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NEWS ARCHIVE: July - December 2007

DECEMBER 26th, 2007:

M.O.D. welcomes a new bassplayer

Billy Milano wrote on his website that M.O.D. has found a new bassplayer who will be able to tour with M.O.D.

Tim and LennonHere's the update, written by Billy:
"So everybody I want to welcome Tim “TANK” Casterline to M.O.D. Tim is a fixture here in Austin Texas as one of the guys that really did it in music. I have mixed and been a fan of his current band PEYTON GIN for a couple years now and was actually quite surprised that he wanted to do this. Although he is in M.O.D. he will still be involved playing live with Peyton Gin in between M.O.D. tours. Tim brings 20 years of bass playing and 10 years of road experience to M.O.D. understands the sacrifice and rewards of being in a touring band. I personally would like to thank Tim for taking the opportunity to go out and do this upcoming 61 date tour with M.O.D.
See you on the road.

Source: www.billymilano.com

DECEMBER 9th, 2007:

M.O.D. - More footage added

More footage from M.O.D.'s CD Release Party at Headhunter's is available for download now!

A few weeks ago I added the first 6 video's from M.O.D.'s CD Release Party at Headhunter's, Texas on October 20th, 2007. The rest of this concert is now available here as well.

I just added the video's of: 'Red, White And Screwed', 'Living In The City', 'Fist Banging Mania/Pussywhipped', 'Hate Tank', 'Fuck The Middle East', 'Speak English Or Die' and 'United Forces'.

Click here if you want to download these video's.

DECEMBER 5th, 2007:

Z.O.D. - A Tribute to S.O.D.

Ztormtroopers Of Death (yes, with a 'Z'), a Dutch S.O.D. tributeband, recently recorded and released a promo called "Bigger Than Sgt. D".

According to vocalist Tammi Milano, Z.O.D. existed for a long time already but they became active around November 2006. All members are also busy with other bands (Collision, Charlie Adler, Haraszment, Nuh, Remorse), so Z.O.D. is mainly a hobbyband and become active again when there's a show sceduled, every once in a while.

This CD was recorded in May 2007 for promotional purposes only and is available since November. Concert promoters can order a copy of 'Bigger Than Sgt. D' for free, others who are interested can order it for a few Euro's. Go to their website for info or contact the band when they play in your area. The tracklist of this great sounding promo is:

01. March Of The Z.O.D. | [download]
02. Sgt. D. And The Z.O.D. |
03. Kill Yourself
04. Fist Banging Mania
05. Fuck The Middle East
06. Douche Crew
07. Diamonds And Rust
08. Speak English Or Die
09. United Forces

The 'Bigger Than Sgt. D' promo was recorded at the Treefarm Studio, Lottum (The Netherlands) by:
Tammi Milano - Vocals
Sjon Ian - Guitars
Joris Lilker - Bass
Dicky Benante - Drums

To hear what Z.O.D. sounds like, just download the first 2 tracks of this promo at my website or visit Z.O.D. at MySpace!

NOVEMBER 16th, 2007:

CD Release Party - footage available

Last month, on October 20th, M.O.D. played at Headhunter's to celebrate the release of the new album 'Red, White And Screwed'. This show has been recorded on video!

I have the footage of this CD Release Party at Headhunter's. I've uploaded the first part already. The second part will become available next month! Here's the tracklist:

Part 1 (available now):
1. Balls On Bread
02. Alphabet City Stomp
03. Aren't You Hungry
04. Get A Real Job
05. Kill Yourself
06. Milano Mosh

Part 2 (available next month):
. Red, White And Screwed
08. Living In The City
09. Fist Banging Mania/Pussywhipped
10. Hate Tank
11. Fuck The Middle East
. Speak English Or Die
. United Forces

Click here to to go to page with the M.O.D.-video's. With special thanks to Billy & M.O.D.!

OKTOBER 17th, 2007:

M.O.D. - 'Red, White and Screwed' - OUT NOW!!!

'Red, White and Screwed' has been released in the U.S. on October the 9th. In Europe we will have to wait a couple of weeks more until the new CD will become available here as well.... Check back for reviews and info. In the meantime you can read an interview with Billy that I just received.

New interview
I've added a great new interview with Billy. The guy who did the interview (who writes under the 'pen' name 'BillyBadBreaks'), sent me a transcript so I could publish it on this website. Thanks! It is a great read! Here's an excerpt from the interview that I personally enjoyed very much:

BBB: Thank you for the fan website www.sod-mod.com, where there are numerous free downloads of concerts and demos.
Billy – I met Sjouke online and he had this website. He has done some artwork for me; I brought him into the fold to be involved with not only S.O.D. but also M.O.D. He did the new M.O.D. album cover and he helped me put together the S.O.D. “20 Years Of Dysfunction” DVD package, as well as the S.O.D. “Rise Of The Infidels” package. I was more than happy to sponsor him for the unofficial site. The truth is he has the passion for it that supersedes anyone in the band, including myself.

Great! To read the entire interview, click here.

European release
'Red, White and Screwed' will be released in Europe by I Scream Records next month; November 30th, 2007.

OKTOBER 01st, 2007:

M.O.D. - 'Red, White and Screwed': reviews, lyrics, tourdates and more...

M.O.D.'s new album will be released in a couple of days. I received a promo of 'Red, White and Screwed' last week already and in my opinion this is the best I've heard from Billy Milano since he recorded 'Speak English Or Die' in 1985.

There are some reviews available already on the internet, so you can read what others write about the new album. I've added some of the reviews I found for 'Red, White and Screwed' on my website. I'll be adding more reviews soon.
Click here for reviews...

I also added the lyrics of all songs on 'Red, White and Screwed' on my site. They can also be found on billymilano.com. Click here for lyrics of all of the songs.

New shows
M.O.D. will do some shows in October to promote the new record, including a CD-release party in Headhunter's. For all dates, click here.

I already mentioned the promo that I received last week. For more details and pics of the promo, click here.

There's an interview in this month's Aardschok (Dutch Metal and Hardrock magazine) with Billy Milano. It's (of course) in Dutch. Click on the picture at the right for a PDF-file of that interview.

SEPTEMBER 28th, 2007:

'Rise Of The Infidels' CD & DVD - update

Recently Megaforce Records released S.O.D.'s final CD 'Rise Of The Infidels'. There are 4 studiotracks on it and 20 livetracks that were recorded live in Seattle in 1999. The digipack also contains a sticker that allows you to order a DVD of that same show.

No sticker on your copy?
Click here to order the DVDThe digipack is packed in a shrinkwrap (plastic seal) and the sticker that allows you to order the DVD is put on that seal. A lot of CD-stores (in Europe) take off the shrinkwrap before they put it in the shop and they store the disc behind the counter. That means that some S.O.D. fans might have bought a copy without a sticker. (I bought 5 copies in different stores and only the CD that I bought online still had the plastic seal with the sticker).

No problem!
If you already bought the CD and you've had no chance to order a DVD because there was no sticker on your copy, you get a second chance here! Megaforce told me that I could put a link on my site, because the people that visit this site are fans of S.O.D. and Megaforce wants you to get a chance to order this DVD.

If you click on the picture frontcover of 'Rise Of The Infidels', you will be redirected to a page where you can order the DVD. Special thanks to Megaforce Records for making this possible.

SEPTEMBER 21st, 2007:

Audio interview with Billy Milano

There's an interview with Billy Milano available for download on www.theclassicmetalshow.com

The Classic Metalshow
Billy talks about S.O.D., M.O.D. and other subjects. You can listen to the entire interview here:


SEPTEMBER 15th, 2007:

Take 5 with Billy Milano

Ray van Horn did an interview with Billy Milano for 'The Metal Minute' a couple of days ago. They talked about S.O.D., M.O.D. and Billy's  plans for the future.

Here's an exerpt from that interview. Billy talks in this part about S.O.D.'s final release 'Rise Of The Infidels':
... I think S.O.D. has done what it’s done. This package that was put together by me is simply for the fans. It’s not too elaborate; there’s no cashing in on this. It’s probably going to sell enough to pay for what it cost to make it and that’s more than enough at that point, because I was able to give the fans one last thing of value before putting this behind me officially. This is it. The bottom line is we were able to offer something to the fans that made sense without trying to milk anything. The hardcore fans of S.O.D. will buy this, which is probably a small minority of people as far as the music industry is concerned at this point, but that’s okay, because the people who buy this are going to genuinely want this to fill out the mandatory S.O.D. recordings in their minds. So with that in mind, it’s done and I’m glad we were able to end it this way.

If you want to read more, go to: rayvanhornjr.blogspot.com or click here

SEPTEMBER 7th, 2007:

M.O.D. e-card

Index Entertainment will release the new M.O.D. record 'Red, White and Screwed' in North America on October 9th. You can get a preview of the new album on their website.

Three new tracks!
You can listen to 3 awesome brandnew tracks on the official Index Entertainment website:
- 'Balls On Bread',
- 'Alphabet City Stomp' and
- 'Speaking Truth To Power'.
Click here to listen to these new M.O.D. tunes!

European continent deal
Recently M.O.D. signed an European continent deal with I Scream Records. Click here for more info.

More news and reviews soon!

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2007:

Awesome S.O.D. footage

Last time I promised to upload new stuff in September. Well, here it is!

Thrash Of The Titans
Recently I got a copy on DVD of S.O.D.'s last performance in 2001. The show was recorded at Thrash Of The Titans (on August 11, 2001) and filmed by the house camera's. Both audio- and videoquality on this DVD are great!

The DVD was send to me, so I could share this show on my website with other S.O.D.-fans. The tracks have been converted to downloadable wmv-files. This month you'll get the first half of the S.O.D.-set, next month I will upload the rest.

Special thanks go out to Swissman who edited and formatted the footage and Walter Morgan & Ted Davis for making this possible! Thank you!

Click here to go to the video's

AUGUST 13th, 2007:

S.O.D. reviews and M.O.D. pics

Here are some links to reviews of the new S.O.D. EP and to M.O.D. pictures

Reviews of 'Rise Of The Infidels'
In about a week the final S.O.D. album 'Rise Of The Infidels' will be released by Megaforce Records. Here are a few links to reviews of this new EP already:


More links will follow soon!

Pictures of M.O.D. on tour
M.O.D. did a couple of shows last June and July. Here are 3 links to pictures of that tour. If anybody has more links to pics, feel free to send them to me.

Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

New downloads
Next month I will have new downloads available on this website. It will be very exclusive material that almost no one has ever seen before.

JULY 22nd, 2007:

New releases of S.O.D. and M.O.D.

The next 2 months S.O.D. & M.O.D. fans can look forward to 2 new releases!

Megaforce Records will release S.O.D.'s final (extended) E.P. 'Rise Of The Infidels', which contains 4 studiotracks, a live concert from Seattle and a DVD with footage of 'the Fenix' show.
Releasedate: August 21, 2007.

One month later, Index Entertainment is going to release M.O.D.'s new studio-album, called 'Red, White and Screwed', which was recorded earlier this year. Some footage of the recording of this new album can still be found on my website.
Releasedate: September 25, 2007.



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