "I think it's going to surprise alot of people."

M.O.D. will start mixing the new album Monday, March 5th. I just heard rough unmixed versions (with vocals) of 'Speaking Truth To Power' and  'Dance Around With Snakes' and they totally blew me off my chair. These songs are awesome!!! 'Speaking Truth To Power', a very old school punksong with 'OI' chorus, is nailed into my head already. If you've heard it once, you'll sing along the chorus immediatly! 'Dance Around With Snakes' begins as a really fast old school hardcore/punk song as well, the second half is at midtempo (mosh!). Billy's vocals sound great on these songs. I can't wait to hear more. ...And these were just the rough unmixed tracks.

If the whole album sounds like this, it will be the best and most brutal sounding record M.O.D. ever did! I am one of few people that had the privilege to listen to these new songs already. Unfortunately, all of you will have to wait until the record will be released. But it'll be worth the wait. I promise!

FEBRUARY 16th, 2007:

New exclusive interview with M.O.D. guitarist

M.O.D. just finished recording their new record. Scott Sargeant tells all about it!

Last year, in March 2006, I did my first interview with Scott Sargeant. When I got it back, I wasn't sure what to think about it... Was he kidding? Was he serious? Was he still in M.O.D.?

We're almost a year further now. And yes, Scott is still in M.O.D.! He, their new drummer Lennon and Billy Milano just recorded the new album. The mixing of that album will start on March 4th and it will probably be released before this summer!

Anyway, when I watched a recording session on Billy's webcam on Yahoo, Scott and I spoke also about a few things, including my last interview with him. He said if I wanted to do another one, I could send him some questions and he would try not to be too smart this time.

Well, let's see what he has to tell...

Click here to read the entire interview.
And thanks to Scott for this one! It was really fun to do this interview.

FEBRUARY 10th, 2007:

M.O.D. done recording

The last 2 weeks M.O.D. was in the studio, recording the new album. You may have seen some footage of the recording already on my website. But now they're done. In a few weeks they'll start mixing the album.

Billy wrote this on his messageboard: "Ok hammer heads here is the scoop. We are done tracking and will load our gear back into the rehearsal spot so we can audition bass players. We are going to start playing weekend gigs until the new record comes out.
Hopefully this will be the start of good things to come for me and the guys this years. We mix on March 4th for 6 days.
The web site which is being put together as we speak will be more information based as far as what I have done and what services my company Brand X Entertainment provides and how you can contact us for what ever your needs are. Can't wait for you to hear the record."

I just can't wait either. I will be interviewing Scott Sargeant in a few days about the recording of this new album and lots of other stuff.
He promised that he would do a normal interview this time. ;-)

In the meantime, you can still watch or download (all six parts of) the footage from the recording sessions here:

FEBRUARY 5th, 2007:

M.O.D. - New pics, new footage, new music!!!

A video-update with some new music and pictures from the studio.

Last Saturday M.O.D. continued working in the studio on the new record. Ben from 'Born To Lose' was in the studio with Billy Milano and engineer Tim Gerron to do some backgrounds. Footage from that session is available now. Billy Milano sent me also a part of a new song that you can hear if you watch the footage (click the button below).

And I added some great pics that were taken during recording in the studio the last couple of days. For the pictures, click here.

FEBRUARY 4th, 2007:

M.O.D. in the studio [4] - another video-update

Another update including more footage from Billy's webcam...

M.O.D. recorded a total of 14 songs for the new album and will be in the studio for one more week of tracking and editing. Billy: "Mainly backgrounds and all that fun shit." Jason Z. of 'Bomber Z' did backing vocals for a song called 'Red, White and Screwed' 2 days ago. There is some new footage available now, including Jason doing the last part of that song. The snippet of music that you'll hear (taken from a studio rehearsal) is a part from another new song called 'Get Up And Fight'.

Ben from 'Born To Lose' was in the studio last Saturday (February 4th). Footage from that session will be available soon.


Felix Griffin (ex-D.R.I.) also stopped by (see picture).  

Click the button for more webcam-footage, including Jason Z. doing backing vocals for 'Red, White and Screwed'
[0:58 minutes]

JANUARY 31st, 2007:

M.O.D. in the studio [3] - more footage

An update from the studio with some footage from Billy's webcam...

According to Billy Milano there are 10 more days to go now. At this moment the vocals are being recorded. Billy is planning on doing vocals until Friday with guitars. Saturday they will be finalizing edits, Monday samples and Tuesday thru Saturday they will be mixing.

Billy: "Hey everyone. We have been recording vocals and overdubs on guitars now for 3 days.
Ben from Goatwhore came by today and sang on the opening track of the record. At least we think it is, you never know until you mix this shit. It's a song called "Balls on Bread" which is my code of not giving a fuck and just doing it the way I learned from the old man. I have been letting people on my Yahoo.com IM watch me and Scott Sargeant in the studio through my webcam."

Footage of that session is available here. Click on a button to see some action:

Billy and Scott doing vocals for 'Jose Can You See'
[1:23 minutes]

Ben from Goatwhore doing vocals for 'Balls On Bread'
[1:21 minutes]

JANUARY 28th, 2007:

M.O.D. in the studio [2] - footage

Yesterday I was invited by Billy to watch him actually recording a song for the new M.O.D.-album...

No, I wasn't in the studio with M.O.D., but it almost felt like it. I had a live connection with Billy and while I was sitting behind my computer, I could see Billy in action on my screen, through his webcam. It was really awesome! For almost 45 minutes I talked with Billy and witnessed him doing the vocals for a new song. It was a great experience! I used some of that footage and made a small video out of it. I sent it to Billy first and he told me I could use it.

So, here is some footage of Billy Milano in the studio, taken from a webcam-session yesterday; January 27th.

Click on the button to watch it.

JANUARY 25th, 2007:

M.O.D. in the studio

M.O.D. started recording the new album this week. Billy gives us an update on the recording process. It seems that all is going well. This is what Billy just sent me:

"Ok everybody here is the low down..

First day
The drums are done on the new M.O.D. record. Derek "Lennon" Lopez from my new band ANTHEM has done a great job on this record. It is by far the heaviest, most brutal and best sounding M.O.D. record I have ever done. It shits all over SOD's "Bigger than the Devil" and has more of my traditional hardcore roots and riffs in it.

The second day
I recorded all the bass tracks. I originally intended to have Rob Moschetti on it, but budget and time are always against a musician. More importantly, the writing went as well as it did because I played bass with the band for 6 weeks.

Third day
Scott Sargeant is getting tones as I am typing and more importantly will start recording today. I think everyone is going to love this record. True fans and new fans a like. More importantly I am going to be launching the Billy Milano website with some tremendous news that will thrill all the friends that have supported me on my message board as well as my website. This record is for everyone who needs to go out and throw a beat down..

Semper fi!

New pics: here and here

JANUARY 1st, 2007:

Happy 2007

This month, six years ago, I started this website. It has only become bigger and better since the start. I've added lots of stuff, the only thing I also sometimes deleted again were the downloads (mp3 of the month).

The last years I uploaded new music every (first day of the) month and deleted it the next month. So, downloads were available for just one month. This year I'm going to change that. The downloadpage will stay of course, but it will only become bigger the next year.

At this moment there are 4 different sections at the downloadpage: "The Psycho's" (demo), "A Tribute To S.O.D. & M.O.D.", "The Ballads of S.O.D." and an "S.O.D. rehearsal from 1985". These 4 sections will stay.

I will add new downloads every once in a while, sometimes a video, sometimes a tributesong, sometimes maybe a (full) show, or other interesting stuff. If you have suggestions, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Enjoy my website! Click here to go to the new downloadpage!


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