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News archive: January - December 2009

DECEMBER 28th, 2009:


It's almost 2010. I want to give my frequent visitors the opportunity to download 2 complete shows until January 1st. These shows will not appear on the downloadpage.
Until the end of this year, you can download 2 complete S.O.D. shows here. They've been available before (a couple of years ago), but because there have been several requests to put them up again, I will give the frequent visitors the opportunity to download these shows once more.

These full shows will only be available for the next few days! Click at the cover of the show that you want to download and choose: 'Save target as...' You'll download the entire show at once as a .zip-file. Unzip it before listening. Enjoy!

Waldrock, July 3, 1999
The Netherlands
(63 MB)

CBGB's, December 14, 2000
New York
(100 MB)

NOVEMBER 28th, 2009:

Billy Milano with Municipal Waste

Footage available!

Former M.O.D./S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano joined MUNICIPAL WASTE on stage at Red 7 in Austin, Texas on November 12, 2009 to perform a version of the S.O.D. classic "United Forces". Fan-filmed video footage of this unique one-time collaboration can be viewed below.

Commented MUNICIPAL WASTE drummer Dave Witte: "S.O.D. is such an important band for the crossover movement, pioneers in fact. "We've played 'United Forces' on and off for over two years while on tour and made the decision a few months ago to retire it. When we heard we had a chance to play it with Billy singing, we knew we had to do one more time and retire it the right way."
Guitarist Ryan Waste added: "I was shooting the shit with my buddy Felix Griffin when this big dude comes up to us and sticks out his hand. He looked familiar but I couldn't place it. Ryan, he said, it's Milano. I heard Billy lived in Austin and managed a bar down the street but I was still surprised to see him.
"The WASTE had covered 'United Forces' by S.O.D. in the past and it seemed too perfect to play it that night with Billy Milano on vox. After tracking him down back at his bar, Felix and I convinced him to come sing the song. It went over great with the New Yorker's brand of stand=up comedy banter being the icing on the cake."