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News archive: January - December 2010

NOVEMBER 7th, 2010:

More special items

Last week I received 2 more special editions of official S.O.D. releases...

Green vinyl:
Speak English Or Die (2008)
A few weeks ago I discovered this green vinyl version of 'Speak English Or Die'. I am told that they were exclusive to Hot Topic (an American retail chain specializing in music and punk/rock culture-related clothing and accessories, as well as licensed music on CD's) initially. There were only 1000 copies made of the green vinyl. Now I've got one of them. More info here...

Russian Edition:
Bigger Than The Devil (27 tracks)
I already knew that this Russian edition of 'Bigger Than The Devil' from 2002 contained the extra tracks 'Seasoning The Obese' and 'Raise Your Sword'. Some info about this release was already even available on my website. But now I've got my own copy, so I added new scans and updated the info. Details can be found here...

If anyone has a special release that isn't on this website yet, feel free to contact me and/or send me some scans. I'd be happy to upload your pics!

OCTOBER 24th, 2010:

Special items

Here are a few (new) items that weren't on this site yet...

Promo tape:
Bigger Than The Devil + Kill The Assholes
A couple of months ago another fan contacted me and sent me pics of an item he'd found; a 2 track promo cassette from 1999. In the meantime I've managed to get a copy of this tape myself and mine is in great condition. You'll find new scans and updated info here.

Yellow vinyl:
Bigger Than The Devil

That same fan also has a yellow vinyl version of 'Bigger Than The Devil'. He sent me some pics of this item, you can find info about this release here.

Red vinyl:
Speak English Or Die

In 2004 Megaforce Records released 'Speak English Or Die' on red vinyl. I hadn't added that version on this website yet, but recently I finally got this red album myself. Sadly the sleeve is badly damaged because of the way it was shipped to me, so I'm still looking for a new (and better) one. In the meantime you can find all info here.

Welcome To The Subterrranean Sect

I've also added a new cd to the page with compilations. It's a promo called 'Welcome To The Subterranean Sect' and contains S.O.D.'s 'Aren't You Hungry?' Click here for more info.

JULY 20th, 2010:

A few updates...

Just a few updates

I've just added 2 livetracks to the S.O.D. tribute page, both by S.O.B.'D. (a Dutch S.O.D. coverband). Listen to the tracks here. Thanks to 'Dan' for sending them to me.

Promo cassette
James Burns has send me some info and pics from an S.O.D. 2 track promo cassette that was released in 1999. I had never seen it before. If you want to check it out, click here. Thanks James!

I have every S.O.D. record that has been released on vinyl, as well as 3 bootlegs. I am planning to upload pics and info of all these S.O.D. releases on a special vinyl-page in the near future.

Billy Milano, who's currently in Mastery, told me that the basic tracks for the new Mastery record are done. The vocals will be recorded in 2 weeks. I've heard 2 songs already and they sound awesome! The record will be released in 2011! More info soon.

FEBRUARY 25th, 2010:

More updates...

Info about some official releases has been added, I've reconstructed the S.O.D. DVD page and the complete lists of bootlegs are easier to be found...

Recently I got hold of a Megaforce promo CD from 1995 (see picture), which contains several tracks from Anthrax, S.O.D. and M.O.D.! There are 20 tracks on this promo; 4 of them are S.O.D. songs and 8 of them are from different M.O.D. albums. I've just added this CD at the S.O.D.- and M.O.D. discography pages. For more information about this release, just click here or here.

Official DVD's
There have been a couple of S.O.D. releases over the last few years, now I've finally updated my website with info and tracklists of the 'Live At The Fenix' and 'Kill Yourself - The Movie' (re-release) DVD's. For details, click here.

All S.O.D.- and M.O.D. shows on vinyl, videotape, DVD and CD that I have collected over the years are now easier to be found. I try to update this list of shows as frequent as possible. I'm expecting a couple of new items very soon, so keep checking to see what's new. Everything is listed at the 'special items' page.
For S.O.D. click here, for M.O.D. click here. More updates soon!

FEBRUARY 14th, 2010:

Updates on website

More bootlegs have been added at the special items page and I've created a new complete list with S.O.D. bootlegs on CD, videotape and DVD.

There were a couple of things that needed to be updated. Mainly at the 'special items' pages. I have added 2 more S.O.D. bootlegs: 'Galaxy, St. Louis, MO, November 19, 1999' and 'Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI, March 20, 2000'. If you click here, you'll find all the details.

Because I've collected a lot of shows on DVD as well that weren't listed here yet, I have added a new page with a complete list of my S.O.D. liveshows on CD, videotape and DVD! If you have something that is not on my list yet, feel free to contact me and maybe we could work out a trade! The list can be found here.
Soon I'll also add a new list of my M.O.D. items on CD, video and DVD...

Furthermore, I will very soon update the page of officially released S.O.D. DVD's with the re-release of 'Kill Yourself  - The Movie' which has been released by Nuclear Blast last year. In a couple of days that page will be up to date again as well.


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