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News archive: January - December 2011

DECEMBER 25th, 2011:

Crab Society demo's released on vinyl!

F.O.A.D. Records, Italian Thrash-HC label headed by Marco FOAD and Giulio the Bastard has just released the S.O.D. "Crab society demos 1985" Picture-disc LP and collectors' boxset with an extra 10"!!

After 2 years in the making, F.O.A.D. Records has just released the legendary S.O.D. “Crab Society Demos 1985″ (FOAD 025). A complete reissue of the band’s seminal demotapes (remastered from the best sources existing), available for the first time ever on vinyl as a deluxe Picture LP and limited edition die-hard boxset. Featuring the terrific 63-track ‘Crab Society North’ tape with embryonic versions of S.O.D. and M.O.D. anthems like ‘Jim Gordon’, ‘Vitality’, ‘Diamonds and Rust’, ‘Bubble Butt’, and a never before heard 52-track, pre-S.O.D. session featuring Dan Lilker (S.O.D., Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth) and Craig Setari (NYC Mayhem, Straight Ahead, Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front).

Two versions
I ordered both versions 2 weeks ago and got them just before X-mas.
They're awesome! Not because of the music, but because of their historical value they're real collectors items! Both versions contain the same picture-disc in a gatefold sleeve, but the sleeve of the limited version is open on the left side and contains also an S.O.D. rehearsal on yellow vinyl. The limited box contains a backpatch, which is not in the regular version. Both versions come with a large poster. I've added more info and pictures here. Here's what you'll get if you order one of these items:

A Picture Vinyl LP Housed in High Glossy Gatefold Cover and a two sided full color poster with ultrarare 80's zine excerpts and artwork by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Cripple Bastards amongst others).

Ultra limited die hard boxset (only 150 copies) including: S.O.D. "Crab Society demos" Picture LP in gatefold sleeve with 2 sided poster, extra 10" in highlighter yellow vinyl and a full-color backpatch in the old school Thrasher way! All this housed in a superthick collectors' boxset with full coloured print on both sides. The extra 10" includes the remastering of a rare 1985 rehearsal with all the classic hits you want to hear by such a release, and a pre-S.O.D. recording of a Discharge cover!

You can order these releases here:

AUGUST 15th, 2011:

Dirty Rock Nation - New Billy Milano interview‏

Press Release - Dirty Rock Nation

Dirty Rock Nation's AJ Mancabelli sits down with controversial frontman Billy Milano at the Music Lab in Austin Texas. Billy Milano is known by many underground metal fans for fronting the revolting New York based band M.O.D. (Method of Destruction), and the supergroup S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death). These two bands received much notoriety in the underground thrash scene of the eighties and early nineties with some popular appeal stemming from two of the members playing full time in Anthrax. S.O.D. also gained some notoriety when MTV's Head Banger's Ball used a S.O.D song as its theme music.

In this in-depth 3-part video interview, Billy reflects on 25 plus years of heavy metal and hard living. He comments on his "offensive characters" he has played over the years and his battle with weight and diabetes. Billy talks about his run-in with Jack Black, sharing the stage with Lamb of God, animal rights, and his current healthy lifestyle and state of mind.

"You may not know me, but I fucked your mom in the 80's." Ladies and gentlemen…we give you…Billy Milano.

This rare look at one of metal's most notorious personalities can be viewed at dirtyrocknation.com.
Direct link: http://www.dirtyrocknation.com/archives/541

JUNE 9th, 2011:

Added: shirts, vinyl, rare releases and more...

The M.O.D. 'special items' page has been redone and I've added some new S.O.D. items

M.O.D. items
I promised a while ago to add some M.O.D. items that hadn't been listed at this website yet. It has finally been done! Special thanks to Mark Brand who send me pictures of all M.O.D. albums that were released on vinyl! I also added a cd-promo of M.O.D.'s 'Intruder' (1992) and an Australian 2004 release of 'Gross Misconduct/Surfin' M.O.D.'. You can find these cd's here.

S.O.D. stuff
The S.O.D. 'special items' pages have been expanded even more! You can also find pictures of shirts, guitarpicks and Sgt. D dolls now. But... this page isn't finished yet. I'm still looking for more (pics of) S.O.D. shirts. If you own a shirt that isn't one this website yet, feel free to contact me and send me your pics. I'd like this site to be as complete as possible and I'll credit you if you send me info and/or photo's. Thanks in advance!

For a list of all 'special items', just click here...

FEBRUARY 27th, 2011:

Update: 2 more special items added

I've just got another 2 S.O.D. releases and put them on my site

The first item I've just added is the blue vinyl version of 'Pussywhipped'. I've been looking for that one for a long time and I finally managed to get this album! It's exactly the same as the black vinyl bootleg, only this one is blue. Details can be found here.

The other item I've added is a Polish cassette of 'Speak English Or Die'. For info and scans click here.

My next update will contain some M.O.D. items!

JANUARY 23rd, 2011:

S.O.D.: Special items redone

The 'special items' section of the site has totally changed. Check it out!

I decided it was time to redo the 'special items' page, because over the years it had become a huge collection of all kinds of different items; tapes, picture discs, colored vinyl, promo-cd's and other releases all on one page. That had to change!

So, from today it's easier to find what you are looking for. I've divided the S.O.D. collectors items into 4 categories:
- Vinyl
- CD's
- Cassettes
- Live recordings

The lay-out is new and I've added lots of new pics & scans, a few new items, and some extra info. Especially on the pages with vinyl and cassettes you will find some new stuff. I hope that dividing the items into categories will make it easier to find the info that you need. In the next weeks I'll add even more 'special items'. If you have something special that should be on this page, please contact me and I will let you know what I need.

In the meantime, take a look!

JANUARY 14th, 2011:

Happy 2011!

Ten years ago, in January 2001, I started a (small) fansite for S.O.D. and after all these years I'm still here with news, info, pictures and music. This new year I'll start adding some info about releases and a few 'new' shows...

S.O.D. audio cassettes
Until now I didn't have the audio cassette versions of S.O.D.'s 'Speak English Or Die' and 'Bigger Than The Devil' listed on my site yet. I have got copies of these tapes, but I'm still looking for 'Live At Budokan'. Does anyone know if this album is available on cassette? If so, please contact me and/or send me some info. I've just added all info and scans of these 2 cassettes here.

More downloads
This year I also want to upload some more audio bootleg-recordings to my site. I've already started by uploading a vintage M.O.D. show from 1988 and 2 S.O.D. shows that have been on my site a long while ago. Click here.

I'll try to upload this website at least once a month with new music or other interesting info about S.O.D., M.O.D. or info about bandmembers.


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